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It is with great sadness that I must report on the death of my dad, Maury Cralle, on 14 Dec 09. He was the oldest (105 years and five months) living grad from 13 Feb 08 to 14 Dec 09 of any academy ever. He had a fitting finish to a wonderful life with the entire family here. Full military honors and the men of the military academy choir singing "Alma Mater" laid him to rest in the yard of the Bruton Parish Church in Colonial Williamsburg near Julie, his wife of 63 years.

I personally would like to thank (on his behalf) the Academy, the WPAOG, and the West Point Society of Williamsburg for all the presents that they sent him and certificates on the occasion of his numerous birthdays. He was true blue and appreciated everything that was done for him. He gave so many oldest-living grad speeches that Julie told him everyone had heard all he had to say and he needed to decline the honor. Advice he took gladly. Thank you to all those who sent condolences and letters. Each one was appreciated.

Tom Wells, living in Hawaii, is the oldest grad now and the last survivor of the Class of '28.

"And when our work is done Our course on earth is run May it be said, Well Done, Be thou at peace."


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I am writing this on a cold, gray day in January 2010, and you will be reading this certainly on a warmer April day! Each year passes more quickly.

Anne (Daley) Wattman sent a picture of her brother Mike (John M.) and Charlie (Charles) Densford. Both are Class of '58, sons of 1931. She said they saw Charlie at the Army–Texas A&M game in 2008. In 2009, he and Mike were at the Army–North Texas game in Denton, TX (near Dallas). Mike, Ken, and Anne went to West Point for the Army–Rutgers game but didn't see anyone connected with the Class of '31.

A Christmas card from Kay Greene says she enjoys the 1931 ASSEMBLY column. She celebrated her 99th birthday on 23 November and stated that Christmas 2009 was her 100th Christmas!

I also received cards from Mary Callahan and Virginia Otto. Virginia said she fell in her living room in September, breaking her right shoulder. After two months in the care center, she is back home, managing fairly well. She said that "falling is something we old folks should never do." Glad to hear she is doing better.

I finally made the decision to join many of you by moving to an assisted-living facility at the end of October. It is wonderful to leave all the "house chores" to someone else! Mid-December I had a fall and broke four ribs. Healing seems to take forever as the pain takes its time to subside. I've started physical and occupational therapy, so hope to be up and going in a couple of months.

News, photos, etc. can be sent to me at my new address: 3830 Okemos Road, Apt 106,

Okemos, MI 48864. I am no longer using my e-mail; however, Anne (Daley) Wattman and my daughter Susie both have e-mail addresses: Anne's e-mail is and Susie's e-mail is .

We are all looking forward to hearing from you.

Your scribe, Moppy


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If any spouse, widow, or family member from the Class of '32 would be interested in the duties of class scribe, contact Joyce Jones, Managing Editor, ASSEMBLY, at 800 232-7821 or e-mail .


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Just before Christmas, we had an unexpected pleasure with the arrival of Michael J. Vopatek '63 and John Murray '64. They presented us with a picture album covering the dedication of a Hammond High School bench in memory of Robert James Walters '64, a graduate of Hammond in 1959. We shared pastries and coffee, enjoy ing the USMA cadet stories of Mike's.

We sent greetings to all listed in our roster… God Bless the ones who were unable to reply.

From Posie Neeley in Ketchum, Idaho: "You two are feeling as well as I am. Hurray! I'm almost 94 and feel great. Psalm 91:11: "For he shall give his angels charge over thee in all ways."

From Bimby Downing in Annapolis: "It was good hearing from you. All is well here except I'm surrounded by the Navy. I am planning on putting up a sign on my door. BEAT NAVY! God, I hope Army wins next Saturday. Much love to you and '33'ers."

From Carol Speiser in West Cald well, NJ: "I celebrated my 90th in May with a surprise party at my daughter's. Jane had all the family, 20, from all over. My life has slowed down a great deal. I'm well and happy in my condo."

From Annabel Audet in Sacramento, CA: "Greetings to you and the class. Hope this finds you well and ready to enjoy the holidays. I'm happy to say I feel pretty good now. While in Virginia, I ended up in the hos pital with pneumonia. What a surprise! I was in the Fairfax Hospital, where I was treated very well. This put a damper on my plans, but at least I came away in good condition, except for energy. I'd have loved to have gone to the DUSA luncheon with you. Take care and have a great 2010."

From Irm Fletter in Washington: A delightfu1news 1etter covering her year's activities trave1ing with her family. At 93 she is still indepen dent, drives her car but not at night, shops, keeps house, plus three times a week she works out at the gym for her "curves to keep her body functioning, more or less." Bravo!

From Lessie Engler in Savannah: "Hope all's well. Just heard it is snowing in DC and Virginia. I do not miss the snow! Savannah is a beautifu1city, and for my personal being it is good that I came. My daughter and her husband are near and good to me. I get to en joy their sons and families. My Michael is in Ireland after five years in Dubai. I don't get to see him often. His two older boys are studying and teaching in China. His older son now is able to read books in Chinese. My address now is Apt. 216. My best to you both and the class."

From Pat Schmelzer Schuster: "We heard she and husband Dan returned to Italy for a 10th Mountain Brigade reunion. They went to the mountains in northern Italy last June. Her father, John F. Schemelzer '33, was CO of 85th Mtn. Inf.,10th Mtn. Div. and gave a speech on Memorial Day 1945. Pat had a copy and read it at the ded ication of a new monument that the Italians had just built in memory and gratitude to the 10th. We had 100 attending, with 17 veterans to give us the history and tell us stories. We placed wreaths and remembered the lost soldiers at the monuments in the U.S. cemetery in Florence. Our daughter Rachel lives in Mt. Airy, MD, and is having her new baby boy christened on 27 December. We will be there."

We have fond memories of Paul's playing the piano at the West Point group lunches at the Army-Navy Club in Arlington and at Vinson Hall with the Sparrows hosting.

From Tyler Calhoun in F1orence, AL, we learned that his mother Anne, widow of MG William R. Calhoun '33, died in April 2007. Our post cards were never returned. Tyler mentioned his parents were very proud of West Point, their Class of '33, and the military life.

Cheerio, Betty & Paul


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I have been sitting here for what seems like ages to try to figure out how to tell you that the last member of the Class of 1934 has passed away. Harryette Williams informed me that her father, George Gerhart, died on 5 Nov 09 in Largo, FL. His services were held at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Largo on 27 November; he was interred later that day at Bay Pines National Cemetery in St. Petersburg, FL. His daughter, Harryette Williams, can be reached at 12677 135th Lane, Largo, FL 33774; phone: 727-596-5968. We send condolences from the class to her family.

The passing of the last member of this class means that these "Notes" will cease. I have a little business that I must do. I promised Phillip Shaughnessey that I would honor his father, Leo Shaughnessey, by printing his Howitzer entry.

Leo William Henry Shaughnessey – Woburn, MA – Senatorial, Massachusetts – "Shag." "To the men of '34, Shag is synonymous to genial solidity. There's humor in his wide mouthed smile. There is solidity in the very robust, broad-beamed frame of his. His direct, straightforward simplicity has navigated the unchartered seas of cadet life with an ease that bespeaks inner determination.

"Shag has been the man behind the scenes in so many cadet activities that it is useless to number them. Suffice it to say that Hundredth Night Shows, Camp Illuminations, and Color Lines were conceived to the din of hammering, sawing, joining and painting by that Master of Carpenters.

"Shag's cadet life has been composed of a round of activities, with unmentioned periods of 'Without Stirrups.' No one finer could be found in the class of '34, and Shag will always ride in their hearts as a staunch companion.

"Corporal (2); Battalion Sergeant Major (1); Football (4, 3, 2); Catholic Chapel Choir (4, 3); Sunday School Teacher (2); Acolyte (1); Camp Illumination Committee (3, 1); Color Line Committee (3, 1); Cadet Orchestra Business Manager (1); Hundredth Night Show Stage Crew (4); Department Head (3, 2); Stage Manager (1); Fishing Club, Rifle Marksman."

I'm sorry we didn't have time to print all the Howitzer entries for the remaining members of the class, but they will live in our hearts forever. I want to extend an invitation to all the class widows and children that my door is open to a visit from you at any time. I will even give you a ride in my little "Smart Car."

It has been a pleasure to be your Scribe for the last few years. Thank you for all your help and patience with me. BEAT NAVY!!


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I have very sad news to report. Your scribe's spouse, Marie, passed away peacefully after a brief illness on 7 Dec 09. Many people knew and loved Marie, so I will include a brief bio of my lovely bride.

Marie Agnes (McCoy) Ferris was born on 5 October 1912 in Washington, DC, to Anna Jorgenson and Frank McCoy. She is survived by her loving husband of 73 years, Edwin H. Ferris. She has been a resident of San Antonio since 1975, when they moved to Texas from Maryland after having raised four sons. Two sons, Patrick and Timothy, live in San Antonio with spouses Sylvia and Susan. Son Michael resides in Conroe, TX. with wife Betty Anne, while son Daniel and his wife Pati live in St. Charles, MO. Marie's brother Joseph McCoy and his wife June live in Potomac Maryland. The full extended family consists of 13 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren.

Marie's life story is really the story of all spouses of her great generation. Through the turbulent years of the great depression, WWII, and beyond, she raised four sons–and we all know there is a special place in heaven for the mother of four boys. In her early childhood the family lived in Washington, DC, and Marie attended Holy Comforter Grade School. It was there, at the age of ten, that she met her husband to be, Edwin Ferris. Their wonderful life together has lasted 87 years since that first introduction. She graduated from Holy Comforter in 1926 and St. Patrick's Academy, an all-girls school in Washington, DC. Ed Ferris attended Gonzaga High School, and they dated throughout those years. After high school, Marie took a job at the FBI while Ed attended West Point. Throughout those years they continued the romance, and on 30 Mar 36, Marie married Ed Ferris in the chapel at West Point. The pre-war years found Marie & Ed stationed on Staten Island briefly, then on to Hawaii in 1937 with infant son Michael, then back to the DC area. As the war preparation was impending, Ed was posted at various locations while Marie stayed in the Washington area with Michael. Son Patrick was born December 1943. Ed was severely wounded in France and recovered at Walter Reed during 1944–46. On subsequent military moves, Marie packed the family to various assignments in Georgia, Washington State, and New Mexico, where son Daniel was born in January 1948. Ed retired from the Army and took a position with the CIA, and Marie packed the family back to Maryland, where they settled in Silver Spring. Son Timothy was born in April 1952. But the travels did not end then for the family, as they were posted overseas to Athens Greece during 1956–58. Marie loved this assignment, and many new friends were added to the expanding circle of people that loved Marie. Throughout the 1960s and early 1970s, the Ferris family matured while sons graduated, married, and started their own families. In 1975, Ed & Marie left Maryland for San Antonio, where they have lived for 34 years at Sutton Place on Starcrest and later the Towers on Park Lane. The love of the many Texas friends has surrounded them throughout all these years. Marie was a loving spouse and a devoted mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She has certainly left behind her indelible mark, and all will miss her presence. A Funeral Mass of Resurrection was celebrated on 11 Dec 09 at St. Pius X Catholic Church in San Antonio with burial following at Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery. Needless to say, after all these years, I am brokenhearted. I look forward to our ultimate reunion when the lord calls me.

We have some very good news to report as well. I mentioned Ralph Haines was recuperating in the extended care facility next door to the Towers following his car accident in February 09. This recovery is all the more remarkable due to the extent of Ralph's injuries. A broken neck, eight broken ribs, a broken sternum, punctured lung, and a broken ankle due to the accident, and though he suffered a second broken neck during rehab due to a fall, after ten months he has returned to his residence in the Towers on 10 Dec 09. He is receiving physical, occupational, and speech therapy but punctuated his recovery with a full dance card at the Towers New Year's Eve regalia. Ralph vows to attend the Class of '35's 75th Reunion (16–19 May 10) at West Point. Hopefully we can muster a good turnout. By the time you read this in April 2010, the reunion event will be upon us. An additional Haines family note–the Memorial Article for Ralph's son, Palmer Haines '63, was published in the Oct–Dec 09 TAPS. We sadly recall that Palmer was killed in a plane accident in September 2004.

Christmas notes have been sparse, but both Ralph and I received a letter from Ginnie Martin in Williamsburg, VA. She reports that in 2009 she had some health surprises that included open-heart surgery and multiple hospital visits over the year. The good news is that she is doing fine now but has curtailed the international travel she loved. She still undertakes short trips from Williamsburg to Herndon, VA, to be with family. She lives close by Ann Symroski, and they are frequent companions at local outings. Ralph also heard from Helen Fries in the Knollwood Community, Washington, DC, who, despite macular degeneration, still manages an active lifestyle. I also have been in telephone contact with Meg Eckhardt at Rockport, TX. She has called multiple times to comfort me on the loss of Marie.

The next deadline is end of March 2010. Looking for news from all corners.

Best regards, Moon


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20 Oct 09. Peggy Magoffin says she stays busy every day, playing bridge and other activities. She finds she watches more TV and leads a less strenuous life style since her heart attack. But she and I agree that a bourbon Old Fashioned before dinner is essential for long life, she being 85 and me 96. Sarita Uglow Comyns got a call from Ginny Traeger Ressegieu saying her daughter Cathie had died on 12 Oct 09. Sarita says she first saw Cathie at Ft. Benning when she was one-year-old. Cathie (71) had been in and out of hospitals several times of late. Ginny is thinking of moving from California back to Wisconsin, where her sister lives. Dotty Amos says she now has to use her walker to get around. I reminded her of the time, many years ago, when she and I entered an impromptu Charleston dance contest–she certainly did not need a cane or walker then. Her daily bridge game is what she enjoys most these days she says. Jerrie Stumpf, in an e-mail, says there was a Military Ball recently at her Florida location where all men were in the uniform of their various services. Bob Van Volkenburgh wore his blues and looked just like he did when he and Battle Barksdale were in the wedding of her & Bob Stumpf.

30 Oct 09. The monthly luncheons usually held by the Washington group are getting harder to schedule. Sally Taylor says most have valid reasons as to why they can't attend on the set date. Many of the reasons have to do with problems all aging seniors face. Kelley Lemmon has to drive from Gathersburg, MD, while Charlyrene Hines has to come from Ft. Belvoir. Margaret Green rarely leaves her assisted- living apartment because of her health problems. Jitka Byroade and Madeleine Cain are involved in activities that conflict. Corinne Prentiss is busy getting reorganized after Gus's death. So, the only potential attendees for the monthly luncheons are George & Kathy Malezewski and Sally Taylor.

Charlie & Gin Register continue to enjoy their two residences in New Hampshire and Vermont. Charlie has had some surgery on his face but is doing well.

25 Nov 09. Walt Eckman died in Houston on 8 Nov 09. He had been in declining health for the past few months. A memorial service will be held on 5 Dec 09 at the church of St. John the Divine in Houston. Of his four sons, three became medical doctors and one a lawyer: Dr. Larry Eckman, (302 Dolphin Place, Corpus Christie, TX 78411; phone: 361-852-6951) and David Eckman (713-655-1290) are making these arrangements. Walt's physical problems prevented him from taking part in West Point activities these past four years, but on my visits to his assisted-living unit we always enjoyed a drink together.

Jeanne Greeley Thayer is seeking a copy of the "50-Year Book" of the class. Since it has been more than 22 years since that book was published, I told her I knew of none available. But our phone conversation and additional letters disclosed that she has done much research over the years on those in the class who were lost in the Philippines and on Jap freighters. The letters she received from Horace Greeley while he was a POW have provided data for various books on this period. Jeanne later married Walter Thayer, who died 20 years ago. She has three grown children and many grandchildren (Jeanne Greeley Thayer, 1968 Inverness Ln, Santa Barbara, CA 93108; phone: 805-565-1417). Even though she is more than 92, she can type a most fascinating two-page letter.

Postal cards have been received from Sarita Uglow Comyns and Swede Lindquist wishing a "Happy Thanksgiving." Sarita plans to be with son John and his family in northern California, and Swede will spend the time with son Ray and his family in southern California.

Ginny Ressegieu called to provide more details on the death of her daughter Cathy. Ginny plans to spend at least a month in Wisconsin to determine whether she will move from her San Mateo, CA, location.

21 Dec 09. This time of year is a delight–Christmas cards arrive with bits of info that are not made known during the year. Margaret Green believes in using modern techniques–she sends her message by e-mail. Even though she has health problems, she still reflects the joy of the Christmas season. Eleanor Ohman continues her very active lifestyle in San Antonio and wishes all a Merry Christmas.

Barbara Hodges enjoys life at her Hilton Head, SC, location; she looks forward to the coming New Year. Jerrie Stumpf, in her very interesting Christmas letter with pictures, tells of the joy of watching all the various members of her family pursue their various activities and achievements. Sue Barden claimed the picture on the card's cover of an angel playing a violin was her picture, except the violin was only a stage prop. Swede Lindquist, his son Ray and daughter-in-law, say they always enjoy reading these "Class Notes." Swede recently sent me a photocopy of the June 1937 POINTER which depicted our class's four years in pictures and articles. Any one desiring a copy let me know and I will mail it.

Peggy Magoffin's card made note of her longstanding membership in the National Bourbon Old Fashioned Drinkers Club and hopes for its expansion in the coming year. George & Kathy Maliszewski's card reflected their hope for a great Christmas and New Year.

Dorothy Lee also used modern technology to send an e-mail newsletter with pictures of family members who gathered recently at her 95th birthday. She looks much younger in those pictures. Irene Himes says this Christmas will be very hard without Cecil's presence. Marjorie Hines told of the colorful tailgate party at Falcon's Landing to watch the Army–Navy game. Corinne Prentiss enjoyed the snow falling as she sat and wrote notes on Christmas cards. John & Mary Jo Ulrickson sent Christmas greetings from their Milford, NH, location, saying they look forward to each new day. Charlie & Gin Register called to wish all a Merry Christmas. They said they only put up the small table-top tree they had that first Christmas in Hawaii. No mention of how they stored that tree all these years.

10 Jan 10. With the start of this new year, we can all look forward to performing the tasks we were destined to do because of being allowed to live beyond the normal life span. Now that these notes are published only quarterly and today is submission day for the April–June quarter, they may have a tinge of history rather than current time observations. But so be it, since ASSEMBLY is not in competition with Time or Newsweek. Remember the words of that sage advisor: "When you are over 90 years old you should sit down to put your pants on. And always seek a chair with arm rests."



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The ASSEMBLY notes for April 2010 were due at the WPAOG on Saturday the 10th, and today's Monday the 11th. I returned from my Christmas visit with my daughter and family in Hawaii Friday, but I am still operating in Hawaiian time.

I don't know whether everyone who subscribes to ASSEMBLY has been notified of the new form of printing the magazine or whether it was just a notice to the Class Scribes. In the future, ASSEMBLY will appear online as a "flipbook" digital magazine as well as in print form. I'm sure that eventually it will be just be online once all of us "old fossils" have died. One statement in their info note is of interest: "Class Notes" photos in the digital online version will be in color but in the print ASSEMBLY they will continue in black and white. This will very much diminish the effect of the enclosure from Gus Chalgren, as it is in brilliant shades of blue.

I have one sad announcement: Bert Harrison died on 18 Dec 09. I was in touch with his daughter Mary, who lives down the road in Langley, before I left. He was cremated and his ashes will be buried in the Leesburg Cemetery this spring beside Janet. He had been failing and off and on in our Nursing Center, although he joined me and my grandson Nick at dinner in November. Pam Pavely had not heard of his death, but shortly before she received a note from him saying that West Point had been named the numero uno college by Forbes Magazine. He did not seem to understand her connection to our class was through her parents–the Tracy Harringtons.

My other class news is happier. Cliff & Bea Riordan moved from Florida to a CCRC facility in Gaithersburg, MD. Most of us know their daughter, Roz Kendellen from Summitt, NJ, as she and her husband have attended many of our reunions and Army–Navy games. Cliff & Bea also have a daughter and married granddaughters in Gaithersburg as well as a grandson stationed at Ft. Belvoir. Cliff says he has kept a car but would not venture to drive all the way to Ft. Myer for a class luncheon. He hopes someone in the family can take him to our next biennial lunch in April. When I spoke to him, Bea was in their nursing unit. Since before their move from Florida, Bea has been in and out of hospital care, which was what prompted their move.

My second photo here is one that maybe classmates may recall (I wonder?). It was sent to me with the following note from Gus Chalgren: "On 23 Dec 35, a crisp snowy morning in the old North Area with L Co, we were not awakened by the blare of the 'Hell Cats' but the peal of the Bells from the Cadet Chapel. It was the first day of Christmas Leave as shown in the 1935 West Point Christmas Card of the old Guard House and the dominating presence of the Chapel."

I also had a Christmas card from Tommie Latta telling me that she has moved to an assisted-living facility but still is in Cupertino, CA–still near son Bob and his family.

This seems to be the extent of class news, though I still have some Christmas mail to go through. That's all!



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We had a good turnout for the annual Class of '40 Fall Luncheon that we hold each year at the Army-Navy CC. Attending the gathering were the Moores, Renolas, Dykes, Eleanor Abbey, Olive Rosen, Betty Parker, Lys Scott, Stu McKenney, John McLean, Jean Mendez, and Marnie Kent. We all appreciated Marnie's attendance at the luncheon, because, in order to attend, she had to include a stop in Washington on her trip home from Arizona to Florida. The luncheon was a very pleasant affair, and it was great to catch up on current activities of those present.

Our Big 70th Reunion at West Point is scheduled for 17–18 May. A letter from the WPAOG containing a sign-up for attendance and room reservations as well as the schedule of events at the reunion was mailed out in December. The WPAOG's address roster was used for the mailing, and we must hope that anyone due a letter received one. If this is first-time information and you are interested in attending the reunion, please let us know.

We had a "check-in" message on the class internet operation from Cay Chamberlain asking why she wasn't getting any more messages on our class net. True to form, our Webmaster, Steve Morrissey, quickly took care of that. Then Cay stated that she had spent the Christmas holidays up in Martha's Vineyard, but now is back in Virginia Beach, "trying to keep the Navy in line." That would be an unusual accomplishment if she does. Having lived here under the landing pattern area of the Navy's Patuxent Naval Air Station for 20+ years, we would hope that she forgoes that task fairly early.

To follow up on the status of Jeanne- Anne's Vanderhoef's book she wants to get published, she says that arrangements for publishing have not been completed. Maybe by next report.

Judging by the numbers, it looks like the Ft. Belvoir Retirement Center is a major assembly point for our '40 retiree folks. In addition to the Shoemakers, residing there are Lys Scott, Betty Parker, Pat Cassibry, and Stuart Woodward. We still like our Asbury Community here in Solomons, MD, notwithstanding being in a Navy area and belonging to a Yacht Club.

Regretfully we have another departure from the class roster to report. Bob Warren passed away on 9 Jan 10. In respect to Bob's having been a Superintendent of the Air Force Academy, he was buried there on the 15th of January. And we also regret to say that one of our active members of the "'40 Family," Fran Brewer, died in Arlington, VA, on 22 Dec 09.

We welcome news and pictures from the clan, including kinfolk, for this column. Let us hear from you. But in view of the fact that folks of our age bracket seem to be highly susceptible to incidents on the stairs or other uneven surfaces, we are prone to not cover such subjects.

The best to all of the '40's clan.



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Now that we have only four issues of ASSEMBLY a year, it seems like a long time since we wrote current news of interest to you.

Generally one problem is deciding what to talk about first. No problem this time! The reason? We have just been advised of the exact dates for our next reunion. You may have read it elsewhere (possibly in the issue which is currently being readied for publication) but that makes it no less important to list here. The reunion dates are 15–18 May 2011. Mark it down.

Herb Stern made a prediction at our last reunion as to the number of classmates who would be attending. My estimate was higher, but I hope the actual figures will even exceed that. So come, bring your best gal, your kids, your maiden aunt (do any of us have maiden or non-maiden aunts at this point). Anyway, do plan to be there for three truly special days. Let's face it…70 years…wow, that is truly awesome!

I have heard from a number of you, as always, and am delighted to pass along what has been happening. I had a nice long letter from Paul Skorownek from San Antonio. Paul, to the best of my knowledge, is the only classmate who can still get into his cadet uniform. In fact, he has been able to get into it comfortably all of his life. I doubt that there is anyone else in our class…or probably any other, who can make that statement after more than 68 years. At 94, Paul is as busy as ever.

A letter from Terry & Curt Chapman's daughter included a picture of the family as well as a note to tell us her parents have given up their computer. They now can be reached through their daughter Cynthia at . At the time, Cynthia wrote they had all just enjoyed a picnic at Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire. As I type this, I suspect that the porch in question is probably under a large mass of snow.

George Johnson was born on 1 January, so his birthday is always part of a big celebration. For birthday number 93 this year, his whole clan gathered–that would be all three of his children and their families. Great fun for everyone involved. George added that his daughter Edie is currently having a house built near Clayton, GA. It seems that the winters in Wisconsin are getting to be too much for her. Quite a change for this grandmother to make! George did not say why Clayton, but we trust that Edie knows folks in that location.

It was great fun to hear from Bettie Woodruff, who still lives in Annapolis, MD. It had been a while! Bettie had her Annapolis family for the holidays, which were very special this year. The only member missing the festivities was daughter Nancy, who is living in the Woodruff's house in North Carolina. Since Bettie has given up moving winters and summers from one house to the other, this worked out very well for all concerned. Nancy works part time at a hospital nearby. Both Bettie and Nancy are busy with a variety of pets, which they adore.

Johnnie Fletcher sent a note, that she & Charlie attended a celebration of life for Marka Huffman at the Jefferson on 10 October. It was very well attended, although Johnnie & Charlie were the only members of the class to be there that afternoon. Talking of the Fletchers, I listed their new address at The Fairfax in the last issue of ASSEMBLY. Here is their new telephone number: 703-781-0615.

A note from Doris Gerace mentions that she has moved to Westminster Village near Scottsdale. She still owns her beautiful home at Pebble Beach, however, and hopes to continue to summer there.

As long as I have been reading ASSEMBLY, I have always admired pictures of people who have traveled to places that can be identified without so much as a caption. There are not too many that absolutely everyone can recognize–the Great Wall of China, the Eiffel Tower, and the Statue of Liberty are examples. I finally got my turn for such a picture in October, 37 years after my first visit, at the end of a cruise through the Black Sea.

Sadly, I have to list two more members of the class that have recently joined the Long Gray Line. Albert Snider (A1) passed away in Bradenton, FL, on 3 Dec 09. Stephen K. Plume died in Tryon, NC, on 22 Dec 09.

Talking of joining The Long Gray Line, I received an e-mail from a John Alexander Patterson in December. He is a nephew of Sandy Nininger and his next of kin. I will quote a part of the letter, as I am sure it will be of interest to you.

"Since Sandy Nininger's remains were never found on Bataan, there will be a Memorial Service for him at Arlington National Cemetery on Tuesday, 18 May 10 at 1 pm. Those attending are requested to be at the Administration Building at 12:30 pm. Everyone must have transportation to travel to the site of Sandy's cross. The cross (Section: MK GR: 139) was recently placed, it is toward the Iwo Jima Memorial. There is a map and other helpful information on the Cemetery's website (). The lettering on the cross is in gold because Sandy was awarded (posthumously) the Medal of Honor. Because of the MOH, Sandy will receive full Army honors.

"It would be great if some of Sandy's classmates could attend the ceremony. It would also be good to have some of the younger generations there, so that they can learn, and appreciate what Sandy did."

So there you have all the current news at this point. Please continue to keep in touch, and don't forget that May 2011 really isn't that far away–not at the rate time flies, as we get older. As always, keep well, and keep in touch.

–Ruth Adams


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Sadly, Robert Paul (Rip) Young passed away in January 2010 after a year-long battle with cancer. Along with his loving wife of 66 years, Bettye, caring for him "in sickness," he had close, loving relationships with his three daughters and was blessed with three wonderful sons-in-law. He is also survived by eight grandchildren, who dearly loved and affectionately knew him as "Bumpy." He is to be inurned at USMA Columbarium. Well Done–Be Thou at Peace.

Our annual Christmas letter mailed in December was enthusiastically responded to with only a handful returned without forwarding address. Before Thanksgiving we distributed our class rosters via e-mail and received many corrections. Thankfully, the children signing on to help their parents receive class news via e-mail continues to grow. We now have 33 of 54 classmates staying current via e-mail and 111 on our widows and families e-mail roster. I want to thank everyone for your updates and a very special thanks to George Allin who continues as Class Secretary, a task he has mastered since March 1972!

Unfortunately, along with responses came sad news of the deaths of several wives and widows not yet reported. Alice Attwood, widow of classmate John Attwood (d. 2008), passed away on 10 Jan 10 in Tucson, AZ, after a prolonged illness. Alice is survived by a son and his wife and a niece. Norma Cockrell attended the Arlington funeral of Peggy Ford, who passed away on 18 Nov 09. Bill Ford remains hospitalized at The Fairfax and was not able to attend. Flora Scott passed away peacefully on 30 Dec 09, surrounded by her family. She is survived by two daughters and their families, including five grandchildren. Richard Scott (d. January 2005) and one son preceded her in death.

Rick Gaspard wrote George about the death of his mother Elizabeth Gaspard. "She passed away last year, peacefully, with her family at her side. I know that my father [Richard Gaspard; d. January 2004] felt a special affection for West Point, and your labors were much appreciated by him." Another, loving response was received from the eleven children of Art & Marjorie Lambert, informing us of the death of their mother last year: "Dad, a proud graduate of the Class of '42, passed away in 1997; then, eleven years and eleven months, to the day, mom, a WWII veteran with the Army Nurses Corp, passed away on 9 Jun 09. She now is resting with dad in the West Point Columbarium surrounded by the other fellow '42 graduates who met their final roll call. We miss them both terribly so it was heartwarming to receive the class greetings. We cannot even begin to describe the very deep appreciation, honor and awe each of us felt being at West Point with our families for each of their inurnments and the 21-gun salute in honor of their service to our country. What an Academy and what a tradition! I could go on forever."

John Baker recalls "Jean & I sure do miss our younger days (1985–2006), when many of us enjoyed July in Maine with Jack & Carolyn Deane's lobster and raspberry tarts." This year, John & Jean visited their daughter Jody's home in North Carolina. Earlier in October, they welcomed the newest Baker, grandson Grayson, visiting Hawaii for his christening and to see his father, LTC Matt Baker, before he left for Afghanistan.

Sue Bartholomees is well and spending lots of time with the kids. "Mom has been here in Atlanta since Thanksgiving and enjoying our three children and their families. I meet my brother half-way when mom returns home to Fayetteville, NC."

Barbara Burris checked in over the holidays and reported that she "is happy to have had the '42 family since her husband Howard passed away in January 2009." She is active on our e-mail roster stating: "It sure is good to keep up with old friends."

Patrick, son of Red (Austin) Byrne, has made progress in discovering where his father's remains lie after being shot down. "We got in contact with a nephew of the pilot McKinna whose body was found close to his plane. I now have everything he had and, most importantly, the burial site of his uncle. I have sent this info on to a contact in Belguim narrowing dad's gravesite search down to a few requesting DNA. I know when results don't meet expectations it results in an upset but this journey has always been seen by me as a long shot." Betty Byrne Daly, Patricks's mother is doing fine, having recovered from a bad fall injuring her neck last year.

Dan & Pat Child report: "Pat & I are healthy and doing fine at 87 and 86 and are setting out for a cruise around Cape Horn bringing in the New Year."

Norma Cockrell is thankful for class news via e-mail. "It's been over two years that even the Washington contingent has had either our annual informal picnic or George's [Allin] arranged luncheon. Many are not able to get together anymore–my Jim for one, who still is pretty much paralyzed on his left side and bedridden from his stroke two years ago. He is transferred to a wheelchair for all meals. Having always been active, fixing things, building ship models, and the like, it has been equally frustrating for him to not be able now. Although I can be cranky he maintains his good attitude. He will be able to stand again–he keeps that faith and we're so fortunate to be able to stay in our home. We have all five children and six grandkids and great-grands (the newest born just this past Thanksgiving) all living in the area. One is always here to help each evening/night, after the aide has left. We're fine, we'd love to hear from anyone, and please forgive us for seeming as if we didn't care enough to be in touch."

Ginger Cage, widow of Lee Cage (d. July 1990) joined our e-mail roster: "Ours is a long-lived group! And to think, so many 90-year-olds, especially your dad [Al Scullen] is mind boggling. I finally learned how to e-mail and wish I had long ago. My grandson, Will Swearingen ('09), is going to Afghanistan in March. He is the seventh straight generation of my family to graduate. He even liked it and had no demerits! Surely times have changed since our guys were there!"

Donald Deffke's daughter is making it possible for her father to stay connected with the class. "He can be contacted through me, since he doesn't do the internet. Dad is a healthy 92 and living independently at Hyatt Park Lane in Monterey, CA. He doesn't get out much, other than a monthly haircut at the Naval Postgraduate School. He has enjoyed being close to family for the last four years, watching sports and has a very nice life."

Mary Gernert exclaims: "What an honor and comfort the Class of '42 men and their wives are for me today. Bill's memorial service at the USAF Academy Cemetery where he is buried [September 2009] was wonderful. Full military honors, including a "fly over." All of our grandchildren and most of the greats were there to recover the casings of the 21-gun salute. We were in love for 70 years, and my memories of West Point are precious. What a ride!"

Sandy Fisken contacted me with an updated address for herself after finding she was no longer on our roster distributed via e-mail. "A thousand thanks for all your efforts year round at keeping our class and mates connected. I so enjoy having e-mail."

One of Hank & Pat Harmeling's grandsons wrote of a Veterans Day Luncheon held at the Herrick House in Beverly, MA, for the 17 veterans there. Hank was the only one in uniform and was quite a hit with the female staff. "Nana (Pat) was a little put off that she could not take part in the dinner served in the FANCY dining room which was filled with veterans. Bop (Hank) said it is the best meal he has had there." All seven of their children and their families gathered on the East Coast for Hanks 90th birthday celebration in February.

Dorothy (Waddell) Herrington has moved to Kirksville, MO, to be closer to family. Her daughter writes: "My mother is living in a lovely residential care center close to our home. My father, Frank Herrington, passed away six years ago, so all of us thought it best that mom be nearer family. Mother enjoys her neighbors, loves bingo and seems to always win the quarter pot! She stays up on current events, exercise and, of course, weekly salon visits. She celebrated her 90th birthday in January with a family reunion. She glows from the beauty of her heart!"

A daughter of LaVerne Hill wrote of her mom, 92, "Surviving an ordeal of hospitalizations and with the excellent physical therapy at The Fairfax, is walking again! She has moved to the nursing floor, has had to give up her beloved bowling, but might give Wii bowling a go! She enjoys bingo and karaoke and recently was entertained by the West Point Glee Club. There were many retired graduates that still belt out a wonderful collective voice! LaVerne has two children, six grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren, with one on the way!"

Fred & Jane Holdrege's son Mark: "Mom and dad are doing pretty well. Unfortunately, dad suddenly lost a good deal of vision in one eye in December with blood leaking across his retina. He is adapting, and we hope that in time his vision may start to improve."

E-mails and the Christmas letter are helping to better connect the '42 family: "My dad is the late James H. Hottenroth and my mother Helen, age 92, now is living with me in Texas. I have written on her behalf to update her contact information."

Lee Mizell writes of Charlie: "We are unable to do any traveling now days. We have an excellent home-health aide visit each day and our son and daughter with their families continue to provide vital support. Old age has Charles slowing down to the point he has had to give up playing tennis."

Ed Munns spent Christmas with his son and daughter-in-law in Reedville, VA. "It snowed the night I arrived, and when we went to visit Arlington National Cemetery on 22 December, the snow was 18 inches deep. Best wishes from the beach."

Bill & Helen Kraft enjoy getting e-mails of class notes and the Christmas letter. One of his greatest pleasures is the grandkids. "2009 produced two more great-grands which makes six in all."

George & Sue O'Neal are enjoying the new amenities at their Armed Forces Retirement Community, San Antonio, including a wellness and fitness center for any type of rehabilitation and a resident lounge with happy hour. For recreation they took a two-week tour of the Eastern Caribbean. "We had an anniversary dinner with champagne and everyone from the maitre d´, chef and all the waiters greeted us. They were all impressed by our mobility at our age and our careers in the Army and CIA. Over the holidays we spent our 15th straight year in Hawaii." Still on their list is to "revisit some of the great resorts that we did with the class golf gaggle. We hope to get this in before old-age catches up with us."

Bette Lou Plott suffered a bad fall breaking her leg at the hip and a small skull fracture. Her daughter Marilyn has been missing her since she moved into a convalescent hospital. "We had a nice Christmas visit with great-grandkids here. Hopefully she will recover well, but at 92 needs much care."

In mid-January Rachel visited her parents, Harold & Alice Rice, in San Diego. "They are as enthusiastic and positive thinking as ever, strong enough to move through the bumps they encounter. Over a year now they have been living in the Hyatt Classic Residence in LaJolla. Their apartment is lovely, they feel quite comfortable and are making many friends. Coronado still is a home to them, as they have kept it to take weekly mini-vacations. My father enjoys playing golf, very often with a score under his age! In short, they are fantastic and speak of their West Point family often."

All five of Edgar (Footsie) Rickman's great-grandkids came for the holidays, made cookies for Santa and discovered they have talent for baseball as he coached them in the backyard. "We had a good New Year celebration watching the Seminoles and Gators win their bowl games and lunch with grandkids."

Anne & Fred Rosell stay in contact via email and write: "We are as well as can be expected here in Alabama. We are thankful for that! We so enjoy receiving all the news and hearing from classmates and their families."

Ruth Russell on staying connected via e-mail, "I would like to remain on the list as it feels to me and our children and grandchildren as a final connection to Roger (d. March 2005)."

Although Al Scullen spent the holidays battling intestinal flu, he never stopped directing the festivities for all his kids and grandkids from his hospital bed. Winning the war for attention, however, was the newest addition, Ember (USMA '2032), daughter of grandson Darren, born on 18 Dec 09. He looks forward to sharing his 95th birthday along with Founders Day in March.

Another granddaughter excited about class e-mails, "I am Christy Lee Andersen, granddaughter of Howard Slaton (d. January 2006), and I really enjoy reading about the classmates' doings, so thank you for including me. I just had a son this fall and the family is well."

Thomas (Buck) Tarver, our youngest classmate, wishes he was faring as well as most of you. "Last year a spot was found on my lung which was successfully removed in a robot-assisted surgery before it could spread. Then I suffered a mild heart attack that catheterization has hopefully repaired the damage. So far doing okay, I have resumed my previous activities."

Carl Ulsaker writes: "Pat & I had our son Ken and his family along with daughter Melissa and her family to lunch here at Falcons Landing on Christmas Day. It was a very pleasant gathering."

Larry Vogel sends out his best wishes to the class, "for a New Year over flowing with family happiness and love. I'm blessed with two sons and their families who see that I'm cared for, five wonderful grandchildren, and seven precious great-grandchildren."

Thanks again to all the classmates and their families for contributing letters, e-mails, pictures, and many conversations, without which, I'd have no "Class Notes" to report. The overwhelming response is proof of what a joyous family the Class of '42 is. I enjoy you all dearly.

SuzE, Proud Daughter & Scribe'42

JAN '43

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The DC class October family luncheon was a great success. Thanks to Jane Anne Edwards and Isabel Spann for hosting at the charming Chez Andre. Twenty of us attended: Jackie Armstrong, Kate and daughter Kate Ellen Armstrong, John Baer, Kay Burlin, Frank & Arlene Camm, Jim Dempsey, Jane Ann Edwards, Ace Elliot, Jim Frankosky, Greg Henry, John & Irene Norris, Darrie & Pat Richards, Florence St. John, Isabel Spann, George & Joyce Rebh. Jim Frankosky, class VP, gave the benediction. Class President Frank Camm reported that our Treasurer Bob Wood sent in a report showing we were in good shape financially. Jim Frankosky, Memorial chairman, said we had 90% of our memorial articles completed, but that we had many classmate deaths this year and must work quickly to insure that all memorial articles are completed. We were reminded that our classmate "MC D" McDermott, donated the Memorial Room containing the memorial books to West Point classmates. Jim Dempsey, Class Information Officer, said he has received heartfelt notes of thanks from many families to the class for remembering their fathers in the Memory Book.

The class family Army–Navy game party was in The Fairfax Activities Room on 12 December, with George & Joyce Rebh hosting a fun party. Jim Dempsey's famous chili was served, and George & Joyce had the room filled with balloons and football memorabilia. It made for a warm, happy time despite the score. We missed some of our regulars who were planning to be at the January luncheon, but 18 stalwarts who came were Jackie Armstrong, Kay Burlin, Frank & Arlene Camm, Jim Dempsey and his grandson Walker, Jane Ann Edwards, John &Irene Norris, Bill & RoseMarie Pietsch and his sister Audrey, Darrie Richards, Florence St. John, Isabel Spann, George & Joyce Rebh and sons George and Richard.

It is clear that great-grandchildren are in fashion for our class this year; Christmas cards were full of the news. Frank & Arlene Camm are first time great-grandparents. Nicholas Porter Williams is also the great-grandson of ex-'42 Sid & Louise Williams. Irene & John Norris had their first great-grandchild the day before Mother's Day. Betty Griess flew to Tucson to see her daughter Ann and meet her first great-grandson, Quinn. Fred King says the DeGruchys are bragging about their first great-grandchild, but his are too busy working on graduate degrees. Bob Wood says he & Frances are busy with great-grandchildren entering first grade. Jim Frankosky's granddaughter Sarah had his first great-granddaughter in December. CQ & Phoebe Croonquist are busy with grandchildren, going to all their football and baseball games and are doing fine.

Wray Page is doing well and pleased to have his son John move closer to him at Ft. Gordon, GA, where John will practice gastroenterology at Eisenhower Medical Center.

Peggy Knowlton had a happy Christmas with son Bill and wife Sondra accompanying her to spend Christmas with daughter Holly and David Petraeus and grandchildren Ann and Stephen.

Kate Armstrong is joyfully anticipating a January cruise whose passenger list is mostly made up of fellow singers. She is going with friends from her choir.

Barbara Fiss McCormick and Sandy report that they sold their interest in the oil company and are now fully retired for the "first time ever" and enjoying the Great American Road trip which took them all over USA and Canada. They are dividing their time between two homes, Arizona from November through April and Denver from May through October.

We are very pleased to hear from Mitch Goldenthal: "Greetings from ole San Antone. Big things are happening for the military–the effects of BRAC are enormous. Several billion dollars in military construction is underway. Yes, Billions! The present administration is very kind to past post commanders (like me). I get invited to progress briefings, and Bill Stewart often accompanies me.

"Now to the local scene. The Benners are sponsoring the January affair at AF Village. Bill Stewart dropped out due to his extraordinary efforts in commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Foulois' first all military aircraft flight at Ft. Sam Houston. Helen & I occupied the Foulois House–1970 through 1973. Often heard the famous Foulois ghosts around. My neighbor, who has a large collection of vintage restored classic cars, is furnishing a 1909 Cadillac convertible for Marilyn Stewart to lead the commemorative parade in March 2010.

"Last April, Bill Stewart had a large 90th party at Meson. My M.D. daughter Karen flew from Bethesda to celebrate my Snow-man, Snow-man at a small dinner at Mortons. Might mention I discouraged Karen from specializing in vaccines. WRONG again.

"The Jack Dayes moved to the Army Retirement Center but now are back at the Towers. Garnet Bogan and the Graces are very active at the ARC. Virginia & Duke are planning a cruise. Helen is taking good care of me, and I owe my survival to her. She sends the best to all.


I regret to inform you of the death of three classmates. We have 77 living classmates at this writing, 5 January 2010.

BG Emmett R. Reynolds (USA, Ret.) died peacefully of complications from pneumonia on 18 Nov 09 in Columbus, GA. Interment will be at West Point with a date yet to be determined.

MG John Buckner (USAF, Ret.) died on 12 Dec 09 after a long illness. A memorial service was held in the chapel at Air Force Village II, San Antonio, TX, on 21 December with interment following at Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery.

LTC (Ret.) Stanley L. James, Jr. (USA, Ret.) died on 16 Dec 09 in San Antonio, TX. His interment was at the Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery on 30 December.

In San Antonio, graduates and families got together on 12 Dec 09 to view the Army–Navy game from Air Force Village II. The Class of January was the senior class attending and remarkably had more classmates there than any other class. The event was hosted by Otto & Sam Benner, and arrangements for eating, drinking, and viewing were all outstanding. Duke & Virginia Kane, Mitch & Helen Goldenthal, Bill & Marilyn Stewart, and Gene & Irma June Wink attended.

It was Duke's 91st birthday, and Virginia had a special chocolate cake brought in for the celebration. Duke blew out all the candles without revealing his secret wish.

The Fairfax had its annual Halloween Party at which George Rebh won first prize for his costume. He came as an Indian Chief wearing the headdress presented to him when he was inducted as an Indian Chief in the Kaw Indian tribe in Oklahoma. At the time, he was District Engineer of the Tulsa Engineer District, which was constructing the Kaw City Dam and Reservoir. He is Chief 'He who makes water good.' Joyce came as a flapper–what else?


JUN '43

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Texas. The following informative, well written report was submitted by Bill Snavely.

On 18 Dec 09, Jim & Bobbie Keck hosted the sixth in our series of class luncheons for 2009. The venue: Air Force Village II in San Antonio. The Kecks did their usual great job! We had a good turnout–17 persons: six classmates, two wives, four widows, four children, and one guest. This was the 112th consecutive luncheon since these were started on 18 June1991. Jim Phillips, our intrepid leader, has us scheduled for six luncheons in 2010 and, probably, into the future until no one is left to answer the call. As active as the widows and children of our class are, God willing, these luncheons may continue a long time.

Those attending this luncheon, in addition to the Kecks, were Jim Phillips and his daughter Jean Truscott (responsible for the included pictures), Rip Collins (our reliable humorist) and guest Pansy Kimbro; Joe Eastmead (never misses); we were particularly pleased that Bucky Harris and his son John were able to join us–sadly Bucky lost his wonderful wife Ginny earlier in December; Bill & Rosewitha Snavely (regulars); Elaine Hinds (keeps us all informed); Mercedes Knowles and her son Jeff (our wine growing entrepreneurs); Dorothy Veach (regular); Michael Watkins (class godson, history buff–regular); and Barbara Young (traveler).

As always, it was a happy enjoyable occasion, lots of news exchanged (and trivia); the opportunity to visit with and offer Bucky and his son John our condolences; be updated on future plans particularly those of our younger participants; and all in the festive atmosphere of Christmastime.

Happy New Year everyone, from those of us in San Antonio! LTC Jean (Phillips) Truscott, a retired Army nurse sent two good photos taken at the December 2009 San Antonio class luncheon.

Missouri. Bill & Millie Watson (Chesterfield) continue to enjoy life in their retirement community, the Friendship Village, a few miles west of St. Louis. Bill & Millie's son Jeff, who lives in Chesterfield, is a big help to his parents. Jeff is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, a lieutenant colonel in the USA FR, and a fulltime captain for Delta Airlines.

Kentucky. Johnnie Stockton's adopted daughter, Kristi "Annelies" Grogan Stockton, reports that a book about his role in a decisive battle in the Viet Nam Delta (Ia Drang, 3-4 Nov 65) will be published in 2010. Kristi can be reached at 2626 Shaker Road, Lakeside Park, KY 41017.

Virginia. I was saddened by Ned Burr's news that the weekly luncheons at Ft. Myer were discontinued last September, but the traditional Christmas party at The Fairfax is a reliable social event. Attendees at the December 2009 gathering were Bill Calnan, George & Denise Chamberlain, Ron & Margaret Jantz, Cecile Cover, Robert & Bonnie Cover, Diana Hamblen, Jean & Jennis Carnavor, Leslie Beck, Alan Jones, Alan & Wendy Hainee, Henry & Evelyn Morgan, Anna Mozingo, Ned & Nikki Burr, Bettie Baldwin, Ted MacKechnie, Florence Plett, Bill & Harriet Scott, Leon Sembach, Harriet Tenney, Dutch Umlauf, and Dennis & Dee Flynn. Last winter I asked Hank Morgan (Alexandria) about his son and grandsons. Seems the Morgans are U.S. Army officers of the first order! Three generations strong! Son Dave retired as a full colonel USAR in February 2010.Grandson John is an active duty Army aviator. Grandson Daniel is an active duty Infantry lieutenant.

Taps. Bob Hoffman died in Savannah, TN, on 20 Nov 09. His cremated remains were taken to the Hoffman family ranch near Post, TX. That is near Lubbock. Bob was an outstanding combat pilot (B-24s) and leader in the ETO (two DFCs, four Air Medals, two Croix de Guerre). He also was a great drawing instructor at West Point (1945–48) and earned an MS in engineering at Purdue (1950). In 1958, Bob became interested and involved in the U.S. space programs. First he was at Vandenberg AFB. Later, as a civilian he worked at the Cape in Florida. And he built great houses in the Cocoa and Melbourne, FL, areas. Wherever he was and whatever he did, Bob excelled. During his years in the Melbourne area, Bob was much admired–a wonderful classmate, true friend, and a worthy son of the United States Military Academy. Condolences would reach Bob's children if sent to his daughter Barbara at the following address: Mrs. Barbara Hoffman Peets, 500 Olivet St., Savannah, TN 38372.

Ginny Harris, wife of our classmate Bucky, died in Austin, TX, on 27 Nov 09. Ginny was a faithful Air Force wife. She no doubt took the frequent changes of station in stride from Georgia to Panama to Maxwell AFB to some place near the Pentagon to Hawaii to Randolph AFB back to the Pentagon area (ICAF), to Amarillo, TX, to Mather AFB, TX. She was buried in the Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery on 2 December. Condolences would reach Bucky if sent to him at 1034 Liberty Park Drive, #218, Austin, TX 78746

Well done, Bob and Ginny. Be thou at peace!

Regards, Jake


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It has been some time since Volume 21 of FORTY FOUR was delivered to the class, mainly because of the newly revised schedule for delivery of the ASSEMBLY, which serves as a conveyor of appreciation for work well done. But that does not mean that congratulations are not in order for the exceptional informational effort of interest delivered to the entire class. Those who were not, for numerous reasons, able to take part in the on-scene activities are certain to be more pleased that all the major elements have been so well explained in the newsletter. The expertise of our class president Don Carter is evident across the board, and deserves recognition. But our thanks, as well as, our appreciation is extended to all the managers, assistants, advisors, creators, contributors, and assorted helpers. To list all by names and their responsibilities carried out would likely threaten our "word count" authority. No matter, we are very pleased to thank all for the notable results!

Folded Wings. Edwin T. O'Donnell (BG, USA, Ret.) joined the "ghostly assemblage" of the Long Gray Line on 25 Oct 09. To those of us in the Washington area, the news was an unexpected shock. Pat & Ed had joined and been welcomed by classmates at The Fairfax military retirement facility and friends in the Washington area approximately three months before Ed's passing. To all appearances, they were blending into the changed environment, renewing old acquaintances, as well as meeting new fellow retirees. Although Ed had had some physical restrictions for several years, he gave warmth and fellowship to all that knew him with his ever present smile and welcomed disposition. He is missed by all that knew him.

Ed was very pleased with his active military career and enjoyed the challenges he encountered in the engineering field of the day, including the R&D Center at Ft. Belvoir, the 20th Engineering Brigade in Viet Nam, the Army Topographic Command in Washington, DC, the Missouri River Division in Omaha, NB, among others. He retired in 1973 and joined the Engineering Construction Co. as Director in Executive Development. A task, he acknowledged, was very interesting.

Ed is survived by his beloved wife Patricia (nee Theibert); children: Kathleen, Terrie, and Kevin (Tom preceded his father in death); eleven grandchildren; and seven great-grandchildren. Funeral services were held on 22 January at the Ft. Myer Old Post Chapel, followed by interment at the Arlington National Cemetery with Full Military Honors. A comrade who will be missed!

We were advised by Laura Bazemore, the daughter of our classmate, that her father, John Peter Moore (COL, USAF, Ret.), had passed away in his sleep on 27 Sep 09 at his home in Richmond, CA. She remarked that he enjoyed good health to the very last. Laura provided us with a warm narration of her father's activities and experiences throughout his life in a manner that could not be duplicated by anyone else, and we truly appreciate her efforts and contribution.

Born and raised in Dixon, IL, John was the son of George & Anna Jensen Moore. His father died when was very young. His widowed mother Anna was the first woman lawyer in Lee County and worked as a legal secretary to support the family.

On the day following graduation from the Academy, John married Annabel Griffith, his sweetheart from Amboy, IL. He served in the Air Force for a full 30 years, experiencing the various activities, including assignments to the Pentagon, leading squadrons on reconnaissance missions with the 328th BS, as squadron commander, serving as base commander in Da Nang, Viet Nam, and attending The USAF Institute of Technology at Wright Patterson, AFB. He retired in 1973, after serving as base commander at Bitburg AFB, Germany.

In the words of his daughter, "He settled in San Pablo, CA, a resident of Contra Costa County since 1978. In retirement, John Peter Moore was many things to all those fortunate to have known him: mentor, port in the storm, role model, bicycle mechanic. He enjoyed racquetball, biking, sewing, National Public Radio, corresponding with people all over the world and every walk of life, and always being there for a friend in need. He never met a stranger."

Colonel John Peter Moore, is survived by his daughter, Laura Bazemore; sons: John, Jeff, and Pete Moore; daughter-in-law Phulamu Sherpa and son-in-law Grady Bazemore; grandchildren: Ty, Dashal, Adrianne, and Dova Moore; and great-grandchild Magdalena Moore. He was preceded in death by his son, Phillip Neal Moore.

Franklin O. Forthoffer (LTC, USAF, Ret.) died on 23 Nov 09 in Oceanside, CA. Upon graduation, Frank was assigned to the USAF and served in the Pacific with the1924EABn during 1944–46. He was the Air Installation Officer at Clark AFB during 1951–52. After two years in Advanced Systems in ARDC, he resigned from the Air Force in 1957 and joined the Lockheed Missiles and Space Systems, serving in various advanced positions until 1960. He then was involved in new business planning systems and programs until he returned to Lockheed (Sunnyvale) in November 1971, where he remained until 1982.

In the 1988 Encore, published by the class, Frank writes, "Despite a remarkably fine job–pretty good pay, very interesting assignments, most of my own choosing, my own time schedule, and no accountability or responsibility–I decided to take "early" retirement in January 1982 from Lockheed Missiles & Space Co. In Sunnyvale, I said "No thanks" to a financially tempting consulting contract, and we moved to Oceanside, CA."

He mentions that his decision pleased Anne, his wife, who could devote more valuable time to her interests. Also their children and grandchildren enjoyed the relatively close relationships that followed. His attitude regarding family responsibilities will remain with Anne and the children and bring some special love and comfort.

Alexander M. Maish (LTC, USA, Ret.) passed away on Christmas Day 2009 in Alexandria, VA. Complete details are not available at this time. A complete report will be prepared for the next issue of ASSEMBLY.



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There was a great article in the 30 Oct 09 El Paso Times on our Buster Hayden and his amazing record of fostering West Point admissions. His record to date: 262 El Paso area students helped into and graduated from West Point since 1976 plus 36 now enrolled. That is 83 percent of the El Paso contingency in 33 years. "His protégés are having an impact in the world." An example, BG Heidi Brown '81 who led an air defense artillery brigade into Iraq during the 2003 invasion, is now coordinating the drawdown of U.S. troops in Iraq and overseeing all medical units in Iraq. BG Brown writes, "Buster Hayden is an incredible person. I am blessed to have known him and am confident that I would not be where I am today if it were not for him." Wonderful record.

Jim Shilstone continues to amass honors and recognition in the world of concrete construction, the latest in December, at the American Concrete Pavement Association's annual meeting, their most prestigious award, the Hartmann-Hirschman-Egan Award for 2009. "Your tireless lifelong pursuits have truly impacted our industry, improving the quality of concrete pavements worldwide." Congratulations, Jim! Incidentally, Pat Shilstone's daughter-inlaw, Christy Rost, has become a nationally known speaker and author on cooking .

Quick notes from many: Big Ed Nichols in Golden Colorado is recovering after six months with a broken leg–now [January] on a walker and back to driving. Axle Briggs from Pensacola is back from chasing wild animals in South Africa with his daughter Sandi for two weeks. They both look forward to the 55th Reunion in May. Shirley Burnell in Boise, traveling to keep up with her second generation and looking forward to the Reunion. Bud & Rita Weaver were surprised at the Army Retirement Center in San Antone, when their 50th anniversary, planned as "low key," turned out to be a "heartwarming gathering of kith and kin from around the country." After a rough year, Mary Jane MacIntire is doing very well with a heart pacemaker and a second great-grandchild. Her STRICOM grandson, Dave MacIntire, was safely back from Afghanistan in time for Christmas. Nan Heilbronner, from Kosciusko, says that she now is Rusty's ears and he her eyes, that they work hard keeping up with their sizable family (they dined at Thanksgiving with 27 family at their table).

Gaye & Bob Dingman pulled off their 64th anniversary on Maui, HI, "the only couple in history to vacation in Hawaii and not put a foot on the beach … walking in the sand with canes not a good idea." Nelle Preston Stevens, Ran Preston's widow, now has two Russian grandsons (5 and 6) adopted by Nelle and Ran's son Tom and wife Elaine after a year of paperwork. Art & Julie Fridl are doing well in Silver Spring, MD, with Julie recovering nicely from her stroke, grandson Patrick deployed to Afghanistan, and granddaughter Colleen married in September.

The class Washington social calendar continued full. Fitz-P reports the fall "dinner dance" in October at the Army-Navy CC was a big success, with more than 50 present and then 35 present at the Christmas Party at Barbara Benson's retirement home. Thanks in no small part to Doris & Dick William's expert management, both were fun occasions in spite of being limited by the DC record heaviest bad weather at Christmas. Jimsy Hanket called off her party at the CC because the weather forced the club to close. Fitz-P's OAO Pat's fractured hip has mended, and "she goes everywhere but a bit slower." He also forwarded an extract from the museum of the U.S. Air Forces' Friendly Journal which wrote of the 2nd Air Refueling Squadron in 1955, commanded by "MAJ Edmund A. Rafalko, a stern but fair officer."

Dick and Doris Williams, now safely bedded down in The Fairfax near Ft. Belvoir, report they are surrounded by "more than a dozen '45 classmates, wives, and widows … our new digs immensely to our liking."

Nancy & Harry Shaw continued their 60th anniversary celebration in September by jointly celebrating in Easton with Mary Hamilton Stuart & Jim, "a total of 120 years of happy marriages."

The Shaws then packed up and traveled west to see daughter Ann in Santa Barbara, granddaughter Andra in the Bay Area [who was planning her wedding in Nicaragua ], and granddaughter Laura with four of their great-grandchildren. They had an opportunity to hit Sonoma and lunch with Les & Audry Ayers. The Ayers have passed their vineyards to their daughters, but Les continues to help maintain.

Jean & Walt Hylander journeyed forth from Mississippi by Amtrak in September with Jean's doctor brother and wife, Walt in a wheelchair, to participate in a DC rally among thousands. They judged it "a thrilling experience." Their lovely Rosswood Plantation guest house is bustling in its 35th year and was even busier in 2009 than the previous year, despite national economic problems.

We had a very special, fun luncheon with Helen Rhett in Atlanta, and we all did our share of catching up and reminiscing. Helen is nicely situated in The Canterbury on Peachtree Road, an easy walk to daughter Libby's. Libby's son, CPT Grier Jones, USMC, is safely back in Pendleton after two deployments.

Martha & I now are moved into our new house in the Aldersgate retirement community in Charlotte–love it. We alternate back and forth to Cheraw and our 110-year-old home that we are keeping open until sold. Our worldwide project manager son, Edwin '84, is to be married in Helena, MT, in June!

With heavy heart we record classmates and wives whom we have learned passed away since our last column was submitted.

"Wag" Wagonhurst (D-1), a star of our baseball team, died of cancer on 30 Oct 09 in Carlisle, PA. A memorial service was held in Carlisle; burial was in the National Cemetery in Indiantown Gap. D'Arcy is home at 110 Union Hall Road, Carlisle, PA 17013.

Ed Saxby (F-2), golfer enthusiast and seasoned Infantry professional was lost on 17 Oct 09 in Jonesboro, GA, after a long illness. He will be buried at West Point where Shirley is already interred. Their son, MAJ Ed Saxby, Jr., lives at 9236 Fairgreen Court, Jonesboro, GA.

Erskine "Snuffy" Smith (F-2), our southern gentleman, died of heart failure on 2 Aug 09 in Madison, AL; burial was in the Val Halla Cemetery in Huntsville, AL. "Bonnie" remains in their home at 109 Dusty Trail, Madison, AL 35758.

William Combs (F-2 & C-1), Florida Keys enthusiast, died on 19 Jan 09 on Key Largo; interment was in Pennsylvania. His devoted Edmee remains at 38 W. Snapper Point Drive, Key Largo, FL 33037.

Jack Pettee (B-2), distinguished business executive, died of cancer on 23 Oct 09 in Ashville, NC. Pat, his bride of 64 years, remains at 40 Gertrude Place, #3, Asheville, NC 28801.

Jim Holcomb (E-1), DOD operations research analyst retired, succumbed to Alzheimer's disease on 18 Dec 09 in Springfield, VA. He was buried with full military honors at West Point on 28 December. Ann is at home in #402, 7414 Spring Village Drive, Springfield, VA 22150.

Frank Pavia (G-2), skilled linguist and Infantry retired, died of a stroke on 24 Dec 09 in Lansdowne, VA; burial was in Arlington National Cemetery with full honors. Rosalind remains at their home: 19365 Cypress Ridge Terrace, #103, Lansdowne, VA 20176.

Randy Heard, decorated fighter pilot, died in Largo, FL, on 6 Nov 09; burial was at West Point. His son is Charles R. Heard, 6851 Avalon Avenue, Dallas TX 75214.

Harriett Adler, beloved partner of Scott Adler (G-1), died on 9 Nov 09 after a long illness. Harriett was interred in Arlington National Cemetery on 17 November. Scott remains in their home at 10500 Rockville Pike, MD 20852.

Dorothy Kristoferson, wife of Ralph "Kris" Kristoferson (B-1), died of cancer in Denton, TX, early in September 2009. Kris remains in their home at 4109 Burney Drive, Denton, TX 78731.

Nancy Jarrell, Bill's (A-1) wife, died on 13 Oct 09; she was buried with Bill in Cookville, TN.

Elizabeth Farr, widow of Dan Farr (H- 2), died on 6 Oct 09; burial was at West Point. Daughter Elizabeth Conway resides at 611 N. Old Litchfield Road, Litchfield Park, AZ 85340.

Irmgard Rankin, wife of Fred Rankin (A-2), died in December 2008. Fred remains at 7614 Pagewood Lane, Houston, TX 77063.

Frances Futch, the widow of Chuck Partridge (A-1), died in August 2009.

We remember them all so very warmly, as classmates, wives, associates, and friends and offer our sincerest condolences to their families.

Keep today's uniformed men and women uppermost in your prayers and thoughts. We owe them so much.

Very warmest to all. See you at the Thayer.



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294–January 2010. DeBow Freed continues on active duty as President of The University of Findlay located in Findlay, Ohio. This is the third higher Education school for which he has been the president, 1945–The Hylanders via Amtrak. and this one started in 2003. We have to admire his hanging in there and wish him well as he continues to stay on "active duty."

Dan Mahony wrote that he spent last summer at The Westchester Country Club in Rye, NY. He visited his grandchildren in Connecticut and he went to West Point. His permanent address is Jupiter Colony, FL.

Frank & Joy Blazey were elated to participate in their two granddaughters' weddings last fall. One of them was in Colorado, where Jack & Virginia Shultz joined them in Steamboat Springs. Their new grandson was awarded a $20,000 environmental prize by National Geographic magazine for his timber restoration plan. In Denver, prior to all the good news, they enjoyed a visit with Rae Bresnahan and Dick & Ruth Wildrick, who just made their 24th move.

My paper, The Star Ledger, Newark, NJ, on 12 Nov 09 had an article about the State of New Jersey honors veterans, this past Veterans Day, for service in WWII, Korea and Viet Nam. The picture of one of those men receiving New Jersey's medal of honor for their service in those wars was of Ted Braun, who now lives in Seabrook Village near Ft. Monmouth. Congratulations to Ted and all of you anywhere who could have received our State's Medal if you lived in The Garden State!

Fee Hardin and I helped Julia W. Edmunds, Jim's daughter, prepare Jim Welch's obit. In her letter to me she included a photo of Jim on his 80th birthday, 5 Oct 03, taken in Durham, NC. She said I could use it in this column.

Somehow I misplaced a photo of the classmates at a luncheon in San Antonio, TX, that Ann Horton mailed some time ago. They do this four times a year. Here it is now.

We all know about the sad events that took place at Ft. Hood last fall. Jack Shultz passed along an interesting bit of info regarding LTG Robert Cone '79, CG, III Corps, at Hood. Bob Chabot was LTG Cone's football coach at Memorial HS, Manchester, NH, and prompted Cone to go to West Point. Bob also has advised us of his role in getting LTG Cone to go to USMA, and Bob had the happy opportunity to pin on Cone's first star.

For all you early planners, we have just received the official dates for our 65th Reunion. If you plan–or is it hope–to be there, the dates are 15–18 May 2011, which will be a Sunday to Wednesday. I certainly HOPE to attend! The information was sent to us by Vince McDermott '85, Director of Alumni Affairs.

We have received notice that George Fink died on 29 Nov 09 in Los Altos, CA. His widow Carol may be reached at 550 Torwood Lane, Los Altos, CA 94022. To Carol and family I extend the sympathies of the class. Three sons are USMA grads.

Mo & Midge Weber recently celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary. They still are traveling but not as much as before. They again took a ten-day cruise to the Caribbean that left New York this January 2010, and Midge enjoyed a birthday on the cruise. Last year they visited family in Minnesota and hosted family at West Point events with skiing and swimming.

Dick & Sue Gruenther see Marie Parmly from time to time. She lives nearby. After Dick's second hip replacement he has stopped golf but still swims and bikes. A grandson recently returned from a year teaching in Korea, and another grandson and family visited last December, arriving from Australia. Dick saw the Boyds and Josephs at Fleet Landing last Thanksgiving, and the Blazeys visited this January.

Lucy Kreischer, 5703 Brookhaven Ct., Murrells Inlet, SC 29576, who had been married for 29 years to Bob Duncan (E- 1) wrote to ask to be kept in the 1946 class loop. She has been widowed for the third time; her last husband was Charlie Kreischer, Citadel 1943.

Kibbey & Peggy Horne visited Death Valley this past November when the temperature was not the 120 degrees it gets in the summer. They also toured the Three Dammed Lakes along the Colorado River in Arizona, California, and Nevada earlier last year. Kibbey is writing a dictionary of Chinese food in Mandarin, Cantonese, and Unicode.

John & Rhodora Donahue are happy in Florida and enjoy their growing family. This past year there were two marriages and, by my count, eleven births. I don't want to state a total for fear of being wrong, but we know there is no other classmate with a group anywhere near as large as theirs.

On 27 Nov 09, Walter Hamilton died in Pleasant, CA; interment will be at West Point.

On 27 Nov 09, Roy Simkins died in Princeton, NJ; interment is unknown. Roy's son Roy, III, is listed as next of kin. That's all I know.

On 4 Jan 10, Lew Allen died in Potomac Falls, VA; interment to be at Arlington National Cemetery, date to be determined. His widow Barbara may be reached at 20540 Falcon Landing Circle, #4410, Potomac Falls, VA 20165.

With Lew's passing we are still 338 strong and hanging in! To each family I wish to extend the sympathies of the class.

Bob & Miriam Lamb got their family together at Myrtle Beach last summer. Miriam continues her brailing for the state of Virginia, and Bob writes history articles for their residents' newspaper.

Bill & Patti Schneider are proud of their grandson, Scott Schneider, who graduated from USMA this past May. Grandson William and his bride Jami joined the June family reunion in Williamsburg after their wedding. Bill did income taxes for AARP at Falcons Landing last January to April 2009.

Steve Conner sent two photos of those gathered at Kanes for the Army–Navy game. Not in photos but there were Squeak Conner, Janet Strain, and Jean Klein.

Skip Strain passed along some additional poop. He now has a seventh great-grandchild. His wife Janet has had major dental surgery, and he is thinking of cataract surgery. He mentioned that Winelda Blum had her left eye done and was so good that he might do so. I can state my right eye was done with excellent results. Also Skip noted that Joe & Jane Giza have moved to Arizona.

John & Connie Treadwell were pleased to have daughter Bonnie and her husband Ian visit from Devon, England. Ian is a retired British Army officer. They toured the Chattanooga battlefields. Daughter Debbie moved to Millbrook, NY, to be near her horse, which she had for two years before telling John or Connie!

Milt & Martha Hamilton spent the holidays in Virginia with their son. Joanne Patton had a busy year and purchased a house next door while considering what to do about the farm. In any event, the farm will stay in business. Christmas card from John Bodley 'ex-'46 included photo of him with great-grandson Luke.

Have a good summer.



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In the last column, Bill Webb suggested that we all submit anecdotes and memories of events long ago or whenever. I give you two more articles submitted by Bill.

Tokyo, 1948–50, 7th Cavalry, Occupation Duty. Bill Webb recalled that one evening in Tokyo he & Jean Burner both bought Ug Fuson a pint of ice cream, as he was the duty officer. Ug ate both pints, and then confessed that he had eaten a quart earlier with dinner. Wherever he went, the O Club, on the streets, in the stores, Japanese waiters, maids, average citizens looked at Ug Fuson with smiles and awe, the gentle giant with a smile. After Muriel arrived and we had a son, George, in 1949 (premature and small), we often invited Ug to dinner. The image is clear today of Ug holding tiny George in his great hand and singing songs to him, smiling and crooning those sweet Kentucky tunes.

Bill and Ug accompanied the 2-7th Cav from Tokyo to Korea in July 1950, serving initially as staff officers, and then as company commanders. Ug suffered a serious wound, mortar round, and was evacuated to Korea. Years later, the then-battalion surgeon told me that when Ug was carried into the aid station (four men on the litter), he could not get enough pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding. So he told Ug he would have to stand on his shoulder. Ug smiled and said, "That's okay, doc," while reaching out with the other arm and grabbing doughnuts from a plate, saying that he had not had much to eat for a few days. After rehab in the States, Ug was assigned to Ft. Knox. While home in Kentucky, his gallant heart stopped in June 1951, probably from a blood clot from his wound. The Fuson family gave their all to the Nation. Not only Ug, but also his older brother, a football star at the U. of Tenn, gave his life in World War II. Today we remember Herschel Er (Ug) Fuson with sadness that he left us so early but with a happy smile as we remember the man he was.

Tokyo, 1949. Jean Burner drove June and the Webbs to Yokohama in his shiny convertible. Jean had always taken meticulous care of his cars, not a spot of dirt or a dent anywhere. Jean drove us into a large traffic circle, no traffic and cleared out rubble everywhere. While stopped, reading the direction signs, we saw a bicyclist approaching from the left front; high speed, head down, a large fish in his basket. Jean yelled and at the moment before contact the cyclist looked up in horror. Too late! The cyclist hit Jean's left front fender, bounced off the windshield, and he and the fish rolled down the cobblestones on the far side of the car, Jean and I jumped out. While I saw that the young Jap struggled to his feet, Jean logically checked first his car and was glad to find no damage. After a ceremonial bow and a hiss, the Jap gathered up his damaged cycle and fish and left the scene.

Be aware that our grad-week reunion for 2012 will be on 20–23 May 2012. West Point has been ranked the "Top College in the Country" by Forbes and "Top Public Liberal Arts College" by US News and World Report. Its mission remains constant–to educate, train, and inspire the Corps of cadets so that each graduate is a commissioned leader of character committed to the values of Duty, Honor, Country and prepared for a career of professional excellence and service to the Nation as an officer in the U.S. Army.

The following is taken from the 10 Oct 09 issue of the Army Football Game Day vs. Vanderbilt. The Army Athletic Assn honored one of its greatest sons when it retired three-time All American and Heisman Trophy winner Doc Blanchard's #35 jersey at halftime in Michie Stadium. Blanchard retired as a colonel from the USAF after flying jets during the Korean and Viet Nam wars. He passed away at the age of 84 in April 2009.

On 29 Sep 09, Theodore C. Biel (CN 16209) succumbed to prostate cancer in Orange City, FL. Ted was cremated and interred in Arlington National Cemetery. The designated next-of-kin is Chris, his daughter, whose address is: Ms Christine Biel, 1517 Lincoln Way, #304, McLean, VA 22102.

On 9 Oct 09, Walter P. Lukens (Wally) passed away in Alexandria, VA. Sylvia, his wife, can be reached at 323 N. Pitt Street, Alexandria, VA 22314; telephone: 703-836-8561.

Buck Fernandez (CN 16188) & Naoma have moved to 4320 Forest Hill Drive, Unit 214, Fairfax, VA 22030. Their home telephone number and e-mail remain the same: 703-360-7773 and .

On 24 Nov 09, in Brentwood, MO, William D. Grant (CN 16300) passed away due to cancer. Bill was cremated and interred in Arlington National Cemetery. The next-of-kin is Gail, his daughter (Mrs. G.G. Gilbert, 605 Wyndham Crossing Circle, St. Louis, MO 63131; telephone: 314-488-5910; e-mail: .

Janet Miller passed away on 28 Nov 09 due to complications from Alzheimer's disease. John may be reached at 2608 Carrington Pointe Road, Ft. Smith, AR 72903-5261; telephone: 479-484-0858; e-mail: .

Class condolences go out to John and to the families of Bill Grant, Ted Biel, and Wally Lukens.

Greetings from Lubbock.

Take care, Al


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Tied in with Bill Whitson, who says he is working harder with the Foundation for Inner Peace than he did when he was 20. For the past 30 years, he has helped his wife Judy and a small staff answer the needs of over two million students of "A Course in Miracles" around the world. Bill has supervised the translation of the 1,200-page book into 18 languages. He urges everyone to look at their website ( which describes the origins of the course. In his spare time, he is nudging his seventh novel forward. Novels five and six are 90% finished in manuscript; they take our hero (of Bill's first four novels) to the Armistice. Bill grew bored with five and six and set those books aside. Covering the period from 1918 to September, 1931, novel seven, Above the Battleground, is not part of the Born For Flight series. It abandons the airpower theme about mid-novel and spends about 200 pages (eight years) in China, covering the hero's efforts to reconcile his traditional Western values and training about warfare with the Chinese character, Communist People's War and the looming threat from Japan. He says he owes a debt of gratitude to our class forum for its lively debate about counter-insurgency, his abiding interest since he served with Ed Lansdale against the Huks in the Philippines in 1951. Last fall, Bill & Judy launched a website on which they labored for two years. You can take a look by going to , their regular website. When that comes up, you will see a scroll announcing the Archival Website about the early years and spread of A Course in Miracles. The Archival Website includes an extensive array of articles, biog raphies, and photos about their activities for the past 20-some years. You might enjoy the article under Myths and Misinformation, on Bill Thetford and the CIA. In his biography, Bill's basic description of the fundamental ideas of the Course (and their relationship to the 6,000-year old Vedas) is a model of simplification.

Sid & Anne Berry report positively on their five years residency in "Kendal at Longwood," a Quaker-sponsored retirement community located in Pennsylvania's SE corner near Philadelphia and Wilmington, DE. The 400 residents have a variety of backgrounds and professions: DuPont chemical engineers and executives, doctors, lawyers, teachers, preachers, missionaries, artists, musicians, actors, farmers and labor organizers. Many were born in other countries. About 30% are Quaker; some have been wartime conscientious objectors. Although Sid is the community's only professional soldier and Anne is the only Army Wife, they have been warmly received and incorporated into the community. Some residents even call Sid "the Quaker General." It helps, of course, that Anne's paternal Quaker family members have resided in Chester County since 1705 and that Anne was born here and spent many summers here at the Hayes family farm beside Brandywine Creek. That Anne & Sid were married in a Quaker ceremony and habitually use "thee" and "thy" in conversing with each other speeded their integration into the community. Sid & Anne feel that they are in the right place for them at this time and are thankful to be residents of "Kendal at Longwood. " Their son Bryan lives in Joliet, IL; daughter Lynn in Fairfax, VA; and daughter Nan in Wetmore, CO. Of their 12 grandchildren (ages 11–26), four are working, four are in college, one is married and working, one is a Marine, one is a nun, and one is in elementary school.

John Hook '51 published last summer his book: The Leadership Touch: The Search for a Rare Quality. This 70-page paperback uses a number of examples to arrive at the "touch:" the explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton, six leaders from his own experience (one is Wally Williams), and the views of 25 friends. I believe my readers are beyond learning the "touch," having acquired it through practice over your years, but, I was really impressed and think the book should be required reading at West Point and all of our Basic Courses. I wish I had it in hand as a cadet and very young officer as a guide to my developing the "touch." John's write-up on his service with Wally as deputy G-1. IIFF, and then as his deputy when Wally took command of 3rd Brigade, 9th Division in Nam. I would like to have the space to repeat the entire write-up, but space requires I confine it to his summary remarks about Wally: Brave in combat, charismatic in every way, admired and respected by his men. Williams had it all: courage, competence, confidence, integrity, plus an exceptionally deep loyalty and interest in the development and career progress of his subordinates.

That also is the way I remember Wally Williams. Thanks, John, for such a superb example of "touch."

Jim & Sally Macklin produced another great DC class luncheon at the Ft. Mye on 15 Dec 09. Happily seen there were Sam & Alice Cockerham showing no signs of lingering injuries from the very nasty crash at the corner of their street with the main drag. They had the green light, but the Fairfax County bus driver ignored his red light. Rushed to the Fairfax Hospital, Sam received excellent emergency care and once he was stabilized, off to Walter Reed he went for full recovery, although he has had to take it a bit easy when he returned home.

Bev Hall moved from Florida to Pennsylvania. She now is in a house with her daughter Patti, only about four miles from the farm where she & Jim lived a number of years ago. Her new address is 522 Saybrooke Lane, Downingtown, PA 19335; phone: 484-341-8814.

Hank Stelling thoughtfully transmitted an e-mail updating the 149 of us on the web with Ben Eakins' status. Ben is suffering from Cerebellar Atrophy, a neurological disorder which causes loss of motor skills over time. Speaking and walking have been increasingly difficult, and Ben has been in a wheelchair the past three years. He is in the Health Care Unit of Frasier Meadows, Boulder, CO. Son Wynn () passed to Hank details on his dad's condition and will be pleased to pass to his dad any e-mails you send. If e-mail is not your thing, a note of encouragement to Ben at 4950 Thunderbird Drive #G4, Boulder, CO 80303, would be appropriate.

Ashby Foote died on 20 Dec 09 in Denver, CO, from a heart attack suffered over Thanksgiving. Visitation was held at Christ United Methodist Church in Jackson, MS, on 3 Jan 10. A memorial service was held on 4 January at Ashby's Pickynut Hill Farm. Interment will be at West Point. Memorials may be made to the Army Tennis Team through the WPAOG, 698 Mills Road, West Point, NY 10996; to Historic Kenmore, 1201 Washington Ave, Fredericksburg, VA 22401; or to the Gateway Rescue Mission, PO Box 3763, Jackson, MS 39207.

Floyd Allan Johnston passed away on 30 Dec 09 in Greenbrae, CA. He had been in poor health for about a year, and his heart and lungs finally grew tired. His wife Virginia kindly advised Hank Stelling, who passed the information to Irv Schoenberg. A private service, per Allan's wishes, was held on 8 Jan 10. Memorials in Allan's name may be made to Hospice by the Bay, 17 E. Sir Francis Drake Blvd, Suite 100 Larkspur, CA 94939.

John Edwards reported that his wife Eunice died on 8 Jan 10. A small memorial service was held a few days after her death for the family only. A larger service is planned for a later date. Our condolences to you, John.



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Ed Kostyniak wrote of the death of his wife Zoe on 10 Oct 09 and of his third heart attack. Now Ed's son Larry reported his father's death on Christmas Eve, at age 86.

Dan McGurk reported the death, from heart failure, of his wife Shirley, on 23 Dec 09. Dan invited the class to a party in celebration of her life on 14 January at the Newport Harbor Yacht Club, Newport Beach, CA.

Bo Callaway's wife Beth died on 9 Dec 09 after several years of fighting Alzheimer's disease. Ralph & Jeannie Puckett attended the visitation on 11 December and her funeral on 12 December. Interment was at Callaway Gardens.

Bob Estes' wife June died on 28 Dec 09 at age 86. Visitation was on 13 January and her interment in the columbarium at Arlington National Cemetery was on 14 January.

Dan Brooksher died on 2 Jan 10. His next of kin is his wife, Val M. Booksher, 1071 Polo Drive, Marietta, GA 30064.

Ted DeMuro died on 8 Jan 10. His next of kin is his wife, Barbara DeMuro, 158 Michael Drive, Red Bank, NJ 07701.

On 15 Dec 09, Teri Reed had gallbladder surgery after more than a year of going to the ER with chest pains before the correct diagnosis was made. She hopes to sell her townhome in Florida and move to Paradise Valley Estates, CA, near her son and Travis AFB. For more info, go to . Dean Teece's daughter, Deana Perkins, reported her father fell and broke is hip on 12 December. He now is in rehab and can be reached at . Deana takes his email messages to him frequently. Dean's wife Marilyn, his friend from high school days, died on 12 Oct 09.

Ralph Puckett received a call on 3 January from DD Overton's son that his father had fallen and was in the hospital while tests are conducted. A tentative decision to install a cardiac pacemaker awaited confirmation from the doctors involved. The Washington Post reported that Norbert Schmidt's wife and other family members drove from Florida with his ashes for interment in Arlington National Cemetery. As they visited a mall museum, their car was broken into, /among the items stolen was a brass urn containing Norb's ashes. David Bolte reported that full-military-honors (troops, colors, caisson, rider-less horse, band) were held for Norb as scheduled and in the rain. A photo in the 14 November Post shows Norb's wife Donna, and son Norbert, Jr., receiving a folded flag from an unidentified officer. The family hopes Norb's ashes will be returned and have offered a reward.

Dean McCarron reports that Home Depot gives a 10% military discount at checkout when one asks and shows a Retired ID. Joe Gilbreth responded that Lowes offers the same discount when one asks and shows some proof of military status.

Bob Fallon wrote: "I must say the increased frequency of obituaries is disquieting. I write to ask if classmates are familiar with Louis Bayard, the son of our late Lou. The young man is a successful novelist. His most recent work, The Pale Blue Eyes, is set at West Point in 1830. An earlier novel, Mr. Timothy, is also a murder mystery. I thoroughly enjoyed them both."

Clay Buckingham wrote that he & Clara enjoyed every minute of their 26-day trip that started in Bulgaria for an evangelical conference and took them to Greece, Italy, Austria, and Germany. They stayed in five youth hostels, rode 45 trains, one ferry, and three buses. Several stops were to visit friends. Jack Rust called from Mexico, where he & Donna are vacationing, as they have each winter for the past several years. The purpose of the call was to say they were not getting the class weekly bulletin, but they finally realized that was because they had changed their e-mail address. Their new one is . He said they could receive but not send e-mail.

Mo Mathews wrote: "I'm teaching an eight-session class to our self-educating senior's group (here in Denver) on Halbertsam's, The Coldest Winter, the story of the forgotten war in Korea. So that the class could experience, as closely as possible, what an infantryman's life there was like, I invited Jack Madison (the Last Man Out of Saigon) up from Colorado Springs to talk to them. He kept them absolutely enthralled for two hours, and we had to call it quits well before all the questions were answered. 'Suffice it to say that our classmate, Jack, is a great raconteur as well as a good soldier.'"

David Krimendahl, "a lifelong pilot, [his solo flight was at age 16], took his final flight home on 26 Aug 09." A veteran of Korea, Dave was awarded a DFC. Upon discharge from the military, he served as the director of the Indiana State Aeronautics Commission. Then he joined Stokely-Van Camp, where he worked for 28 years, retiring as a vice president. He is survived by his wife Link, three children, and three grandchildren. Jack & Pearl Hayne took a three-week cruise on the Queen Mary 2 in October. From Brooklyn, they circled the British Isles (with a few stops) and returned to New York. He sent e-mail trip reports from the ship. Both seemed to be having a great time. This cruise occurred just after Jack and a former Soviet colonel appeared in a large photo on the front page of Newsday. They had been speakers the previous day at a Cold War Veterans Tribute on Long Island.

A note from Ted Swett's daughter Marjorie reported that Ted was walking the dog on 3 Oct 09 when he fell and fractured his pelvis. At the last report he was getting 24/7 care at home from two ladies who had previously helped take care of Cay. A photo showing Tom & Diane Mackenzie on an elephant was taken last November in Thailand. Tom writes that this was near the Golden Triangle where Laos, Thailand, and Burma meet. He said, "We had been biking earlier in the day. Don't know how Diana changed to a more fashionable outfit."



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Another year gone. Here we are entering our 60th year since graduation. I hope to
see many of you for the reunion in May. There still is time when you read this to sign up. Just contact Win Skelton for details.

As always, we have a ton of cards from all over, for which we thank all of you. Will try to get as many as possible in this column and the next. Meantime there are a number of good photos that I want to share with you.

Out in sunny and warm Southern, CA, Norm & Dahl Hubbard, recently moved to Belmont Springs retirement community, near San Diego, and ran across Jack Hendry. Glad to add to their numbers in the area, Jack arranged for a get-together at Belmont Springs for several of the class and their wives.

Bob & Gwyn Groseclose had a very eventful year. First was the birth of their first great-grandchild, Annabelle Teasdale, in February 2009. In August, granddaughter Charissa Carlin married Brandon Fuhr; and in October, her brother Justin married Lurin Jones. Bob & Martha Morrison also were involved in those weddings and that great-grandchild, since they also are the Teasdales' grandparents. During their travels for the weddings, the Grosecloses had a nice two-day stay with Ray & Lis McCauley at their historic home in Wilmington, NC, built by Liz's grandfather.

John & Ann Wickham sent a photo of themselves with the "working" dog that Ann trains for visits to hospitals and nursing homes. They certainly look like they are enjoying their home in Arizona.

In Melbourne, FL, a bunch of '50 gathered to watch Karl Kuckhahn's tapes of the great football years we had as cadets. The group included Karl & Trudy, Dick & Doy Slay, Dick & Carol Steuart, Ginny & Tom Loper, Francois & Yoshiko Therrien, Bob Hughes, Pete Todsen, Sam & Ruth Stapleton, Joan Shemwell, Lou Dixon, Ding Price, John Howard, Hooper Adams, and Dave Pettit. That was quite a gathering.

In Huntsville, AL, Grayson & Anne Tate are training a new dog Leile, having lost their old dog last year. Grayson still manages to play golf in the low 80's. They were very pleased when Grayson used a pair of his old gold bars to commission their grandson Jon after his graduation as honor grad of the National Guard OCS. Son Randy just retired in Idaho from his job with the U.S. Forest Service after 30 years. Those are happy grins in the photo.

Another s m i l i n g couple is Al & Bettie Crawford. They were able to "tag along" with their kids for a week in Costa Rica, attend a reunion of the 97th Signal Bn, (Al's first unit after graduation), go to the reunion of Tucson HS and generally have lots of family around.

Don't know where Norris & Jane Harrell found those two "birds," but they seemed pleased. Must have been on their trip up to Alabama in September for the birth of their first great-grandchild Tyler, now eight months old.

A quick note from Marge Ritter Hopkins to say that her granddaughter, Julia Marjorie Thorn, had been accepted into the Medical School at Johns Hopkins, one of the premier schools in the country. Marge & Bud split their time between Virginia and Massachusetts, though this year the weather seems to be about the same in both.

Another prestigious honor went to I.I. & Mary Steinberg's son Laurence, a professor at Temple when he won a $1M award for his research on developmental adolescent psychology. He also is a leading scholar on national juvenile justice issues.

On his Christmas card Fred Nickerson told us he had married a fellow camper and was teaching her duplicate bridge. Unfortunately, he did not give her name and I have been unable to find out. In any event, congratulations, Fred!

Sally Scott reports that she & Skip are doing well and that young Skip '74 has retired after 35 years in the Air Force.

Another son retiring is Mark & Gloria Jones' Kevin '84. He was a Senior Petroleum Pipeline officer and commanded the 475th QM Gp. in Iraq and Kuwait.

In Houston, TX, Shirley Thomas moved into a condo "complete with dinner each night." She took all nine of her family to Mexico for a fun Christmas together.

Jerry Monson has donated his class ring to the ring program at West Point in which the rings are melted and mixed with the gold for future classes. Some is saved each year, so one ring goes on forever with some atoms in every ring. Anyone interested can contact Joel Jebb at WPAOG.

For Christmas, Jim & Karin Thompson went out to Santa Barbara, CA, to meet with their U.S. based family. Jim still plays tennis, even with a titanium hip. They are well ahead of most of us in the great-grandchildren area, having five (currently in Paris but due to move to Miami, FL).

Russ & Pris Glenn flew to Singapore in 28½ hours to catch a ship to cruise around Australia. The highlight will be two days with their grandson in Sydney, where he is studying for his MS and Ph.D at U. of New South Wales.

Other visitors to Australia included Tom & Kate Strider in August 2009. En route they had a good visit with Alma Carlisle in L.A. The Striders also had a cruise to the Amazon in March and time at Hilton Head with Walt & Meredith McSherry in October.

Another sailing pair were Bill & Jean Waddell, who chartered a sailboat with three friends during a visit to Greece and sailed themselves across the Aegean and on to Turkey. Turning in the boat, they then toured Turkey, including Ephesus, Istanbul, and other historic places.

A big New Year's Eve party in Patriot's Colony at Williamsburg, VA, under the auspices of Walt & Shirley Adams. Attendees included Leo & Muriel Wegner, Bob & Peg Wilson, Al & Bobbie Paulger, Bill & Betty Curry, Mark & Gloria Jones, and Tillie Smithers (coming up from Norfolk, VA). A great time was had, with the New Year ushered in at nine o'clock.

Macon Fooshe Austin says Thomas A. Austin IV '75 has moved back to Highland Falls to head up the West Point Officers Christian Assn. His son, Thomas A. Austin V, is on the football team at Clemsen as a left guard and "one of the nation's best linesmen."

At every Army funeral at Arlington Cemetery one of the Arlington ladies is present to represent the Chief of Staff. Roy Lounsbury's wife Harriett is one of the ladies and was chosen to assist at the Tomb of the Unknowns on 13 Nov 09. Quite an honor! Incidentally, her granddaughter Samantha graduated from Duke summa cum laude in Engineering.

Unfortunately, we have lost several classmates and wives.

On 17 Oct 09, Lou Leiser died of heart failure in Fairfax City, VA. He is survived by his wife Lisa and by a daughter Terri and two sons Michael and Larry. Lisa lives at 3503 Redwood Ct., Fairfax, VA 22030-1609.

On 26 Oct 09, Mort Ray's wife Alyce died in Columbus, OH. Mort's address is 5307 SW 11th Ct., Cape Coral, FL 33914-7010.

On 3 Dec 09, Jim Ross died in Alexandria, VA, and was buried at West Point. He is survived by his wife Lynne, son Jim, and three daughters: Kathy, Maureen and Marilyn. Lynne's address is 7161 Silverlake Blvd. #207, Alexandria, VA 22315.

On 9 Dec 09, Don Creuziger died in Hospice in Ft. Myers, FL, after a long illness. He is survived by his wife Midge and two children: John and Karen. Midge's address is 10306 Rosemont Ct., Ft. Myers, FL 33908.

On 10 Dec 09, Don Novak died in Bellevue, NE. Don is survived by his wife Jane; four sons: Dan, Don, Jr., Dave, and Dale; and two daughters, Debra and Diane. Jane lives at 1402 Madison St., Bellevue, NE 68005.

On 17 Dec 09, Ray Hansen died of a brain hemorrhage after a skiing accident. He is survived by his wife Mary and nine children: Schatzie, Nancy, Tom, Bill, Kay, Keith, Doug, Steve, and Paul. Mary lives at 11034 130th Ave. NE, Kirkland, WA 98033-4766.

On 2 Jan 10, Lou Dixon died of heart failure in Melbourne, FL. His wife Elaine died in 2006. He is survived by a daughter Pam and a son Jeff. Jeff can be contacted at 1391 Cypress Trace Dr., Melbourne, FL 32940-1623.

Our sympathies go out to all these families. Here's to a great reunion year. Hope to see all of you in May.



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Class Activities. The monthly '51 luncheons continue at the A-N CC on the 3rd Thursday of each month. Give Don Van- Matre a call (703-978-7089) if you can attend. Eighteen classmates attended the luncheon in November. Forty-nine classmates, wives, and widows celebrated the joy of Christmas at the December luncheon. Our thanks to Jake Jacobs and his helpers for another job well done.

Spotlight on the mid-Atlantic and West Areas. George & Pat Gardes attended their grandson, Jake Marsden's,Basic Military Training graduation at Lackland AFB at San Antonio in early November. Jake will train to become a military policeman. George & Pat visited Pat's two sisters and brother-in-law in Corpus Christi before visiting Pat's relatives and George's cousins in Houston. Ed Matney and son Marc visited Egypt and Lebanon in August 2009. They found the pyramids to be awesome. They were wined and dined by relatives in Lebanon and found Beirut to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Joe & Jean Rogers enjoyed a cruise from Port Liberty, NJ, to Boston, Portland, ME, Bar Harbor, ME, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Quebec City, and back last October. In December, son-in-law Mike the Marine was promoted to colonel–daughter Ellen, Mike, and their two boys spent Christmas skiing with Joe & Jean at Bryce Resort in Virginia, where Joe & Jean lived before moving to North Carolina. Son Bill lives on Grand Turk and flies for a small airline. Peyton & Anne Cook are doing fine in the Sandhills of North Carolina. They held their family reunion at Pawley's Island in June and visited the Gettysburg National Battlefield Park in October. Their oldest grandson graduated from Duke in June and is gainfully employed as a computer programmer in Madison, WI. Their second grandson is a "doolie" in the Class of 2013 at the Air Force Academy. He will be the fourth consecutive generation to graduate from either USMA or USAFA.

Pete Prehn reports from Wilmington, NC, that 2009 was a good year. The hurricane season ended in December, and once again they dodged a bullet. The four '51ers in the Wilmington area, Thorsen, Matney, J. Rogers, and Prehn, continue their tradition of meeting once a month for lunch and to exchange data on their various health issues. To date, the four and their brides are doing "above the average."

Billy Joe & Barbara Ellis spent Thanksgiving on a cruise to Nassau with most of their children–most enjoyable (two of their children have died: Chris in an auto accident eight years ago and John from Lou Gehrig's disease three years ago). The other six are in good health and enjoying their families–they have 12 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

Phil Reed spends time with his family in North Carolina and South Carolina, especially over any holidays. Peggy Samotis has had two stents implanted. She is doing well.

Bill & Audrey Malouche spent the Christmas holidays with their family at the Inn on Biltmore Estate in Ashville, NC. Barbara Odderstol visited her daughter-inlaw's family lake home in northern Minnesota last July. She attended the Stockdale wedding at West Point in October and spent Christmas with son Chris and family in Manassas, VA. She plans to have her other knee replaced in January.

John Cousins gathered the news from Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio for Dave Bills, who lost his wife Danielle to leukemia on 6 Dec 09. Dave was very depressed and uncertain about his future plans. John & Mary Cousins continue to enjoy retirement in central Ohio with their son living nearby and daughters in Atlanta and Orlando. Mary is on oxygen constantly because of COPD.

Barney Landry had a 911 ride to the hospital with a blocked artery on 1 Nov 09. The life squad at the hospital installed a stint and had him up eating breakfast by 9 a.m. After a three-day stay, he was released to routine activity.

Bob Snyder and daughters Linda and Sheri and granddaughter April did a fiveday visit to Branson, MO, in June 2009. There were no busloads and only 200 seats filled in a theater that holds an audience of 1,300. He continues to operate his tax business. Daughter Sheri retired from the IRS last year, purchased a tax practice in nearby Huntington, and will help him during the 2010 tax season.

Here and There. Bill & Alice Stockdale hosted the military wedding of their daughter, LTC Theresa Stockdale, USAF, and CMDR Nicholas Homan, USN, at the Catholic Chapel at West Point on 17 Oct 09. Archbishop Edwin F. O'Brien, Archbishop of Baltimore, performed the ceremony. He was a new priest assigned to West Point when Theresa was born and baptized. The reception was held at The Hotel Thayer–eight members of class of '51 were in attendance.

Farewell. Ramsom (Reb) E. Barber died on 24 Oct 09. A viewing was held at the Demaine Funeral Home, Springfield, VA, on 28 October. Funeral services held at the Old Post Chapel, Ft. Myer on 14 Jan 10 were followed by interment in Arlington National Cemetery. Survivors include his wife Claudette; four children: Brooke, Saranne, Alison, and Jeffrey; and five grandchildren: Luca, Sarah, Gabriel, Beau, and Callie.

Betty Jo Cooper Tague Steiger passed away on 16 Oct 09 at her residence in the Fountains Retirement Home in Melbourne, FL. A memorial service was held on 1 November at the Fountains of Melbourne in Melbourne, FL. Betty is survived by her husband Wally; her third son, Kyle (Tara) Tague, step-son Bob (Melissa) Steiger, step-daughter Elizabeth (Jon) Richey; five beautiful granddaughters: Kayla Tague, Stephanie Gillooly, and Emma, Rebecca, and Norma Steiger; a nephew, Wayne Cooper (Cecilia) Barlow; and a niece, Frances Cooper (Will) Brown.

Anne O'Keefe passed away on 18 Oct 09. Services were held at Bay Pines National Cemetery on 30 October 2008. Survivors include her husband Desmond; son David; and daughter Barbara. Son Desmond, Jr., preceded her in death.

Danielle B.Bills died on 6 Dec 09. Survivors include her husband, Da+vid L. Bills; children: Christine V. (Dave) Mannfeld, Alan R. Bills; and grandchildren, Jordan and Rachel Mannfeld.

Anthony J. Delano passed away on 22 Dec 09 at Lord Chamberlain Health Care, Stratford, CT. Memorial services to be announced later. Survivors include his wife Patricia, one brother, two sisters, and three nephews.



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More than 60 classmates and guests attended a Special Class Brunch at the Ft. Myer O Club on 13 Dec 09. The purpose of the gathering was to recognize Dan & Mary Danford for their contribution to the class through the '52 Prayer List. Class President Don Lasher presented Dan & Mary with a letter acknowledging their work with the Prayer List. Excerpts from the letter follow: Since its inception at our 45th Reunion, you both have worked diligently to cultivate our Prayer Network into an extensive communications system involving some 180 active participants.

You have achieved our shared goal of focusing the positive powers of prayer and personal one-on-one contact with classmates, spouses and their families in need of physical and spiritual help. With your extraordinary sensitivity and empathy, you have quietly aided so many of us who are coping with the frustrations and distresses of physical ailment, disability, advancing age, and spousal loss. You have offered this warmth of caring and spiritual support at critical times for 12 years. Your devotion to this duty has required considerable amounts of your personal time as well as significant administrative costs, all of which you have cheerfully given.

With our deepest appreciation and abiding thanks for your devoted service, the Class of '52 has made a contribution in your names to your church, St. Peter's in the Woods. This gift is made in a way that glorifies the Lord, while at the same time it recognizes your good works. Importantly, Dan & Mary, your leadership in the '52 Prayer Network has helped all of us focus spiritual strength at the times when it is most needed. Your good work has been very special to many people.

Congratulations and thanks to Dan & Mary for all that you have done for the Class of 1952.

Regrettably, the class lost three classmates and two spouses in the last weeks of 2009. Tom Ayers died at home on 4 Dec 09 in Columbia, SC, of complications from emphysema. Memorial services followed by burial were held on 8 December at the Northeast Presbyterian Church in Columbia. Mike Boos, Bob McGarry, Don Swygert, Dick Wiles, and Jack Witherell, represented the class at the services.

Mel Young died on 1 Nov 09 at home in Chattanooga, TN, after a long struggle with kidney problems. Graveside services were held on 6 November at the Chattanooga National Cemetery followed by a memorial luncheon at Mizpah Congregation- Reform. Bill Spencer joined the family at the services.

Joe Bulger died on 14 Nov 09 in Miramar, FL. A Funeral Mass was held on 19 November at St. Anthony's Catholic Church, in Fort Lauderdale. On 11 February, following services at the Catholic Chapel and inurnment at the Old Cadet Chapel, there was a flyover of Air Force F-16s from the 104th Fighter Wing, 131st Fighter Squadron, Massachusetts Air National Guard. Luddy Harrison and Art Jackson joined Joe and Pat's extended family at the West Point services.

Ardelle Elliot, Wayne's wife, died on 22 Oct 09 in Tacoma, WA. Ardelle had been in declining health and was in intensive care before her death. Memorial services were held on 25 November at the Assembly of God in Tacoma. Tom & Dottie Cole and Tom McClung joined Wayne and the family at the services.

Betty Parks died on 23 Oct 09 in Springfield, VA, after a lengthy illness. A Funeral Mass was held on 28 October at St. Bernadette Catholic Church in Springfield, with burial in Arlington National Cemetery on 12 November. Joining Gray and the family at the burial services were Craig Alderman, Vince & Ruth Bailey, John Claybrook, Ralph & Carrol Cline, Dan & Mary Danford, Art Deverill, John & Marie Kenney, Bill & Jackie Moore, Larry & Barbara Putnam, John Roosma, John & Loretta Sullivan, Don Swygert, Jack Witherell, and Chuck Youree.

The class extends condolences to the Ayers, Young, Bulger, Elliott, and Parks families.

Bill & Shirley Harrison, Gerry & Rosemary Nabor, and Bill & Joan Schroeder joined Howard & Pat Jelinek for holiday festivities at the Jelinek's home in Jacksonville.

Joyce Himka's husband Ted died of a heart attack on 6 May 09 in Renton, WA. (Joyce is Dick Shea's widow.) Ted was 86. Joyce is survived by two sons, both of whom live nearby. Joyce also reports that she enjoys relatively good health and stays abreast of class activities through ASSEMBLY. The Class extends belated condolences to Joyce and her family.

Jim & Ellen Rodrigues enjoyed a late November 2009 cruise to Hawaii. While in Honolulu, they visited Bob & Diane Ackerson. Jim reports that Bob is recovering well from surgery at Tripler a few days earlier.

Pat Brown, Bill Duncan, Larry & Barbara Putnam, Dick & Vonny Stanier, Don & Betty Swygert, and Chuck Youree joined Jim & Mary Catherine at the McInerney's annual Oyster Fest at Jefferson Island, MD.

Loyd Rhiddlehoover reports that he & Liz enjoyed a two-week cruise from Budapest to the Black Sea in October 2009. The photo was taken near the Black Sea in Varna, Bulgaria.

Bob Craig and Bill Duncan had adjoining seats at the 2009 Army–Navy game. Longevity, Bob reports, is finally bringing some benefits since their seats were in the third row on the 50 yard-line. Although the outcome was disappointing this year, the team showed promise for the future.

Bob & Sally McGarry joined Suzi & Don Weinert for lunch at the Weinert's Lake of the Woods home in late October. Lots of reminiscing, Don reports.

Mark Oliphnt and his extended family enjoyed a VIP tour of Tyndall AFB in October. Ollie was a squadron commander at the Interceptor Weapons School at Tyndall during 1967–69, and his daughters were able to visit the elementary school they attended.

The 2010 Mini-Reunion Williamsburg, VA, 3–7 May. As indicated on 52-discuss and the 2010 Newsletter, the class is holding a mini-reunion in Williamsburg, VA, 3–7 May. The mini has a limited program, which will allow more time for visiting with classmates. Also, there are many interesting attractions in the immediate area. The closing date for reservations at the Woodlands Hotel is 30 March. And if you plan to attend, please contact Dick Stanier at 757-258-3709 so he can send you a packet of maps and related materials.

Hope to see all of you at the mini-reunion!

–Bill Snyder


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Events. In December, classmates in the Washington, DC, area held their annual pre- Army–Navy game luncheon with USNA Class of '53 classmates at The Fairfax, an Army retirement residence near Ft. Belvoir. Fred & Pat Siebert, who live at The Fairfax, made all the arrangements and hosted the event. I am told they did a marvelous job. Following a talk by the Navy Commandant, COL Karl Meyer '84, Director of Civil Engineering, spoke for Army. His address has been described as one for the ages. It was considered so good that, at this writing, plans are in the works to distribute it class wide. On the day of the game, Max & Priscilla Noah hosted their annual pot luck watch party at their home on the Potomac, south of Alexandria. Forty-two classmates, wives, and widows attended, and as usual it was a huge success, even if Army did lose again. Another Army–Navy watch party was held in Aiken, GA, hosted by Sam & Nadine Thomas in their home. It was very well attended and a big success. Last November, our two oldest children, Jim and Betsy, hosted a wonderful 80th birthday party for Nola at Betsy's home in Herndon, VA. The photo shows Nola with Jim's family at the party. Katie, the granddaughter holding her baby, is an Army captain. She did two tours in Iraq with the 3d ACR and holds the Bronze Star. She presently commands the Wounded Warrior Company at Walter Reed AMC. Granddaughter Annemarie is with the State Department, and Christine is a second lieutenant in the Quartermaster Corps.

Passings. As I write these "Notes," I have been informed that our classmate, Raymond J. Eineigl (D-1), died yesterday, 8 Feb 10, at Vista Hospital in Riverside, CA, apparently of complications from his long bout with diabetes. He is to be cremated and interred at West Point. As I learn further details, I will announce them in the next issue.

Around the Class. Bob Glasgow informs me that he has moved from Florida to a retirement community called Plantation Village in Wilmington, NC. Last summer, Bob took a three-week tour of China and reports that the trip was well worth the time. Pete & Regina Bidstrup now spend the winter months at their home in Paradise Valley (Phoenix), AZ, and the warm months in Victoria, BC. Pete & Regina are very active at Arizona State University, as well being actively engaged in the art world and charitable works in the Phoenix area. David & Alice Rice's grandson, David, received an invitation to the Senior Leadership Seminar for prospective candidates at West Point next summer. He currently is a junior at the NC School of Math and Science, on the wrestling team and an Eagle Scout. The Rices had a great lunch in Tampa with Rolfe & June Arnhym and Bud & Jane Zimmer. Dave's family had a surprise 80th birthday for him, with Bill & Ruth Renner attending. Dick & Shirley Durham and Tony & Kathy DeLuca attended the Army–Navy game and toured the sights of Philadelphia.

Ken & Lois Heitzke went to Miami to attend the Sony-Ericsson Tennis Tournament and in November they vacationed in Playa de Carmes, Mexico. Last year, Keith & Trixie Kahl attended several mini-reunions with friends and family in places like Williamsburg, Washington, and North Dakota. Some of the friends included people they had served with in the Army in Germany in the 1950s. Tom & Ann McKenna moved from their home in Montpelier, VT, to a condo in Stowe, VT, near the ski resort. Dick Neu tells me that his family is starting to congregate in Florida with more of his offspring moving there. The Neus themselves moved to a new residence in Venice, FL, in January. Jim Sibley continues to host exchange students from Europe and take them on tours of the western USA. Presently he is hosting students from Germany and Norway who are attending Midlothian HS. At this writing, Paul & Ruth Tomlingson are enjoying an extended stay in New Zealand, visiting children and grandchildren. Jim & Nell Pigg were able to enjoy Christmas with their whole family in Shalimar, FL. Al & Sally Mathiasen recently returned from a two-week tour of Costa Rica with Overseas Adventure Travel. They had a great time, according to Al. Last year, Neal Creighton was one of ten delegates from the U.S. to travel to Havana, Cuba, for three days of meetings with Cuban officials on natural disasters, specifically hurricanes. The delegation was led by LTG Russ Honore, who headed the Katrina Task Force. Neal was able to take Jo Ann with him and enjoy the attractions of Havana.

60th Reunion. Bud Tardiff, our Reunion Chairman, asks me to announce that the 60th Reunion will be held 25–27 Apr 13 at West Point. We finally made it into the Hotel Thayer–it has set aside 120 rooms for us, and all our activities will be there.

It is unusual, but I received more photos than I could use. So if you miss seeing your photo, be patient, it will appear. Have a great spring!



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Bob Badger's grandson, Andrew Smith, graduated from the University of Santa Clara in June 2009 and was commissioned as a 2LT in the Army Corps of Engineers in the California National Guard. He is presently employed in the Western District of the Corps of Engineers as a GS-12.

Gus Freyer was surveying the local snow-covered mountains during the recent holiday season, when he thought about last summer when he tried a different activity on Pikes Peak. Thought some bikers in the class might be interested. With a group from the AF Academy recreation organization, he rode a bike down the Peak road. The attached photo shows the road, the scenery, and Gus. Note the distant road in front of the tire. From the peak to Cascade on highway 24, it was a 20-mile ride with 12.5 miles on gravel. Except for two sections, one about a mile in length, it was all severely downhill–elevation change is over 6,700 feet. A couple of times he exceeded 40 mph. With many hairpin switchbacks on gravel, he almost wiped out twice. Note there are no guard rails. In retrospect, he thinks perhaps it was not smart to go so fast, but it was a spectacular ride, and he highly recommends it.

Bill Frier's eulogy for our classmate, BG Ken Bell, who died on 11 Sep 09, was given at the Air Force Academy. In his eulogy, Bill noted that every flag in the Nation was flying at half mast in honor of our fallen heroes, which includes Ken. Bill also noted that "every year in the future our flags will again fly at half mast–and we will remember you, and salute you–as we salute you today."

A few days later, Bill's wife Sally called him to see on a large window above their front door a large impression of a dove with outspread wings. Bill wished us to believe that it was a message from an old fighter pilot telling his family, his friends, his classmates, and his comrades in arms: "I'm doing fine, and now I'm flying on the wings of a dove."

Dick Littlefield's oldest grandson, Richard O. Littlefield, 2LT, USMC, is currently in the second half of the basic officer course at Quantico, VA. He graduates in March and then will attend his branch school (as yet undetermined) prior to his first operational assignment.

Don Panzer and his youngest son David climbed their third "Fourteener" in Colorado on 22 Aug 09: Grays Peak at 14,270 feet. The 3,200-foot ascent under a beautiful blue sky, was a bit more rugged than the previous two peaks: Mount Bross in September 2008 at 14,172 feet and Mount Bierstadt in September 2007 at 14,060 feet. Of course, Don at 77 is two years older than when he made his first climb. He moved to Colorado 25 years ago, so he wishes he had started earlier with the "Fourteeners," since he may not conquer all 54 peaks over 14,000 feet. Apparently he needed a push from his son, who moved to Colorado a few years ago.

Hopefully, next year it's Quandary. No, that's the name of the peak, not his state of mind.

Floyd Siefferman has had an eventful time the past several months. In the second week of March, his 1996 Subaru Outback was totaled when a large SUV ran through a traffic light from his right front. He has no recollection of the air bags going off (they did), since he lost consciousness briefly. He has recovered, but the Subaru did not. In the second week of October 2009, an airplane crashed into the side yard of his home. His house sits on the edge of a glacial moraine, and the point of impact was actually about 20 feet below the lowest level of the house. Floyd called 911 and reported the incident and that the plane was on fire. Using two fire extinguishers, his son and daughter almost extinguished the fire when the extinguishers were exhausted and the fire rekindled with the pilot still in the plane. Using an axe and a pick, they were able to extract the pilot, who suffered several broken ribs, but he recovered. He is a retired Northwest Airlines pilot who was flying a twin engine Navion. Floyd recently confirmed that his grandmother on his father's side was the daughter of one of the captors of Jefferson Davis. Floyd comes from a line of military engineers–his maternal grandfather served in the British Royal, his father in the Corps of Engineers in WWI, and he as a combat engineer in the Korean War.

Barbara & Herald Stout took most of their family to Alaska this past summer for ten days so Lida, their daughter, who was born at Ft. Richardson, could visit the place of her birth. One granddaughter who couldn't make it is at Fordham, another is in Spain doing her junior year in high school. She is picking up the language rapidly with all classes in Spanish. Their eldest grandson started his sophomore year at George Mason University, while their twin grandchildren are in fast learning programs in fifth grade. Their son Hall, III, still is in the financial investment business in Steamboat Springs CO, doing fine. Barbara & Hal report they are doing well for old folks.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and that a Happy New Year will be enjoyed by us all.



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President's Corner–Carl McNair. You should have your bags packed for the 55th for '55–where we will reflect on our years of service, camaraderie, and support of our alma mater. Sadly, 35 members of our class have departed our ranks since the 50th. We hope that you will join us as we honor all in our Memorial Service and the march to Thayer Monument.

Since the big five-oh, our bonds have grown stronger yet, with local and international trips together, regional luncheons, the Texas mini-reunion, establishment of our Widow's Support Program, formalizing the Caring Fund, and endowing the '55 Memorialization Program so that "No Classmate is Left Behind." Our Local Classmate Assistance SOP has facilitated detailed support and assistance for family members in time of need to insure that '55 is there to answer the final roll call for every classmate.

Our class structure, communications, and contacts are without peer; the finest website and internet link of any we know, class roster, bio files, pictures of every classmate and families as submitted, eulogies, and archives all available at the touch of a button and preserved for posterity. Let me thank our seven elected officers and 15 committee chairman and their spouses for their diligence, loyalty, and commitment. We will recognize them and you appropriately at the 55th; but for those unable to attend, I wanted you to share my gratitude to them for a "job well done. "

Year end found your EXCOM meeting on 10 December, to wrap up reunion planning and budgeting. We are estimating at least 300 attendees at the Park Ridge Marriott, where we will be the only class in residence for those four days, so please reach out to all, including our widows and affiliated family members for our–"FOCUS ON FIFTY-FIVE."

The Class of 2005, our 50-year affiliation class, is planning their 5th Reunion for the fall. Many of their 936 members now are on the Staff & Faculty, so we will have a chance to learn of their service a half century behind us. When we had our 5th Reunion, the Class of 1905 was holding their 55th. Seems like only yesterday, 28 May 2005, that Todd Graham and committee were presenting "Gold Bars" to the new grads at Michie Stadium.

Our Nomination Committee, under the leadership of Chairman Ed Trobaugh, our Immediate Past President, ably supported by Dick Auer, Bill Haas, Bill Hadly, Tom Phillips, Fred Pirkey, and Dave Wheeler, have completed their deliberations. We owe them a debt of gratitude for proposing a well balanced and dedicated leadership team to serve our class over the next five years. Voting is scheduled for 17 May at the Reunion.

Excerpt from the Nominating Committee Report. Nominations: President, Charlie Johnson; VP, Jim Drummond; Secretary, Don Andrews; Historian, Dan Ludwig; Treasurer, Jim Bergen; Info Systems Officer, Jack Campbell; and Scribe, Jim Ryan.

55th Reunion Update. Rich Cardillo wants to emphasize: (1) the importance of responding to the letter with the reunion details mailed in January; (2) we will be recognizing Father Oscar and other deserving classmates; (3) the change in class leadership that will occur at the reunion, and hopefully; (4) strong attendance of our class widows and members of families of deceased classmates.

From the Medical World. Jack Campbell passed the news on 8 Jan 10 that Dave Patton had just entered Beaumont Army Hospital with a massive heart attack. He will be undergoing bypass surgery as soon as his kidney functions permit. Jim Brokenshire reported on 7 Jan 10, "As we begin the New Year, and I am in the middle of my fourth round of chemo and feeling better than I have since August, Shirley and I believe it appropriate to thank all of you who have held us in your prayers. While not out of the woods, we see positive signs of improvement in my as yet mysterious ailment. " Jack Campbell reported on Lo Dienst, "Lo is back home from the hospital and getting stronger. She appreciates the prayers said on her behalf and asked me to thank the class … Her kidneys are starting to function, her nausea is under control, and antibiotics are beating the infection down … She says she is amazed at what a good caregiver Danny has become!" Jack Campbell on his knee replacement. He is recovering quickly and can't wait to get the full use of his new knee. Ed Zaborowski reports that Jane has overcome multiple infections and may be able to have her colostomy reversed soon.

Class of 1955 Prayer List: Jim Brokenshire, Don Buchwald, Phil Bouchard, Frank Chura, Lo Dienst, Frank Donald, Mary Joe Donald, John Gamble, Ken Ikeda, John & Anne Macdonald (Skip's son and daughter-in-law), Jack McAuslan, Jo Ann McNair, Veronika Meekison, Bob Millard, Dave Patton, Chuck Steinman, Jill Wiegand, and Jane Zaborowski.

Social Scene. Class of '55 members, spouses, and friends from the National Capital Region met at the Army-Navy CC in Arlington, VA, on 6 Dec 09 for the annual Christmas Brunch: Ed & Betsy Anderson, Nancy Bishop, Norm & Barb Blahuta, Val Bundren, Bob & Marly Carpenter, Jim & Nancy Cutchin, Jack Doyle, Connie Franklin, Ted Gay, Bud & Dorothy Goldstein, Don & Carla Hilbert, Dan & Donna Ludwig, Dan & Anne Malone, Greta Masson, Rich & Mary Ann Miller, Bill & Joan McCulla, Carl & Jo Ann McNair with their guests Myrna Williamson & Jane Merryman, Dave & Cyndy Mc- Nerney, Mary Monahan, Bob Russell, Jim & Pat Ryan, Matt & Betty Schepps, Earl & Margit Singer, John & Ruth Sloan, Bob & Pat Strati, Dan Troyan with his daughter Danielle, Ted & Starla Vitori, Dick & Sandy Wargowsky, and Tom West. Class President Carl McNair gave everyone an update on the class since the 2008 brunch. John Sloan took the photographs published on the class webpage. Matt Schepps, Dick Wargowsky, and Norm Blahuta were in charge of the luncheon.

Class of '55 folks in the Austin, TX, area had their seventh annual New Year's Day gathering at P.F. Chang's. Seventeen '55ers showed up for a good meal and a great time. To help celebrate, they had hosts Jack & Paula Campbell; Sandy Sanderson & Maren Palmer who drove in from Temple, George & Jan Kennebeck, Norm & Barb Blahuta who drove up from San Antonio where they were visiting their daughter, Jim & Mary Helen Cooper who drove down from Harker Heights near Ft. Hood, Bob & Mary Blitch, Tom & Sue Weaver who drove up from Universal City near San Antonio, Dick & Carol Baker from Sun City, and Roberta Stone. Jack McCloskey & Judy report that their whole family gathered in the Hudson Valley to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on 13 Aug 09. Besides Jack & Judy, family members attending were: daughter Judy, Sara and her son MacKenzie, John & Vickie, Marianne & Owen, Patrick & Cynthia with daughter Kristin. They visited the Academy for the Acceptance Day Parade, the Catholic Chapel where Jack & Judy renewed their marriage vows, Newburgh, Beacon, Manhattan, stopping at the Empire Building to see a plaque honoring Judy's father (an outstanding craftsman who participated in the erecting of the structure), and toured Ground Zero.

Taps. On 28 Oct 09, in Hewlett, NY, West Point lost a Distinguished Graduate, and the Class of '55 lost one of its own: Herbert S. Kelly Lichtenberg. Kelly was laid to rest in the West Point Cemetery on 30 October.

Dempsie A. Davis, Jr., died on 4 Nov 09 in Spartanburg, SC. Interment will be at the Air Force Academy Cemetery on 1 Jul 10.

Raymond A. Karam passed away peacefully in Reston, VA, on 27 Nov 09. A Memorial Mass was held at St. John Neumann RC Church in Reston on 5 December. As of this writing, Ray was to be buried in Arlington Cemetery on 5 Feb 10.

Wynne B. Stern, Jr., passed in Boca Raton, FL, on 4 Dec 09. The interment service for Wynne was held at the West Point Jewish Chapel 14 December after an earlier memorial service in Florida. Wynne is interred in the West Point Cemetery.

Reed L. Stone went to his reward on 6 Dec 09 in Austin, TX. Services for Reed were held on 15 December at the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd in Austin, after which he was buried in Austin Memorial Cemetery.

The Long Gray Line of us Stretches…

–Jim Ryan

Substituting for Chuck Roades


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Crossing the Bar. Sadly, I must report the death of three of our class members. Tom Hanson (I-1) died on 7 Nov 09 after an extended illness at the Northeast Georgia Medical Center. Funeral services were held at the Memorial Park Funeral Home with interment in the Memorial Park Cemetery.

Ernie Wilson (M-2) passed away on 15 Nov 09 at his home in Novato, CA, after a long battle with cancer. Funeral services and burial are scheduled at Arlington Cemetery on 5 April. May Glenn, beloved wife of Charlie, died on 1 Dec 09 after a threemonth valiant fight for her life. The COPD she was struggling with was joined by double pneumonia and finally heart failure. A memorial service was held at the Church of the Ascension in Clearwater, FL, on 12 December. At the time of this writing, the funeral and burial services were scheduled at Arlington Cemetery on 25 February. To the families and friends, we share your loss of loved ones. And to our classmates we say, "Well done, be thou at peace."

Class Activities. Gene Lynch elected President, 11th Airborne Division Association on 16 Sep 09 in Branson, MO, at its 66th Reunion. Gene is looking forward to the many cha l lenge s he will face over the next two years. Gene, along with 25 other classmates, selected the 11th Airborne Division as their first unit of choice after graduation. We wish him well!

Ernie Wilson's Surpr is e Bir thday Party. We all know that Ernie Wilson could party with the best of them, and he didn't let his cancer slow him up in that regard. A surprise 77th birthday party was conceived and engineered by a dear friend, Marty Wickenheiser, with able assistance from Ren Hart.

The date was 17 Oct 09 (Ernie's birthday), only three weeks before his death. Several West Coast '56ers, along with many of Ernie's family members, neighbors, and friends were in attendance. Our classmates included Chuck & Mariel Gorlinski, Ren & Barb Hart, Fred Fogh, and Yvonne Mitchell, Bob Barrett and Diana Lennon, and George Young. Ernie was genuinely surprised and loved every minute of the festivities, fellowship and food. He told everyone that his 77th would be a birthday long remembered. (Thanks to Bob Barrett for reporting from the West Coast.)

Members of A-2 held their annual "Runt Reunion" (Jerry Burcham's words) at Orange Beach, AL, October 19–23. Highlights included visits to the Naval Aviation Museum, observing a practice flight demonstration by the Blue Angels, and visiting an Irish pub in Pensacola. The main highlight, however, was the opportunity to once again spend quality time with old friends and rehash stories of cadet days and thereafter. Attendees were Jerry & Lillian Burcham, Woodie & Peggie De- Leuil, Gene Eastburn, Bill & Nancy McPeek, Skip & Frances Ross, and George & Barbara Woods. Those in attendance said that the sick, lame, lazy and infirmed missed a great time.

Duty, Honor, Country. Our own Jack Nicholson was decorated with a belated Silver Star for his "Gallantry in Action" in 1963 in Viet Nam while he was serving as an adviser to a South Vietnamese unit. The ceremony was held on the Parade Field at Ft. Myer at 1000 hours on 28 Oct 09. LTG Jack Cushman, U.S. Army (Ret.), pinned the medal on Jack. LTG Cushman was Jack's commander during the action in Viet Nam. Following the awards ceremony, a reception was held at the Ft. Myer O Club. Congratulations, Jack.

Fall Activities. Fall didn't seem to slow down the Class activities. We just found some warm buildings and moved inside. Paul & Rita Winkel and Bob Quackenbush continued their dominating play in the volleyball arena. At St. George, UT, in the World Volleyball Championships, Paul' 73s team with Bob Quackenbush won Gold World Championships. His 76s team won Silver. Rita's 60s team came in fourth and her 65s team came in for the Bronze. Paul said that he played 33 games in eight days and afterwards lived in the hot tub. Way to go, gang.

Viet Nam Wall. 1 Nov 09 found us at the Viet Nam Wall on our annual pilgrimage to honor our classmates. Fifty-three were in attendance, to include relatives of our fallen classmates. After the services at the wall we re-assembled at the OOM at Bolling AFB to renew old friendships over a brunch. It was a great day.

Army–Navy Pre-Game Luncheon. Continuing with annual festivities, we joined the Class of '56 from Annapolis on a friendly basis before the playing of the game. We were the hosts this year, and we were fortunate to hear the comments of BG Jack Nicholson (a class son) on the situation in Afghanistan. It was an interesting

Dinner/Dance. The highlight of our annual social events came with the Sixth Annual Holiday Party on 17 Dec 09. This lavish dinner/dance was held at the Army Navy CC in Arlington. One hundred and twelve people from 15 states attended, and a great time was had by all. Our thanks to Kay Sullivan, Bob Quackenbush, Bill Cody, and Tom Griffin for all of their efforts on behalf of the class. We thank you and say "Well done. "

Well, that's it. I am finishing up my column this time during the middle of "Gloom Period." It could be worse; I still could be a cadet in Gloom Period. By the time you read this, it will be April and I will be on my motorcycle. Until the next column, may the Armored Force be with you.



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As a follow-up to the last column I am providing some additional information on the deaths of Steve Place and Lee Wilson. We learned of Steve's death when his son, Carl Place contacted Tom Kehoe after receiving a letter from Tom that was forwarded to him. He wrote, "I'm very sorry to inform you that my father (Stephen B Place) passed away on April 20th of this year. Your letter arrived in my mailbox today, forwarded from my father's address in Fresno, CA… I know my father was a proud member of the class of 1957." In a subsequent message Carl wrote that Steve passed away in Arlington, VA, after a long illness. His ashes were scattered on the evening of Saturday May 9, 2009 off the coast of San Diego, CA. His family was in attendance. Lee Wilson's wife, Sandra, informed Don Stackhouse that Lee died on 30 Oct 09 at home as a result of "internal hemorrhaging." Lee's remains have been cremated and will repose in Hot Springs, AR, until the Spring of 2010 when Sandra will make arrangements for a memorial service and interment at West Point. The Class will be advised when the arrangements for the memorial service have been completed. Don noted that he and Lee were close friends and "Over the years of our post West Point lives Lee and I have been like brothers and my academy twins know him only as "Uncle Lee." I extend our sincere condolences on behalf of the Class to the families of Steve and Lee.

I am deeply saddened to report the death of the wives of three classmates, Annette Miklinski, wife of Tony Miklinski, Peggy Miller, wife of Don Miller (and sister of Fletch Elder), and Joan Cooper, wife of Jack Cooper. I was informed by Jim Knight and Bill Echevarria that Annette died on 21 October at St. Anthony's Hospital in Seminole, FL, after a year-long battle with cancer. Tony & Faye were married in Mainz, Germany, in 1962. Wade Shaddock informed me that Peggy died on 18 November after a long battle with cancer that started as a breast cancer and spread to the bone, lung and brain. There was a memorial service on 28 November at the All Saints Episcopal Church in Corpus Christie, TX. Jack reported that Joan also died on 18 November. She had a sudden heart attack and died in the local ER. They had a memorial service on 25 November and will arrange for her interment at W.P. in the late spring. Jack & Joan dated since before he entered W.P. and were married for 52 years. I extend our sincere condolences on behalf of the Class to Tony, Don and Jack, and to their families.

As many of you know, Tom Kehoe has initiated a major effort in support of John Holland to complete obits for our deceased classmates in the AOG TAPS magazine. I am assisting Tom and we have contacted individuals in each company to lead the effort. Actually, it's also oriented towards getting each of us (who are still able) to draft an obit for future use, whenever that may be. I hope you will all join the program when you hear from your company rep. For those of us who are optimists and are looking forward to our 55th Reunion, the reunion dates for 2012 have now been released by USMA and the AOG. "Thus, the grad week reunions for the Class of 1937, 1942, 1947, 1957, and 1962 will be 20–23 May 2012." Start planning!

Continuing to look at the future optimistically, Joe Tedeschi wrote with very positive news. "This old grad has found himself with his shirt front hanging loose because all the buttons have popped off! Just received word from my daughter, Marly, that her daughter (Katie Collins, 95 pounds soaking wet) received an appointment to West Point from Senator Dodd from the State of Connecticut. Not sure how she will handle the 40 pound rucksack, but she is already anticipating the challenge and will work on it this summer. She placed 37th in All New England cross country meet last Saturday in a field of 260 in miserable conditions of rain and mud (just hours before she interviewed with Dodd's staffer). West Point track coach has her lined up for the track team and has been working with her for the past year. Four grandsons and one granddaughter, and this little slip of a girl has just busted all the buttons off her grandfather's shirt front! Had to share the news with those of you who would understand. Grip hands" Congratulations, Joe and, of course, Katie.

Back to the past. Don & Lucy Kutyna took lots of pictures at the A/AF game and I have included two here. He noted "The Army team really did great for the first half. Then, I guess the Air Force coaches figured out what to do in the 3rd and 4th quarters… Beautiful day in Colorado. Sixty degrees, but windy–which affected Army's kicking and passing. Sold out stadium, with lots of troops from Fort Carson hosted free. USMA brought four companies of cadets–lower right side of the field." In spite of the final score, it looks like our classmates had a great time at Don's house after the game.

Ken Parker, Jim Woolnough, and Jack Person attended the A/UNT game and got to see a win. Ken wrote, "It was a great finish for us. We didn't see any other classmates there." However, Ken Bryan also attended and got to savor the victory. Hank Hatch captured a small, but very unique gathering at WP. "A rare and most likely the last time three members of '57 will serve on the WPAOG Board (Bill Ray) and the WPAOG Advisory Council (Ted Voorhees and Hank Hatch) at the same time. This picture was taken at a dinner for both groups at West Point on 6 November. Don't they look distinguished?

John Follansbee has now wrapped up his active duty tour and provided a very interesting recap. "I have returned to Great Britain and am on terminal leave before I return to the retired list. I returned from my brief stint in Iraq in late September. We managed to make preparations for the return of the 172d BCT from a mental health perspective. I led a team of 5 down. We briefed every command from company level up and ended up seeing about 25% of soldiers on their return of whom about half required at least a second visit. I was Chief, Behavioral Health, Bavaria MEDDAC. I had 36 days of leave plus travel time. So, after the farewell I drove to Cologne then to Calais, and took the Chunnel to England and then home. I managed to make my old knees older by helping load helicopters in Iraq. Just trying to be one of the boys. So before we move to Scotland in January I will have arthroscopic surgery on both knees. Seven days later I become retired again. All in all, it was a very demanding stint but also enormously rewarding. I grew professionally. Perhaps I am 'in denial,' but I feel at the top of our game. I suppose that I will be the last guy in the class to stand down. It's a good army, and I think getting pretty tired. I hope that the Afghanistan 'surge' will not drag on. We need to pause, reconfigure, rest a bit, train and refit, not necessarily in that order. I sense that there will be a lot to do over the next two decades…. It is strange. I catch myself still thinking the 14th Infantry and the 25th Infantry Division at my army home." Thanks, John, for your service and your recap.

Sam Morthland, who is our travel agent for the October (13–20) 2010 River Cruise on the Danube, also organized a mini-reunion for three H-2 files in San Antonio 17–21 Oct 09. It included a 40-minute cruise on the San Antonio River between the hotel and a restaurant. Sam said, "On Sunday, we hit the Randolph AFB Club for their famous Sunday Brunch–caught a production of EVITA, then on to Gruen on the Guadeloupe River via a most circuitous route among the interstates (i.e. I got lost). Breakfast/brunch at Guenther's German Restaurant in the King William District." A busy weekend.

Bill Huckabee has been keeping the class up-to-date on Jerry Scott and sent the latest update on 6 January. "[Jerry] is finally back to his old self. …Progress at the Mayo Clinic in Jax has been very good: they have successfully treated the poisoning with anti-biotics–got it down to almost negligible levels. Still some uncertainties as to its origin and location, but J is well enough to return to Columbus tomorrow. He will remain in his local infirmary for a while. The old boy is still strong as an ox." Good news! Got a lovely card, holiday letter, and picture from Rich & Pat Daluga. They said, "This was a good year for us, but growing old for ain't for sissies!" Amen to that. Rich turned 75 in July and, as a deacon, had to submit a letter of retirement to the Bishop in Worcester, MA. However, Rich is young at heart and requested a waiver that was granted by the two Bishops making the decision. Rich & Pat followed up with a "vacation of a lifetime," an Alaskan cruise with a land tour in August 2009. They invite all to come by and see their 400 pictures. The picture here was taken during their side trip (by Otter) to Mt. McKinley. Since you're still a deacon, keep on praying for us, Rich.

Russ Ramsey wrote about an interesting experience and posed a question. He helped an 82-year old Merchant Marine veteran of World War II to get his medals and awards that were never presented 63 years ago. Russ said it was very satisfying, and now the Merchant Marine guys are being invited to the veterans' organizations all around south central Florida. Word gets around, and an Army widow was told Russ is the go-to guy for medals that didn't happen. Specifically, this lady thinks her husband, a deceased US Army retiree, was never presented with some awards because his records were burned in the famous "St. Louis Reserve Center" fire about 30 years ago. Russ is a source of data or routes to data for those persons affected by the fire. If anyone has a contact, some personal knowledge, or an angle that would work, please contact Russ. The widow is a grand gal and he'd love to help her. That's it for this column. I'd like to acknowledge the cards and letters I received from classmates during the holiday season, and include some extracts, but Assembly length constraints preclude me from doing it. I'm considering putting some of the info out on the Forum or to a broader list if there is interest. Please send me an email with your preference. Hope you're having a good year.



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174th Column–10 January for the Apr-Jun 2010 ASSEMBLY. My wake up call for this submission was receiving the Jan-Mar ASSEMBLY a few days ago.

2 Jul 09. From George Lawton: Betty Miller's "daughter died suddenly yesterday (2 July). She had a cut on her leg that became infected and turned into sepsis (a serious blood poisoning). The doctors subsequently determined she had leukemia–all within a day or two. She died at Arlington Hospital. The family is holding a private memorial service tomorrow. She will be cremated and buried with her grandparents in Pennsylvania." Our prayers and sympathy are with Betty & Lee.

18 Jul 09. From B2 CCQ Karl Oelke: "Linda Spencer (called) yesterday notifying me that Floyd's mother, Ruth Spencer, died on 18 July. The memorial service (was) held in Holliday, TX. Linda also said that she remarried on 4 July, to a friend of long standing, Weldon Steen. Floyd III gave her away, and Howard and Ruth Ann also were there. Her new name will be Linda Spencer-Steen." Scribe adds: Linda was very involved with Floyd's mother over the many years since his death on 31 Jan 68 in Viet Nam. Linda came to at least one of our May services at the Viet Nam Memorial for classmates.

27 Oct 09. Pat Mellin L2 died after a long battle with dementia. His daughter Kathy Mellin Grubbs, ex-'81, and the rest of his six adult children, their spouses and grandchildren were close when Pat died. His son Jae escorted Pat to our 50th Reunion to the great joy of classmates, especially his L2 company mates. Pat joins Linda (died 1 May 98) in a better place. Robert Higgins L2 CCQ attended the services in Minneapolis-St. Paul and Pat's burial in Ft. Snelling National Cemetery on 2 Nov 09. A call to Bob Shellenberger just before the class meeting at the Tucson mini-reunion notified the class about Pat's death, and L2 added him to the Roll Call.

27 Oct 09. Mike Riordan H2 died in San Antonio. After the Tucson minireunion, John Soper checked with Mike's wife Dolores to see how Mike was doing–and learned about his death and burial at Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery on 30 Oct 09. Dolores came from San Antonio, which strongly influenced their decision to retire there. Mike came to an H2 company reunion hosted by John & Suzy in San Antonio a few years before the mini-reunion there in October 2004. Mike's health would not permit his attending the class functions at the mini, but he did make the H2 dinner–last time many of his company mates saw him. We H2 files are grateful for John Soper's staying in touch with Mike & Dolores.

1 Nov 09. From D2 CCQ Paul Ruud: "Pat Bowen died this morning. I spoke to (her daughter) Elisa this afternoon. I (sent) the D-2 Flag in Priority Mail to Elisa." To explain Elisa's role, Frank's first wife Anne pre-deceased him on 30 Sep 92. Married 33 years, Anne & Frank had no children. When Frank & Patricia were married in May 1993, he gained a wonderful stepdaughter, Elisa. When he died on 27 Sep 00, his DD214 was AWOL and he did not get the military honors due a colonel (USAR, Ret.). Elisa and Pat worked hard with V.A. to correct this oversight.

"Frank's Military Honors at the cemetery were on 31 Oct 09. It went well and they said an eagle soared over the grave! Pat was too weak to attend. The family did, and Elisa accepted the flag. (The next day, Elisa) laid the flag on her mother's lap, put her hands on it and explained what was done. Elisa said she felt Pat was holding on for Frank's Military Honors." Thank you, Elisa, from all of Frank's classmates!

7 Nov 09. Frank Smith M1 died. Info from his wife Anne: "Frank died yesterday afternoon at home from complications of renal cell cancer. He was very peaceful, in no pain and NO drugs. I was with him the whole day just talking softly to him. The atmosphere was serene, his favorite operas and the West Point Glee club playing softly in the background. I truly felt that the room was full of angels waiting to lift him up. He wished to be cremated with burial at a later date when all four children (who all live away) can get together. He wants a Catholic Mass at time of burial in his hometown of Eunice, LA. He will be buried by our daughter Maggie . . . . The children and I would like the class flag, if that is possible . . . . Thank you so much, Anne Smith"

22 Nov 09. Jae Stanton L2 died of complications from MDS (a blood disorder). Annie had a service at their parish church, St. Peter's Episcopal Church, in Skidaway Island, GA, on 30 Nov 09. Classmates attending included company mates were Bob Shellenberger, Stan Snipes and Rollie Peck plus Dale Hruby, Roger Waddell, Jack Halsey, Chuck Hansult and Doug Sedgwick. Ernie Ruffner '56 attended as well. Ernie was the L2 Cow who insured that Plebe Jae was assigned to L2. Jae's final P-rade at Arlington will be on 8 Feb 10 at 1300. Many of us last saw Jae in Savannah where he and son Jim (a hotel industry pro) were instrumental in helping Roger Waddell with the class mini-reunion in May 2006. Jae joins his roommate Pat Mellin in the ghostly assemblage.

28 Nov 09. D2 CCQ Paul Ruud from Steve Miller, son of Ray & Norma: "My Mom passed away last evening (28 Nov 09) in the same assisted-living/nursing home in which dad (died) in August. They were married on 5 Jun 58 at the Cadet Chapel, so were married 51 years this past June. Given mom's Vascular Dementia and Type 1 Diabetes, it was actually a blessing that she passed so rapidly and peacefully. I am truly glad that my parents are no longer in pain . . . and are together again in a better place now . . . . After dad's passing, I received phone calls and letters from you, Lee Miller, and Tony Smith. Paul, thanks so very much for your correspondence and support."

Classmates attending Ray's burial on 19 Aug 09 included Bill Miles, Herb Johnson, Hank Bielinski, Rich Clements, Ken Lager, and Dave Turner. The burial was full Masonic ritual, recognizing Ray's being a 32nd degree Mason.

12 Dec 09. Sad news from Joe McElroy H2 that Mary Melnik, wife of Bill A1, died. Her memorial service was on 19 Dec 09 followed by a reception at Bill's home.

3 Jan 10. From Jerry Mitchell C1 CCQ: "From Mike Tierney, Jack Tierney's son. Jack died at home a short time ago. . . Jack was a great friend and classmate, and we will miss him. Jack & Marie are in our prayers." In the weeks before Christmas, Mark Sigurski spent a week with Jack followed by Bud Moentmann for another week followed by son Mike. The 173rd had a photo of C1 files and Gonzos at South Padre Island with Jack in May. SPI was the scene of our third class mini reunion, courtesy of Jack & Marie. Jack reminded me that losing a Mariachi Band for the SPI dinner gave birth to the Gonzos.

Jerry Lewis' son Charles was in an accident on 12 Sep 09: "Son Charles is much better, home after 31 days and the day before we got to his place in Tehachapi. Walks with his left leg in a brace, walker and sometimes a chest brace for breaks in vertebrae. Has headaches, and kids' noise seem to bother him. Not ready for work yet. (Charles met a number of classmates) at Gary Kosmider's funeral. He lived in Bisbee, AZ, at the time, and Gary had lunch in his diner once a week when on grand jury. Also Chas attended the 2005 SF mini-reunion at Pony Tracks Ranch (tank museum); he was even pictured in the 50-Year Book, but not identified." On behalf of the class, we are glad that he is doing better. Sorry you & Barbara had to miss the Tucson mini-reunion.

My apologies to George Lawton and others who asked your Scribe to hold down sad news. I tried.

Perpetual Endowment Fund. From Treasurer Meg Roosma '85 (daughter of Garry & Jill): "It's been two weeks since the last MB check arrived (March Back pledges for hikers Ed Weckel, Wally Ward and Will Collett), so I feel safe in concluding: 10 donors, $972.24 total. Separately, I received $1,125 from three other donors over the summer (one for $1,000), unrelated to the MB. Take care! Meg"

Offspring Deployed. "COL Will Merrill III '83, son of Will & Barbara, C-1, and his daughter, 1LT Jeanell (OCS '07), are both in Iraq. Bill commands a mobile training team near the Iranian border, and Jeanell is a company XO. They were able to spend Thanksgiving together." A n o t h e r deployed is COL Peter Jones '85, son of Linc & Ann. He is CO of 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 3rd ID. No doubt we have more deployed; let your Scribe know.

Summer/Fall Newsletter. Dale Hruby's newsletter is on the class website, thanks to Pete Trainor. I strongly recommend you all read it.



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Farewell. Sadly, we mourn the loss of Wesley Mastin Bannister, Company E-2. In Wes' own words he told us that his stay at West Point was cut short at the end of Plebe Year due to fundamental differences between him and the Department of Mathematics. Wes lamented that they neither comprehended nor appreciated the "Bannister Method." It is ironic that Wes later earned a degree in mathematics from the University of Houston. A reading of his page in Volume I will tell you that Wes enjoyed a very happy and successful life. The class sends heartfelt condolences to the Bannister family and friends.

The Maine Summer Gathering (MSG) produced by Howard Stiles and directed by Eileen Stiles has always been an enjoyable and unique event. Continuing with the tradition of being unique, those attending this year were invited by Joyce & Bill O'Meara to take an allday cruise among the islands of Casco Bay off the coast of the city of Portland.

Thursday, 6 August was a magnificent day in Maine. The sun was shining, the humidity was low, and the ocean was calm. As we boarded the ReJoyce, we were greeted by the O'Mearas on the rear deck of their spectacular yacht. When we got underway, the crew served us a variety of drinks and hors d'oeuvres, and we enjoyed exploring the wonderful ship. What an experience!

The cruise around the bay concluded at the Great Diamond Island, where we were treated to a traditional Maine lobster bake at the Diamond's Edge Restaurant. To take full advantage of the beautiful day and scenery, this feast was served outside at the water's edge.

When we finished lunch, we returned to the ReJoyce and headed for Clapboard Island to have dessert with Dawn & Al Hoffman. Al is Class of '56 and was Bill's mentor in Company L-1. The Hoffmans own a very large "cottage" that was constructed in the 1880s from wood imported from Oregon. It took only 100 days for 100 carpenters to construct this home of 20 rooms. It took far less time for our group of about 40 to devour the delicious dessert.

Attendees at the MSG included: Lou & Jane Beard, Rody & Rhonda Conway, Bob & Julie DeMont, Bill & Bobbie Fitzgerald, Don & Jennifer Gruschow, Monk & Betsy Hilliard, Charlie & Jean Johnson, Darel & Mary Jane Johnson, Don Kendall, Paul & Karen Knouse, Hank & Brenda Larsen, Jay & Kathie Madden, John & Margie McNerney, Bill & Joyce O'Meara, Al & Joan Nordgren with daughter Debbie, Howard & Eileen Stiles, Jim & Phyllis Walsh and Will Weber. The day was magical. We docked in Portland at 1900 hours. As we mingled on the dock saying our goodbyes, someone said to Howard, "How do you top this next year?"

A few weeks later, Bill O'Meara asked those who took photographs to send copies to him. He then put 236 pictures on a memory stick and sent one to each participant. Very thoughtful.

Maureen Tibbetts was unable to attend the MSG, but she did join us at a premini party hosted by Darel & Mary Jane Johnson and the Larsens at a cottage on Thomas Pond just three miles from the Stiles' house on Sebago Lake. Classmates were able to reminisce with Maureen about the MSG that she and our recently departed classmate Otie Tibbetts hosted in Auburn, ME, only a year ago.

The Monterey contingent has announced a mini for 11–15 Apr 11. The host committee is made up of Bill & Susan Breen, Jim & Joan Van Loben Sels, Bill & Norma Mullen, and Anna Yateman. The group published an announcement extolling the many attractions of the Monterey /Carmel/Pebble Beach area. Many classmates have spent time on the peninsula, so this will be a homecoming for them. The committee is asking classmates for an early indication of interest and promises several follow-up teasers before seeking commitments to participate.

By now you should have received the calendar for 2010. Regular events are a class fall gathering hosted by Fred & Marlene Malek on the even years and by Tom & Liz Munz on the odd years–perhaps in the spring or fall. Other routine gatherings include the ski mini in February, the A-1 and Friends "Pot Luck" picnic in May, and the Maine Summer Gathering. Regional minis, such as a possible one in Hawaii, are strongly encouraged. Simply provide Jim Walsh with the details and he will post your mini on the calendar.

Chuck Millick says our class was well represented at the annual Army Football Club gold weekend at West Point in July. The event kicked off with a dinner honoring former Army Coach Paul Dietzel, who piloted B-29's during WWII at the age of 20. Before coming to Army, he led LSU to a National Championship. The team of '59ers in the golf scramble, along with Chuck, were Monk Hilliard, Jack Morrison, chief cheerleader Bob Novogratz and "Boom Boom" Bill Rowe.

The weekend was capped with a dinner for more than 200 former players highlighted by an informative and inspirational talk by incoming Army Coach Rich Ellerson. The evening ended with players from the1958 undefeated team taking the stage clad in their undefeated team golf shirts. Spokesman Jack Morrison presented Coach Ellerson with one of these shirts, telling him that nothing would make the '58 team happier than to have a future Army team take over the honor of that title. Jack pointed out that, because all the members of the team are over 70, there must be a sense of urgency. Some classmates attending can be seen in the accompanying photograph.

John & Alison Orndoff are experiencing a concern all too common for our classmates. During the past three decades we have been concerned about our children serving in the military who are in harm's way. Now this concern extends, in ever-increasing numbers, to our grandchildren. The Orndorff's eldest grandson has completed one rotation in Iraq as a rifleman with the 10th Mountain Division and is s chedu l ed to deploy to Afghanistan as a rifle squad leader in January 2010. Their youngest grandson is a Marine in Afghanistan serving on a helicopter maintenance crew. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of our Class of '59 family serving in combat.

John & Alison stay fit by taking trips to the gym and gardening. John also enjoys golfing and, as the picture shows, fishing.

John Patterson came to West Point to follow in the footsteps of his uncle and his hero Alexander R. (Sandy) Nininger, Jr. '41. Lt Nininger's remains were never found on Bataan. To honor him, there will be a memorial service at Arlington National Cemetery at 1300 hours on 18 May 10. Sandy was awarded the Medal of Honor. Because of this he will receive full military honors and the lettering on his cross will be in gold. Classmates and families wishing to attend should contact John for details at .

Among classmates attending the thrilling Army victory over North Texas in Denton were Jerry & Patt Cavanaugh, Guy & Donna Heath, Lou & Carolyn Hightower, and Gerry & Marsha Stadler.

On 27 Sep 09, Mike & Betty Anne Ferris celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at the Harbourtown Clubhouse on Lake Conroe, TX, hosted by their six children and attended by more than 70 friends and family. Included were Craig & Barbara Bertolett. Following this great party, Mike & Betty Anne embarked on a 15-day cruise through the Panama Canal.

As 2009 ends, congratulations to all classmates and wives who celebrated their golden anniversary this year.



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Les Mason passed away on 23 Nov 09 in Brookline, NH. Interment was on 3 December at the New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery in Boscawen. Attending from the class were Fred Rice, Ralph Gerenz, Tom Eynon, and Ed Handler. Our deepest sympathy goes out to Linda.

Charley Otstott reported on Branch Night for the Class of 2010 that took place on 1 November. Jim Johnson rendered great remarks speaking for our class as 2010 waited in the audience, unopened envelopes in hand. After the speeches, the cadets opened their envelopes. It was mostly, but not all, good news; 90% of the class got one of their first three choices. Charley had earlier found out that Cadet Gordy, the First Captain, was going Infantry, so Charley brought along a set of his own crossed rifles which he gave to Gordy–First Captain 1960 to First Captain 2010. Cadet Gordy then pinned his roommate, the Cadet Adjutant. They had been Prep School buddies after service in Iraq, so they're, understandably, quite close.

Charley wrote that Candy, along with the others, was impressed by the excitement that permeated the room as they waited for permission to open the envelopes that held their future. After opening, nearly every cadet notified friends and family by cell phone. Attending for '60 in addition to the Otstotts and Jim Johnson were Bob & Carol Totten, Mike & Miriam Plummer, Herm & Phyllis Marmon, Ted Harcke, and Stew Godwin.

Ted Harcke sent in a great photo of the finish at the 25th Army Ten Miler on 4 Oct 09. He mentioned that he "didn't see any classmates in the back of the pack with me, (but) they were probably way ahead" (Scribe's note: Joyce Post was probably in there somewhere). Ted went on to say that his two daughters ran it, one for time and the other in the back to provide emergency care. He said that this is probably his last Ten Miler, quitting while ahead of the sweeper bus. Ted, as you probably know, still is serving as a colonel of Medical Corps and as the Chief, Forensic Radiology, at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Washington.

Jim McCollum sent in a nice handwritten note before he headed off to teach a course on Project Management at the Romanian American University in Bucharest. He & Barbara were on a 13-day cruise out of Copenhagen to Athens. Jim sent a good photo of him and Barbara in Carthage, but also a photo of the original Pallas Athena in Athens. If I don't include that picture in this column, we'll pick it up next time.

And Fred Rice wrote again with three photos, two of which I'll pick up this time and the third, hopefully, next column. One photo shows the retirement of his son, Fred '88 at Scott AFB, IL, where he was serving as the Deputy PAO of USTranscom. And another shows Fred '60 with Trace Adkins after the homecoming parade at West Point on 3 Oct 09.

In late October, Sam & Linda Kouns and Hank & Carole Maloney hosted another great '60 golf gathering at Vero Beach and Port St. Lucie. It'll be dated some, but I'll report on it more fully next column, along with a report on another scheduled (March 2010) golf gathering at Amelia Island in Florida.

Charlie & Marty Baker spent some time with us in November (Chaz typically comes up over Veterans Day), so during that time we had a very casual dinner with them, the Wileys, Posts, Bidgoods, and Caraballos, and we managed some golf in between rainstorms. And Erc & Vi Barone hosted a pre Army–Navy game dinner at their beautiful home. Photos of all that next time.

By the time ASSEMBLY with this column is published, it will be a bit over a month until the 50th Reunion. Hope to see you all there.

As you should know by now, the WPAOG has reduced the number of publications of ASSEMBLY from six per year to four. That will make some of the news even older, but that's okay. We'll soldier through and in time the publication rate may very well increase. One big help is to increase subscriptions. We're at 252 right now, not bad, but encourage those who don't subscribe to strongly think about doing so. And the subscription rate for the younger classes could be much, much better. So encourage also your sons and daughters and encourage them to encourage their peers.

And also hopefully, Army Basketball, 10–4 (but one of the wins over Div III Mt St. Vincent and a loss to VMI) as I write and ranked number 1 in the Patriot League, will have won the PL tournament and gone to the Big Dance. And Army Baseball will be headed to the College World Series. Those are good teams.

Well Done, Les Mason–Be Thou at Peace.

And please write–all of you.



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In the meanwhile events continue to roll on. Good news and then some of the not so good news that includes the passing of two of our 'mates and an Army wife.

Maria M. Kirchner Halpin, Dan's wife and lifelong friend passed on 1 Dec 09 at St. Elizabeth Healthcare, Ft. Thomas, KY. In addition to Dan, she is survived by their son, Ryan, of Billings, MT; three grandsons: Michael, Andrew, and Alan; one great grandson, Jayden; and her sister, Ella Dell Fabbro of Bad Kissingen, Germany. The memorial service was on 7 December and her burial service was in Highland Cemetery, Ft. Mitchell, KY. Dan and his family are at 2490 Legends Way, Crestview Hills, KY 41017. Donations may be made to the Daniel and Maria Halpin Scholarship Fund, Purdue Foundation, School of Civil Engineering, 550 Stadium Mall Drive, West Lafayette, IN 47907-2051.

Then, on 15 Dec 09, Gordon Downey died of pneumonia in Scottsdale, AZ. There was a memorial service on 18 December at the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church and burial will be at West Point at a later date. Jerry Zingsheim, along with Bob Cain, Frenchie Hebert, and Roger Obermeier, attended the service with family and friends. Gordy & Sue were visiting from Iowa for the baptism of their granddaughter born in late November. After the service, Sue mentioned that Gordy had not been in good health recently, but his death from complications, including pneumonia, was sudden and unexpected. Sue is at 606 Hickory Hill Lane, Des Moines, IA 50317.

Only recently, Ed Brown learned that Ron M. Gutt, our former K-1 'mate, passed away on 26 Feb 08, at Duke Health Raleigh Hospital, Raleigh, NC, after an extended illness. Ron is survived by his wife, Carolyn R. Gutt; daughters: Heidi Mills and husband, Greg; Joy Ducker and husband, Greer; Jolene Warych and husband, Ken; son-in-law Robbie Estes; and six grandchildren: Courtney and Matthew, Estes, Caroline and Grace Mills, Grayson and Ashley Ducker. Son Vincent and daughter, Veronica, preceded him in death. Ron was USMAPS but departed USMA in January 1959. Ron now is in the Last Roll Call section of our class website.

Some brighter news suggests that our Reconciliation Plaza should be colorful this spring with newly planted greenery and flowers. Bruce Shroyer continues to be the good steward, assuring that our class gift stands as an attractively inviting and worthy monument. Our 50th Year gift is already having an impact. Ed Brown earlier passed along a letter from COL Betros '77, Head of the Department of History: "I wanted to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you for the tremendous support and encouragement you have given the Center for Oral History. The $200,000 already provided, along with the remainder of your gift in 2011, will be of great help in creating an extraordinary resource for educating and inspiring West Point cadets as leaders of character. … Given the large size of the Class of '61 gift, it is important to emphasize that we will be exceedingly cautious about how the money is spent. … My top three priorities for the Class of '61 gift are as follows: 1) complete the website; 2) meet payroll requirements for at least two years; and 3) help build the endowment necessary to run the Center in perpetuity. These priorities could change if, as expected, the Center receives gifts from other sources."

Gale & Bob McConnell gave a succinct travelogue of their week at a Chateau in Southern France. Eleven of the Alpha Deuce gang journeyed to this ancient locale to relish the ambiance, the cuisine, the fruits of the vine, and the companionship. Afterwards, 29 Oct–2 Nov 09, the A-2 party people moved on to Colonial Williamsburg. They examined Jamestown, the origins of the Revolution at Williamsburg and victory and independence at Yorktown. Jack Zimmerman, Bobbie & Jim Blesse, Georgann & Bob Cain, Judy & Jim Carr, Rick Conant, Sue & Paul DeVries, Madeline & Roger Middlesteadt, Connie & Clancy Matsuda, Gale & Bob McConnell, Bill Seltz, Ellie & John Skillman, and Sandy & Joe Stringham explored further into the history of the local eateries and taverns. On Halloween they ventured into Williamsburg's mystic mist masking the colonial ghosts that remain. They survived the ghostly walking tour and agreed that "a great time was had by all" and that they would continue the A-2 tradition in Boston in 2010, ghosts and all. Later, for the Army–Navy game Mary Frances & Hank Kenny hosted a great party [game score aside] that included many of the A-2 gaggle plus a firstie from our past: Pete Kusek '58, E-2 and his forever bride Ann [sister of Dick Schonberger '58]. A highlight was the Kenny's new granddaughter [Class of 2032?]

H-2 mini-reunion at Gettysburg, 19–23 Oct 09: Nancy & Dave Teal, Pat & Bruce Shroyer, Bob Chelberg, Ruth & Bob Kee, Chuck & Sandee Sollohub, Chip & Sally Smith, Louise & Stu Senneff, Dolly & Jim Stokes, Sally & JB Taylor, Alice & Bren Battle, Maggie & Ed Moritz, Connie & Jerry Zingsheim, and Petie (Sandy) Walters (plus: from '60, H-2, Andy & Cheryl Carron; honorary H-2'ers: Kim Fox, G-2; Bunny & Chuck Armstrong, L-1; and Jack Zimmerman, A-2). All gathered for a welcoming reception and dinner on 19 October with PVT Charles Wright, [re-enactor] Veteran of the 8th Ohio Volunteer Regiment of Infantry, defending against the left flank of Pickett's Charge. Next morning they bussed to Antietam Battlefield to learn about the Battle of South Mountain, Lincoln's difficulties with his commanders, and his decision to issue the Emancipation Proclamation. They concluded the day at the Old South Mountain Inn just outside of Boonsboro, MD. "Everyone should visit The Old South Mountain for dinner at least once in their life."

On 21 Oct 09, many visited the Gettysburg Battlefield Visitors' Center and the Eisenhower Farm. The highlight was an afterdinner visit by "President Abraham Lincoln," who shared his thoughts on his yet unsuccessful effort to find a "fighting General." Lincoln, a very affable and courteous man, stood for official photographs with H-2 dinner guests. The next two days of battlefield tours highlighted the three days of battle in July 1863. The day ended with a formal reception at the Mort Kunstler Art Gallery and dinner at the Blue Parrot Bistro. Friday, 23 October, was the grande finale.

Don Stivers passed away on 5 Nov 09 at age 83 at Washington Hospital Center. He is the artist who researched and then created our class commemorative painting, "One Flag, One Country, One Destiny" displayed in Herbert Hall. He had complications from a stent procedure. He and his wife of 56 years, Beverly McCrary Stivers, who died in 2008, lived in Lovettsville, VA.

Mac G reeley has become a leading authority on the WWII artist, Tom Lea. At our November 2009 luncheon, with Nancy at his side, he related Lea's wartime experiences reported in his book, The Two Thousand Yard Stare. Commissioned by Life magazine to paint the war as it was being experienced by U.S. and Allied troops, Lea went aboard a Navy destroyer in the North Atlantic; was on the carrier Hornet days before its sinking off Guadalcanal in 1942; recorded the struggles of Army Air Forces transport and bomber crews in England, North Africa, and China in 1943; and hit the bloody beaches at Peleliu with 7th Marines in 1944. Mac also wanted us to know that Betsy & Dick Behrenhausen have been highly supportive of the Tom Lea book from its formative stages to publication–and afterward! Living now in El Paso, Dick & Betsy knew Tom & Sarah Lea.

In late 2009, Denny Lenhart spoke at a dinner meeting of the Queen's Club, an organization of former British military officers. Included in his discussion were remarks on notable accomplishments of Jim Nicholson, Pat Hillier, and Reggie Brown as senior leaders in the Federal Government and our general officers: Chuck Armstrong, Pete Boylan, Larry Budge, Ed Barry, Dick Behrenhausen, Tom Cuthbert, Bob Chelberg, Ty Cunanan [Philippine Army], Rusty Dyer, Bob Frix, Howard Graves, Charlie Hansell, Pete Heimdahl, George Joulwan, Ed Leland, Don Lionetti, Glynn Mallory, Pete Offringa, Bill Reno, Bob Rosenkranz, Joe Stringham, J.B. Taylor, Dave Teal, Paul Vallely, Ted Vander Els, and Gene Witherspoon. A special note would be that Mike Coyle, John Lawton, Jim Scott, Pat Trinkle, and Al Wetzel earned the Distinguished Service Cross.

By now you should have received Bob Hardiman's 20 Jan 10 letter asking for your personal information and "your stories" for inclusion in this, Our Book. Contact Bob at or 703-535-1248 and/or 1106 Roundhouse Lane, Alexandria, VA 22314.

Joe Czuberki wants us to know about the issues concerning the military policy of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." Believing that the policy is causing the loss of many valuable members and thereby hurts military readiness, Joe and others are working to change this policy. He also is a member of Knights Out.

Next edition look for extensive photo coverage of the "misguided inspection tour of Maui and Kauai" conducted by Sandy Shapiro, Burke Mucho, Carol & Bob Dunning, and Button & Gary Hyde.

Finally, many of you have received news of Paul Vallely's recent successful cardiac surgery at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Muffin & Paul have a total support from many of our local 'mates such as Tom Baird, Brian Schultz, Will Conley.



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Your scribe is open to suggestions on how to make best use of our space in ASSEMBLY, given the long deadlines and quarterly publication, a '62 Facebook page, Twitter, email, iPhones, and our class website. Shoot me an e-mail with your ideas. For sure, I will never tire of reporting late-in-life accomplishments of the "Can Do Class."

In case anyone forgot how old we all are, Ed Hamilton reminds us by reporting on the promotion of his son, Bob '88, to O6. Bob is in a Ph.D program at UVA in the Professor, USAWC program. Ed got his former boss, MG Bill Burns, to preside at Carlisle. MG Burns had officiated at Ed's own promotion to O6 and the eagles pinned on Bob had been pinned on Ed by his father-in-law, BG Bob Spragins '39. Information on Bob's career is not in the Register of Graduates so just look closely at the decorations he displays on his left breast. The photo captures a very special moment in this family.

Daughter Leigh '06 of Bill & Betty Kosco, having earlier plighted her troth to CPT Nick Auletta '03 (number 22 in the class), wed the courageous infantry officer last October. Nick did the perp walk in the Cadet Chapel at West Point, the couple squeezing in the ceremony upon returning from Iraq. Gus & Pat Fishburne and Walt & Amy Cooper attended, and the riotous reception was held in Herbert Hall.

"Edited volumes are often uneven and not worth the price of admission. The best of them, however, are worth their weight in gold. To get to this stage, the book has to be organized along a clear theme; it has to be original work; it has to be well designed; and it has to be tightly edited. Suzanne Nielsen's and Don Snider's volume, American Civil-Military Relations: The Soldier and the State in a New Era, is one such work and a valuable addition to the literature on civilmilitary relations, a vitally important issue for both scholars and practitioners. Getting the balance right between civilian authority and military competence is vital to the republic in war and peace." This review describes the collaboration between Ms. Nielsen and Don to reevaluate Huntington's 50-year-old classic, The Soldier and the State. We salute our classmate for his long record of valuable contributions to the study of the profession of arms. Teaser: the Rumsfeld-Shinseki contretemps is covered. Joseph J. Collins, National War College. Former Army officer and Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense. Quarrel, disagreement (for 2d Regiment guys).

"Every taxpayer and business manager in America should read this book. If Mumford is right, and he probably is, the USA has been digging a financial hole for more than 50 years. It is getting very close to time to pay the piper. If we cannot pay the piper, he will steal our children's future. He claims we are very close to a triggering event that will knock the props out from under our house of cards." That should get your attention. "Mr. Mumford makes a great case for the situation we have put ourselves in, and what we must do to begin turning things around, so that we are not mired in the same pool for too long. Sobering and plainly written, this book transcends political myopia to reach logical conclusions that we all can identify with." These two reviews pertain to, BROKE: What Every American Business Must Do to Restore Our Financial Stability and Protect Our Future, by John Mumford. John appeared on Fox and Friends in November and was gratified by the numerous encouraging e-mails he received from you all.

This description of Sons of Slum and Gravy by Bill Mogan appears on : "Sons of Slum and Gravy chronicles the coming of age of a child of the 1950s. William W. (Bill) Mogan shares an engaging personal story that leads him along a path to West Point and the Class of '62. His experiences there and after graduation cause him to develop a deep and abiding respect and affection for his classmates. The author writes along parallel tracks of his own personal experience and those of 28 of his West Point colleagues he believes exemplify the motto of the United States Military Academy: Duty, Honor, Country. While the reading public may recognize the names of only a few of the classmates featured by the author, members of the profession of arms will be sure to know many of them. Yet this is not a book about the military exploits of highly decorated soldiers, marines, and airmen. Rather it emphasizes the broad contributions to the nation by a cross section of one West Point class, while in and out of uniform. One cannot complete the book without gaining a deeper appreciation of not just the dedication and sacrifice displayed by the men individually but also a more complete understanding of the mission of our country's school for soldiers, the United States Military Academy." The book is available from, as well. Loretta is donating the royalties to the Class Fund. I know she would appreciate it if someone would post a review on Amazon.

Thanks to Ron Tumlin, we know that Howard Prince received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society for Military Psychology of the American Psychology Association. Admiral Bobby Inman, interim Dean of the LBJ School, University of Texas, said this about our classmate: "Leaders themselves must be ethical in their decisions and their actions. Howard Prince is such a leader and this prestigious award for his lifetime of service is well deserved. We at the LBJ School are privileged to have such a distinguished and decorated individual leading our efforts to graduate high-quality, ethical public policy professionals with a keen understanding of the correct actions needed to build the better communities that we envision and prepared to excel in a dynamic global environment." Well done, sir.

Tom Faley delivered the keynote address on the occasion of the dedication of the York County, PA, Veterans Memorial in October 2009.

The Viet Nam Veterans Memorial Fund has embarked on a new project: build an education center near The Wall. One goal is to obtain a photo of each soldier whose name is on The Wall. The VVMF is now in possession of Howitzer photos of our 22. Family members, friends, classmates wishing to submit additional photos are welcome to do so. Instructions may be found at . The Howitzer photos should soon appear on The Virtual Wall, as well.

Betty Scharpf reported that the VP of AM General, heavy vehicle manufacturer, last November dedicated a conference room at the South Bend head office to the memory of our friend and classmate, Frank. Betty and son Matt were present, along with 15 friends from the company who had been flown to West Point for Frank's funeral in May 2008. This was a fine tribute to Frank, who loved the Hum-V, the Hummer, and those who worked for AM General. The sentiment was obviously mutual, a great consolation to Betty and the family. In the conference room appears the poem "Frank's Funeral" by Class Poet, Terry McCarthy, Cadet Private, written during his return to Seattle after the funeral.

I see the Plain, the monuments
the Chapel on the hill
I feel the sorrow closing tight
I feel the deathly chill
The Cemetery lies ahead
beyond the open gates
We carry him with grieving hearts
to his final resting place.

The West Point earth is waiting
We are together praying
Taps is slowly playing the final bugle call

But Frank's not gone,
he's with us now his Brooklyn laugh I hear
His crocodile smile shines ever bright
his sarcasm fills the air
His love for friends and family
his honor and spirit most pure
His courage and his thoughtfulness
will through the years endure

Surrounding Frank in soldiers' graves
their heroes lives complete
Thayer, Stillwell and Winfield Scott
rest in endless sleep
And too many classmates,
gone too soon Kevin, Jim, and Wayne
Too many others whom we knew
who marched the timeless Plain

So many good men sleeping here
so many sons and brothers
So many of the Long Gray Line gripping
hands with one another.

The West Point earth is waiting
We are together praying
Taps is slowly playing
The final bugle call



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Duane Myers sent a photo and an update on the Army–Navy game. Duane was there with Rudy Ehrenberg, Max Barron and his son Max II; Joe Jaworowski with his son and grandson and Joe Almaguer's stepson Tom Shaver. Duane said it was a cold day in the stadium. He now is retired from industry and does volunteer work, primarily with the Wounded Warrior program, along with Rudy and other classmates. Laura, his significant other, now is retired from teaching. Joe Jaworowski still is teaching high school–Chinese and history subjects. He says he might retire soon. Joe Almaguer was called on the phone from the stadium. Joe was hunting in Georgia at the time, but they said it was good hearing his voice. He has been a dentist in Tampa for many years. Duane said he also talked to Bill Clark in Birmingham before the game, but Bill couldn't come because he has just had knee surgery. Duane also said that Max Baron works for the V.A. in Fayetteville, AR. He said that they were talking so much about old times at the game; they forgot to talk about present times.

Rudy Ehrenberg is busier than ever. Besides all the great work for the Wounded Warrior program and the affiliation program, he now has a part-time job as Executive Director of the Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the United States (AMCSUS). It includes 40+ schools in three groups: military colleges (e.g. VMI, Citadel, Texas A&M, Norwich, VA Tech, but not service academies), military junior colleges (e.g. Valley Forge, Marion, New Mexico Military Institute), and military prep schools (e.g. Culver, Fork Union, Randolph- Macon, Army and Navy). Rudy says, "My role is to assist the schools with professional development and keep tabs on relevant issues at the Departments of Defense and Education." These schools are doing a great job and producing outstanding graduates… but are misunderstood by many who view them as "boot camps" rather than as places that provide a quality education with emphasis on leadership, values, and character development.

Curt Esposito said that the whole Ellerson family was at the game. He sat with them on the 50-yard line. They had a family reunion the night before. Hopefully I can get a photo for the next issue.

I spoke with Gordon Arbogast, Dean and Graduate Director of the Davis College of Business at Jacksonville University. He recently took his current Executive MBA class to Dubai and Abu Dhabi for a week. He said they were well received at all the major companies (ADGAS, Jafaza, Etc.) as well as all the major tourist sites (Dubai Burz, Palm and World Islands and the indoor skiing facility), and it was a great learning experience for all the students.

B-2 recently had a mini-reunion hosted by Mike Boyle at his home on Lake Anna in Virginia. Dick Cole, Miles Eberts, Bob McGarrity, Buddy Crumpler, Mike Vopatek, Doug Johnson, and Bear Brown comprised the rest of the group. Doug Johnson missed the photo. Although this was a boy's weekend out, Linda Boyle was there for the first few hours, preparing food to make sure no one went hungry. Linda is a fabulous cook. I would have like to been there just for the "eatin's." Mike also took the group on his boat one night down the lake for an outing at a restaurant. As to what some of the guys are doing these days: Bob McGarrity still works for the State Dept and makes trips to Afghanistan, although I understand he is cutting back some on that. Buddy Crumpler was an attorney in the Adjutant General's office in North Carolina but now is retired. He and his wife are concentrating on counseling married couples with marital issues. Mike Boyle was retired but now is back, at least part-time, selling executive aircraft, primarily in Europe. Miles Eberts is pretty much retired from the country club consulting business. Dick Cole said that Miles took him and Dan Willson to play an unbelievably beautiful private course in North Carolina. Mike Vopatek is doing very well in the financial management business, in spite of the downturn in the market. Bear Brown is retired and living near his daughters in Texas. Doug Johnson just retired from the War College. His project now is interviewing general officers for a future book. BTW, the Chief of Chaplains presented Doug and his wife with a special award for all the work they have done for the troops! Congratulations to you both!

Curt Esposito again went to the Senior National Tennis Championships in Tucson, AZ. After four straight years in the tournament, Curt's record remains intact: 0–7. But his enthusiasm is undaunted. While there he played golf with Geoff Ellerson and Bob O'Toole and had dinner with Rodger Bivens, whose wife Karin had just returned from the Kona Ironman in Hawaii where she placed third in her age group. Rodger did not participate this year. Curt also got together with Charlie Curtis, a physicist who taught physics at the University of Arizona. Charlie also is a big time flier. He has his own plane and took Curt for a flight over the Tucson area.

I spoke with Jerry Harrison, who now is running Washington operations for the Stanford Research Institute. He said it is a great job, and he & Von are doing well. Bill & Sue Boice just returned from Olympia, WA, visiting son Bill '88 and daughter-inlaw Jill '89, both recently retired from the Army. Bill Jr and Jill are going to be a family for a while before setting out for a second career. The family will be traveling to Australia and New Zealand in February.

I just spoke with George Davenport–the first time in years. Last time we spoke he was building a community church, which has long been finished. Always the consummate engineer, George now is wrapping up a yearlong study on contamination of mountain streams to send to the government. They now live on top of Signal Mountain, TN, the area in which he was raised. Two of George's children spent time in the Peace Corps and loved living overseas. They have since joined the State Dept's Foreign Service, and both are doing a twoyear assignment in the U.S. Consulate in Saigon. George and his wife are going for a two-week visit shortly.

We lost three of our class since the last article. John Shirley was a great friend of mine at West Point. That slow-talking South Carolina accent belied his absolutely brilliant mind. He lived the majority of his life in Berlin and is survived by wife Inge and daughter Angela. Bobby Clements passing was sudden. He lived in Austin, TX. I talked with Bob just before our 45th. I was hoping he would come. I believe the first we knew of Ward Lutz's death was when it was published in the paper. Ward and I crossed paths many times in our careers. All of these folks were dear friends and will be missed!

Stay in touch. We always want to hear from you. Until next time!



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Typically, post-reunion input is modest at best; this issue is about par for the course. It is being written in early January and will see the light of day sometime in April.

On 5 Feb 09, the gymnasium at Kittanning High School has was named in honor of our classmate Charles "Hutch" Hutchison, who was killed in 1965 in the Dominican Republic. The occasion for the naming was the 50th Reunion and the honoring of Hutch's 1960 championship high school basketball team.

Kudos to our classmate Warren "Pete" Miller who, I have been informed, has been appointed as Assistant Secretary of Energy for Nuclear Energy, a most challenging assignment given today's energy environment. I guess academia and golf were not enough to keep Warren occupied. If you would like to get more of a handle on what he is doing, check out: .

Hank & Kathy Liverpool did a post- Thanksgiving visit to Ron & Janet Von- Freymann at their new home on the first tee of Monarch Dunes golf course in Nipomo, CA. Apparently it was a planning session, as the next "big" activity for the Liverpools and VonFreyanns is Ron's and Hank's 50th high school reunion next July on Long Island. In addition to being West Point classmates, Ron and Hank were junior high school classmates and spent a year in the same high school.

Norm & Janine Anderson wasted no time in establishing their hosting credentials at their new digs in Marana, AZ, wherever that is. Think they have been out there less than a month and already are having parties. Gathered for the Army–Navy game were Dirck Schou, Steve Perryman, Randy & Leslie Kunkel, and Norm & Holly Grunstad.

I got together with Jim & Carolyn Stapleton in Atlanta for the SEC championship game. Other than the outcome of the game, we had a great time.

Lots of class events coming up, so mark your calendars. Golfing Grads will take place 8–11 April at the Robert Trent Jones Trail in Alabama. If you are interested, let me know. Bob Bolen has put together an outing at Cherokee Valley near Greenville, SC, for 13–16 April to give Golfing Grad participants an extra few days of golf. Bill Annan has taken the summer time slot and put together what he is calling the "'64 Ryder Cup" to be held in Denver, CO, 26–30 July. This is an East vs. West affair, and Bill says he has expressions of interest from more than 50 golfers. Finally, Howie Bachman, with the assistance of George Cromartie, has cranked up his "Fall Brawl" once again, to be held in Charleston, SC, 10–14 October. Detailed information on all these events can be found at the Class golf website: .

In the non-golfing arena, this year kicks off our 50-Year Affiliation events (my, does time fly when you're having fun), the first of which is the opportunity to reprise that funfilled event, the Plebe Hike, this time sans rifle, pack and helmet. It's a two-day affair (8–9 August), and you can do the whole hike or join in at the ski slope for the final two miles. Honchos for the event are Bob Ballagh, Bob Weathers, & Tom Kullman. For more info, contact them or see the class webpage.

Finally, in what has become an increasingly burdensome task, I must once again announce the passing of a classmate. Robert L. (Bob) North passed away on 7 Jan 10 in Wake Forest, NC. The class is in touch with the family. I am informed that Norm & Sandy Gill represented the class at the memorial service. Unfortunately, I don't have any other information at this time.



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Greetings once again from Chicago! Hope all is well at your end of the Long Gray Line! As of this writing (early January), the Reunion Committee is going full steam ahead, now that the 7–10 October weekend has been locked in for our 45th. I have been simply amazed at how well the Committee ‘s decision to re-establish the Company Rep system has been working. As I watch the cc's of various company rep's come across my electronic transom, I can see significant momentum gathering, to reach out and find "long-lost" classmates and to make every effort to pull them back in. The attendance is more than 500 as of this writing, according to Tom Kovach.

What I can also see is some of the long overdue MA's finally written. Wouldn't it be nice to have them all done by the 45th?? The hotel/motel reservations are being handled by Gene Manghi (, so if you are unsure where to stay, contact him. As in years past, we are going all out to have every widow and family member of our lost classmates attend the 45th. To do so, we need several things: First, if you know of a widow of offspring, contact Chuck McCloskey, or Chuck Nichols to see if anyone is already working on that person. If not, take on the task and see if you can get them to attend. (N.B. According to Chuck N., there are 47 MA's out of the 74 deceased classmates on our website, leaving 27 to be completed.) Second, we will need escorts for those attending, if the contact person cannot do it. Cathy & I hosted Bob Berdan's widows and two adult daughters last time and I have to tell you, it made OUR reunion all that more special.

Speaking of MA's, through a lot of help from Jay Stewart and others, we are working on Jim Echol's MA with his widow Smokey, an effort that brings back lots and lots of good memories of "back in the day! " So let's keep it going, S&D. If you are working on an MA, reach out to me or others to get the help you need to finalize the article, obtain NOK or '65 presidential approval, so that we can finally complete this long-overdue task.

Several good pix of Ric, the first with Jerry Dernar at Duke, where the SecVA was the principal speaker at a memorial dedication for all Duke grads killed since WWII. Jim Kelly also attended as did John Bell's son Andy, who met Ric at the 35th and who is attending grad school at Duke, as did Ric many wars ago. Ric met with Coach K '69 and addressed the ROTC cadets on the campus. The next pic shows Ric with his extended family (seven grandkids if I count correctly) at the White House. Their daughter Lori's husband Tim Heaphy is the recently installed U.S. Attorney for the western District of Virginia. Ric also got his wish and was able to show all seven of the young-uns how to fish (and bait hooks, no doubt) during a vacation to Lake Anna in Virginia.

I mentioned John Roseberg's retirement in the last class notes. Shortly thereafter, John fell off a ladder and had two vertebrae fused plus a support rod inserted. Adds more credence to my wife's constant exhortations to stay off ladders!

Ross Wollen sent the next pic of Buddy Bucha and GEN Petraeus '74 in the receiving line at the Ends of the Earth Dinner in NYC in November. Buddy also was here in Chicago for the CMOH annual meetings and dinner. Another retirement story reported, this time from Mesa, AZ, where Dennis Hawker sold his business in 2002 after having non-Hodgin's Lymphoma (in complete remission) where he & Diane play a lot of golf and spend their summers in the White Mountains of AZ. Dennis heads up John McCain's Academy Selection Committee.

Class of '65 still on point?? I thought we had hung up our last set of spurs and then I received a nice note directing me to and whose pic shines out in full one-star regalia, the A c a d emy Pres (since 2002), Steve Bliss. The guy looks good, really good, in his greens. Must be his two teenage boys! As you all should know by now, Chuck Nichols has set up a Class Forum (to sign up, send an e-mail to: from the e-mail address you want to use and you will be subscribed) which is to be used for those extended communications of the hot issues of the day. In that way, we can keep the Class Net clear. My old Pennsylvania buddy, Tom Cindric sent this next pic from Texas. The occasion was the Army–UNT game last November. The Coughlins and Jay Vaughn came from Arizona (Jay's wife Sharon could not make it due to a knee problem). Jim is a prosecuting attorney in Tucson and works with juveniles, Bob & Hali live in Austin where she develops new prosthetics and he is with the Rimkus Consulting Group. The Cindrics have two boys, one in Dallas with three daughters and the other, near Spokane, has four young children, one adopted from Ethiopia (anyone remember the Plebe poop question: Who was the Conquering Lion of Judah?). It never gets much above freezing in the latter city (according to tom) and you can play golf year-round in the former, so guess where this Steeler fan relocated? Great update, Tom.

In case you ever wonder whether those cards, letters and e-mails that we are always asking for, ever help our S&D families in times of needs, I would refer you to the warm and heart-felt note of gratitude that we received from Rich Leary after the loss of his son late last year. They are important and very meaningful! The next pic (which I forgot to include in the last "Class Notes") shows Rick Osgood being honored by his peers in 2009 for his great work as the Higgins Professor of EE at Columbia.

Lots of great Christmas newsletters this year, so here goes: Maralee & Fred Laughlin with their grandsons Jacob, Caleb, Ethan, Zachary, Luke and Nathan and their sons, one in Olney, MD and the other a pastor in St. Louis, enjoyed a family visit to the OB'. Kent & Sherry Brown still going strong with family and faith in Garden City, ID. Julie McEliece' nice letter with lots of pix showed their humanitarian trips to Uganda and Kenya as part of Restore, Intl. as well as a Safari to the Masai Mara capped by a Mediterranean cruise in September. Moseley's annual Christmas shot shows 13 grandkids and probably means a wider-angle lens next year. Unfortunately, the quality on most of these newsletters does not facilitate good reproduction in ASSEMBLY, so if you want us to print the family pic, please send it separately (and without shadows (Moseley's) or bad backlighting. Thanx.

That's it, folks! I am out of space. The remaining Christmas letters and pix will be in the next issue. Stay well, be well and remember to take the time to smell the flowers!



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Paul F. Mlakar has been selected to fill the Chair in Civil Engineering during the next academic year 2010–11. Like our endowed Chair for the Professional Military Ethic, the Class of '53 endowed the CE Chair. Paul will be responsible for a senior course in Professional Practice, enrich and help integrate other courses such as Protective Structures, and mentor faculty. Paul added, "I will also use the position to educate cadets, faculty, and distinguished visitors about the important Army problems that the Corps of Engineers Research and Development Center is solving. I further plan to increase the cooperation and coordination of joint research between our organizations. I will do this as a half-time sabbatical from my position with the Corps." He has offered the "welcome mat" for members of the class and their families who may visit USMA during this time. Congratulations to Paul on this prestigious posting.

Gene & Carol Driscoll "still are working in NOVA–it gives us something to do. Believe it or not I am working in the Pentagon of all places. Carol continues with the airlines at Reagan National Airport. We had a wonderful Christmas Holiday and a splendid time at Disney World in November 2009. Our immediate family gathered there–seven adults and four grandchildren. Recently, I lunched with MG Fred Rees at the Pentagon. Fred was there to visit the NGB and also to pay his respects to his former SGM at Arlington, who had recently passed away. Mo Faber, John Kelsey, and I sing in the West Point Alumni Glee Club here in the NCR. The GC recently performed with the Virginia Military Band and the Army Herald Trumpets, and cut a CD which is available to classmates who may be interested; contact Mo Faber. We also sang at Reagan National at an Honor Flight honoring our WWII vets."

Ken & Barbara Woltz met Bill & Karen Haneke on a Carib cruise over Christmas. Ken said, "Bill's spirit is an inspiration for all of us." Bill added, "What a great surprise it was to run into you and talk to you and Barbara after so many years. We really enjoyed the cruise and felt it ended on the right note with our great dinner together. We drove back from Ft. Lauderdale and got home about 4 p.m. yesterday. The trip is almost 1,000 miles each way. We hope that you both have a great New Year."

Many in the class were saddened by the death of Ellen Grant in late November 2009. Art & Ellen were married on 7 Dec 70. Daughter Leanne and Erik and son Mark and Kara were pillars of strength to the family during Ellen's final illness. Ellen is buried in the Williamsburg (VA) Memorial Park and a Service of Remembrance was held on 13 December at the Williamsburg United Methodist Church. Several classmates and their wives attended along with many former colleagues and friends of Art & Ellen.

Will & Barbara Kone are "enduring the typical Upstate New York winter. I suggest we hold a mini-reunion here next January, then everyone can "enjoy" our wea t he r–brrr!" The foul weather was brightened by the arrival of "my latest grandsons. Both were born on 2 December, to different parents. That brings me to eleven grandchildren, with another due in June."

Bob & Grace Baker "spent three weeks in Kaneohe, HI, over Christmas visiting our daughter, Kristin '90 son-in-law, Mark Kjorness and our three Hawaii-based granddaughters. Kristin and Mark are both MI lieutenant colonels; Kristin is on the O6 list. She is in J-2 of USPACOM, Ch of OPS Div and Mark is DepCh of China Div. Both will attend the AWC in summer of 2010. While in Hawaii, Grace & I were able to meet Tom & Lucy Farewell for lunch in Honolulu. Tom & Lucy are fully retired in Kailua and loving life." In January 2010, Ron Meier set up a class brunch in Denver that Tony & Anne Buetti, Berry Morton, and Bob & Grace Baker attended.

Morgan & Judy Roseborough plan to stay in Charlotte for the time being following Morgan's retirement from UNC-Charlotte on 1 Mar 10. "I'm looking forward to more time with grandchildren, golf, travel and volunteer work."

Steve Ohotnicky sent "an update on son Pete, AFA '92, CO 322 Training Sqdn at Lackland AFB. Pete recently ran half marathon (13.1 miles) in 1 hour 18 minutes and finished second. Still good time, since these are less than six-minute miles."

Dick Eklund and sister Deb "went to Fenway Park and a hockey game broke out." Lydia stayed home by the fire, but Dick kicked off 2010 watching the Bruins and Flyers in a e xhibit ion game. 2010 is off to a good start compared to 2009 which could be summed up as another day, another doctor. Stay healthy."

Stretch & Joan Dunn attended the BCS TX-AL game in Pasadena. Joan's nephew, #75 is a right guard for the Tide.

JJ Strapac, Frank Hartline, Matt Harrison, and Ted Borek met at a local Mexican restaurant in Tucson in November 2009. Matt was on a business trip visiting Phoenix and Tucson.

Hank Wallace "still is working (teaching at the National Institute for the Deaf, a part of Rochester Institute of Technology) so my activities are primarily summer. That is why I am writing. I would like to encourage more of our classmates to consider the graduate March Back with the plebes. It is a great experience; I've done it four times now. Tentative date is 8–9 Aug 10. More info at . It also is a great incentive to get in better shape (approx 15 miles)."

John & Maureen Dubia will make their annual Carib cruise in February 2010 with Bob & Diana Scales. John has been with AFCEA International for ten years "still serving our Troopers of all Services and our great industry partners. Added International focus has had me in Istanbul and Ankara in January and will be in Tokyo in February along with our own Guam."

Bob Seger wrote, "I am finally retiring from the Army Senior Executive Service as the Deputy G-3/5/7 of the Army TRADOC on 29 Jan 10. Except for about six months between military retirement and taking this job, I have been working for the Army ever since graduation those many years ago."

Jim & Lynn Van Sickle were busy in 2009 visiting their children and watching the expansion of the Van Sickle clan. Their travels included at trip to Tennessee in May to visit first grade teacher Ashley and then to N'awlins to visit son Robert. In June, it was off to Ft. Benning to pin airborne wings on son Michael '12 with son Jeffrey (Amy) and Ashley along for the event. The "a i rborne" Van Sickles posed for a photo, Jim, MAJ Jeffrey '00 and Michael '12. In October, we visited Jeffrey(Amy) in NOVA where Jeff is in Georgetown graduate school prepping for a USMA tour in Foreign Languages. Then it was on to Philadelphia to link up with Michael '12 for a USMA crew meet. Michael's boat was emblazoned with Howie Pontuck's name. "On 3 Dec 09, our second grandchild, Kellen Alan Van Sickle, was born. At Christmas we were fortunate to have the whole family at home, which doesn't happen very often. While they were all here, they held a surprise 35th anniversary party for Lynn & me. Amy made a wedding cake for us. Even though our anniversary was last summer, this was their first chance to get everyone together."

Rees & Claire Barksdale wrote, "our eight-month-old grandson continues to bring great joy to our lives. My senior-status reduced caseload permits me to do some teaching this semester in connection with the Honors College at Ole Miss. In October 2009 we had visits from Pete & Lucille Braun, Gaines & Betsy Dyer, Tony & Pam Mazzarella, Phil & Kleone Nelson, and Tom & Cathy Zurla. Coach & Anne Dietzel also visited that month. Then in November we visited with Sam & Vicki Bartholomew at TN–MS football game when their son played. As always, nothing like spending time with folks associated with our class. Finally, Claire & I just returned from a terrific trip to the Galapagos. Ranger training came in handy. In short, all goes well here."

The 2010 Mini-Reunion: It's time to get excited about this year's mini-reunion–Monterey, CA, 9–12 September. The venue is the Monterey Plaza Hotel, 400 Cannery Row, Monterey, CA 93940; telephone: 800-334-3999; .



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12 Nov 09. Last night was the Annual Cause (Comfort for America's Uniformed Services) gala in Washington, DC, and once again the Unsurpassed Class turned out in force to support this marvelous organization. In fact, response to the event was so great that the venue had to be changed from the Galleria at Lafayette Center to the Mellon Auditorium in order to facilitate the number of attendees (298 in 2008 vs. 408 in 2009). And as always, the Class of '67 turned out in force to support this noble effort. Class attendees this year included Paul & Dede Kern, Tom & Susan White (Tom served as Gala Chair), John & Judy Caldwell, Buz & Kathi Altshuler, Tom & Paige Dyer, Ray & Sally Winkel, Jan Albers, Joyce & Beach Doheny, Hart & Barbara Lau, Ron & Suzanne Naples, Mike & Debra Kush, George & Jane Newman, Al Bornmann, Steve Frankiewicz, Jorge Jorgenson & Patti Johnson, Rich & Ruth Fisher, and Ed & Mary Sullivan. The list of distinguished guests is very impressive and reflects just what an impact Cause is having.

26 Nov 09. Sadomasochism Department: in the last issue I reported that Mike Kush had gone temporarily insane and had run in both the Marine Corps Half Marathon and the Army Ten Miler road races. Today I learned that George Kellenbenz had joined him in this foolishness, and received a photo of George having the time of his life in the Army Ten Miler. Why did they do this? They said something about wanting to stay in shape. In a much earlier life I ran a few marathons, and look at me now. Well, round is a shape, so I guess they are on the right track. Well done you guys.

27 Nov 09. Got a lengthy cyber fart from Bob LaRaia today reporting on a trip he and Jan just made: "Jan & I just got back from a fabulous trip to Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. This one we paid for in contrast to that all-expenses-paid one compliments of the U.S. Army 40 years ago. We flew to Hong Kong, spent a few days with friends there and then boarded a cruise ship that took us to Hanoi, Da Nang, Saigon, Thailand, and Singapore during two weeks."

30 Nov 09. Got the following from Carolyn Donnell today: "We just had a wonderful visit with Ray & Sally Winkel over Thanksgiving Weekend. We spent it up at our cabin in Angel Fire. We had a nice dinner with Joan & Mark Fischer while they were here and then had five days up in the mountains at an altitude of over 8,600 ft. My daughter Ashley, who is in Denver for two months doing her Pediatric rotation and Out-Patient Medicine rotation was able to drive down and join us for the fun. As a side note, Ashley will be joining Tom Parr for her Orthopedic rotation in early June. She will graduate from PA school the end of June. We shoveled snow, went for several walks, and then sat by the fire with some good wine in hand. Alton just had shoulder surgery done by none other than Dr. Tom Parr a few weeks ago. All is well. It is a good thing he only has two of everything or the surgeries would go on and on and on. One last note: Our son Tyler will be returning to Ft. Hood from Kirkuk, Iraq, sometime just before Christmas. . .finishing up his third deployment. His plans are to start graduate school (school TBD) in June and then back to teach in the Physics Dept at West Point the summer of 2012. He needs a little break after three back-to-back deployments.

7 Dec 09. High Roller Roll Call honors: our own GEN (Ret.) Monty Meigs has been chosen to be the new president of Business Executives for National Security (BENS). According to the BENS website (), BENS a nationwide, non-partisan organization, is the primary channel through which senior business executives can help enhance the nation's security. BENS member use their business experience to drive BENS' agenda, deliver their message to decision makers and make certain the decisions they propose are put into practice. BENS has only one special interest: to help make America safe and secure. Their national office is in Washington, DC (that's where Monty will be), and they have regional offices located around the country.

13 Dec 09. Army–Navy game was yesterday. Phooey, again. Wait 'til next year. However, there was one neat story that came out of the game: Ed Dewey took his 12-year-old grandson Ryan to this year's Army–Navy game, his first one. Thanks to Brick Anderson's eagle eye, Ed learned that the Athletic Department at West Point was auctioning off the opportunity for a youth under the age of 14 to be the person to run out onto the field and pick up the kicking tee after Army's kickoff at the beginning of the second half. Ed was the high bidder, and young Ryan had the thrill of a lifetime before 78,000 fans in the house and worldwide TV audience.

8 Dec 09. This is very cool. Golf Digest January issue hit the newsstands recently and in it is their annual list of "Best New" courses. Our own Bill Foley's course at Rock Creek Cattle Company in Montana has been chosen second, ahead of some spectacular competition. It's a great honor to even make the list, and to finish first in the west is tremendous recognition. The survey was conducted using a panel of more than 900 panelists, who evaluated courses using five criteria: Shot Values, Design Variety, Resistance to Scoring, Memorability, and Aesthetics. To be eligible, a course must have officially opened between 1 May 08 and 30 Apr 09. Rock Creek had more than 40 raters play and rate the golf course this past summer. This follows Rock Creek's selection as number one overall from Golf Week for "Best New" last month.

20 Dec 09. This morning I received the dreadful news that our classmate and brother Dave Powers died of complications of pneumonia early today. Dave had been fighting a heroic battle against prostate cancer for several years, and his system apparently became very fragile as a result of his treatments. Please keep Dave, his widow Margaret, and their entire family in your thoughts and prayers.

10 Jan 10. Deadline is today, and for about the third time in 30+ years I'm doing the editor of this barf bag a favor and getting it done on time, though that takes much of the excitement out of it. I got an e-mail from Doc Wentzel this morning; among other things he told me his son Sam, an NCO in the 2d Ranger Battalion, is currently on his eighth deployment to the war zones, this time in Iraq. What an incredible legacy of selfless, unsurpassed service to the nation. When I think of class kids like Sam, and Tyler Donnell, and Bill McMillan and all the others who have served and sacrificed so nobly in this long war I can't help but feel good about our future; they have inherited the "Unsurpassed" genes of their parents, and we are all better for it. Our class legacy of selfless service continues for another generation.

Hang in there sports fans, and remember: Amor est vitae essential. Go Army–Beat Navy!



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As a follow-up to our last "Class Notes," Steve Bowman was laid to rest at West Point on a crisp, sunny West Point kind of day. Companymates Bruce Brown, Bruce Korda, Dick McClelland, Bill Marriott, and Jack Miller were present. Class VP, Dutch Hostler was also there representing the class. Prior to his retirement, Steve served as the Director of the U.S. Army Military History Institute (MHI)–part of the U.S. Army War College at Carlisle Barracks. In that role, he was instrumental and influential in envisioning what now is a new Army Heritage and Education Center, which includes the former MHI expanded to a new location with a visitor and education center and Army Heritage Museum (see ). If you wanted to contribute something in Steve's name, consider a donation to the Army Heritage Foundation of the Army Heritage and Education Center.

After at least a half a decade, Monte Anderson's historical novel, Archimedes of Syracuse: The Chest of Ideas, has been published. It's really about Archimedes, who lived around 300 BC in Syracuse Sicily, as told by Leonardo di Vinci to his employer, Cesare Borga. Leave it to Monte to weave romance, mathematics, feats of engineering, and history set during war between Rome and Carthage. The book is available on and Monte reports that it would make a great holiday gift as well as a tool to swat bugs, press leaves, and brace up short table legs. We can all help Monte by buying his book and emailing 1,000 of our friends and urging them to do the same.

Ralph Tuccillo, Dwight Lee, Fred & Nancy (AKA: "She Who Must Be Obeyed") Hoblit, and Wil Park '12 played in the Service Academy Golf Classic "Pro AM" in October at Andrews AFB. Our class team did well (11 under par) and came in second within the West Point teams. Nancy's adventure with the SAIC Downsizing Fairy year before last turned out as a blessing because she could take the time needed to attend to personal medical needs, organize and conduct the mother of all garage sales, plan and supervise Fred's homeland garden and landscaping activities, and plan a trip to Scotland to play golf. Since, Fred has been diagnosed as a Type II Diabetic, his 19th hole activities have been curtailed, but that doesn't stop him from working–he's still with SAIC providing his vast UAV expertise.

Right after the tournament, Dwight & Donna Lee packed the car and headed to their new home in Pawleys Island, SC. Dwight retired from General Dynamics last May and is just now coming to grips with having to play golf around the world without getting paid for it. Donna stayed on in real estate just long enough to get the Lee manor in Maryland sold. I have not yet heard if they have hooked up with John McDonald at Pawleys Island, which must have a quota for classmates because Bob Fabrey moved from there to Farmington, NM to take on a Chief Medical Officer job with the local med center and be closer to kids and grandkids in Colorado.

About the same time, as classmates were playing golf and moving, Elwood Cobey reported that Steve Marcuccilli ruptured a disc in his back and is recovering from paralysis of his lower extremities. Pam Fern, his long time girlfriend, says that he is doing okay in rehab and is hopeful of a good outcome. We'll get more information when John & Margie Hedley and Dutch & Megan Hostler return from Hawaii in late winter.

Jack & Bobbi Munson doubled the Class' population in the Bethany, DE, area when they finally settled in to join Bob & Eileen Stroud, who built a home on a lot he bought with his Soldier's Deposits he earned in Viet Nam. While Jack & Bobbi live in a golfing community ten minutes from the beach they are not precluded from savoring the "smell of money" when chicken houses in the vicinity (Delaware is the broiler chicken Mecca of the U.S.) are aired out. Besides golf and the beach, they dote on grandchildren (Megan presented them with a grandson–Gage Jackson Baker–in Feb 2009) and worry about Erin, who redeployed to Qatar.

John Keane checked in with the news that he & AnneMarie are grandparents again with a second set of twin grandsons. John has switched back to the civil service ranks in an effort to help make order out of health care data base standardization. If that doesn't work, at least he & AnneMarie will have a decent health care plan.

Mike & Janean Hart, Jim & Kathy Kelley, Bob & Ann Sweeney, and Jim & Pat Thome continued their tradition of annual mini-reunions (except for class reunion years) with a four-day cruise to Cozumel, Mexico, last fall. When they're not doting over or cheering on grandsons, the Harts are still engaged with Mike's homebuilding business and Janean's legal secretarial work. Jim & Kathy continue living in San Jose, CA, where both of them are involved in education–Jim is teaching at the university level and Kathy is a principal of an elementary school. Bob & Ann still live in Woodbridge, VA, where Bob commutes to DC doing his beltway bandit thing with General Dynamics and Ann has her own antiques and country decor business in Occoquan, VA. Jim & Pat still are enjoying retirement in Orlando, FL, and hardly find time for chores or work because cruises, world travel, Disney Parks, and movies monopolize their time. While on the cruise–and because Jim lives on a fixed income, he is willing to try anything when the word "free" is associated, and noting there were few entrants in the "geezer class"–Jim entered a pool-side best male physique contest that offered a free cruise to the winner. Word has it that a "Go Army–Beat Navy" thong was involved and the ship's Captain called off the contest based on the plethora of motion sickness pills being purchased on that smooth seas day.

We got to see a wide variety of classmates thanks to the coordination efforts of recently retired companymates Chuck & Gayle Jones and Joe & Carla Henry and the hospitality of John Hoffman. They contributed to making the 2009 Army Air Force game a larger draw of classmates than the Navy game. Their connections with the local WPS facilitated the E3 and (now traditional) Proopschool, reunions. Jon & Aj Dodson (volunteers with Wounded Warrior Mentor and Mount Vernon Programs respectively), George & Gloria Shoener (both still with Shore Health System on Maryland's Eastern Shore), Fred Johnson (in a new home with a new bride in Wisconsin and still Pres/CEO of Credit Union Executive Society), and Barbara & I descended on the Hoffman manor, while Jack & Marilyn Bussa (Jack has scaled back at ophthalmology to keep up his golf game), Joe & Judy Creeden (still trying to figure out where to live and play golf in the southern USA), Jess & Ann Gatlin (participated in Jess' mother's and father's anniversary in Colorado Springs as well as attended the game and mini-reunion), Joe & Maureen Guignion (Joe reported that Tom Vollrath competed in the Army 10 Miler with an 8:17 pace), Ross & Margaret Irvin (staying healthy), and Bob & Eileen Stroud (continuing to prove that living well is the best revenge) contributed to the Denver economy at a local hotel, golf course and watering hole. Locals Chuck Canella (still nursing a bad back and the only classmate to have written two Memorial Articles), Nick & Barbara Dienes (still traveling and using lots of gas in their RV condo on wheels), Mike Fellows, Gary & Patti Halstead (retired, traveling, skiing, and golfing), Tom & Suzanne Martin, Robbie & Cathy Robinson (Robbie flunked retirement and is looking for part-time defense work to keep busy), Larry & Cheryl Stevenson (focusing on new home landscaping and refurnishing and a bit of IT work with Lockheed Martin), and (Army's #1 fan) Tom Beierschmitt (who reconnected with Tom Krieger who now is retired from the law business and living in North Carolina just north of Myrtle Beach). Just after the game, the Henrys pulled up stakes and moved to a cabin on ten acres in Kentucky where Joe can shoot deer and listen to banjo music on his front porch.

While yukking it up Colorado, we received the devastating news that Joe Fowler had suffered a massive stroke on his 63rd birthday and was removed from life support a few days later to pass from this life. Viewing, service, and wake were attended by companymates Bob Alexander, Dutch Hostler, Gary Roberson, Pete Wallace, and Steve Windsor. Other attending classmates included Joe Guignon, John Keane, Lee Outlaw, Henry Riser, Dick Steiner, Gordie Tillery, and Rich Scaglione. Pete Wallace noted that the old A2/D2/G2H2 gang made it over 41 years without being required to send a company rep to heaven–so, when we got the call, the best was sent. A month after Joe's passing, John Cruden, Joe's old Buckner mate and JAG colleague, commented that he still wants to call Joe because there's always something of interest to both of them that pops up.

On another sad note, Gil Tijerina lost his bride, Irene, two days after their tenth anniversary to cancer just before Christmas. Please keep Barbara Fowler and Gil in your thoughts and prayers because they need us and YOU'RE ALL WE'VE GOT.



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This column is being written on 8 January, covering news received since 7 Oct 09. My next deadline is 10 April for the Jul–Sep issue of ASSEMBLY, which now is published quarterly rather than bi-monthly.

Although the final result was a disappointment, many classmates gathered to watch the improving Army team take on Navy in Philadelphia. Among those in attendance at the game were Gayle & Mike Colacicco; Mark Hoffman and son Marine Sgt. Drew; John Leone and son Marc; Mary Theresa & Dave Metzler; and Shirley & Dan Tigges.

There were also several gatherings around the country to watch the game. In the Boston area, Julie & Doug Fitzgerald hosted the annual New England Army–Navy Game Party, with Elizabeth & Doug Aykroyd, Jo Ann & Bob De Clercq, Chris & Dave Hayes, Gail & Wayne McSwiggan, and Bunny & Fred Mott. Marie & Bob Yaap organized the Orange County, CA, party, with attendees Siobhan & Bill Burke, Holly & Stan DeFilippi (newly married–congrats!), Mimi & Jack Nesbitt, and Dottie & John Rountree, as well as Natasha & Ken Krul, a former classmate from E-3. Also together were Bob Allardice and MJ Hall & Jay Stobbs in Chapel Hill, NC; Bo Moore and Bill Ward in Columbia, SC: Marilyn & Steve Hammond, Greg Jones, and Pat & Jim McDonough in Tallahassee; and Debbie & Mike Brennan and Barbara & Bob Glacel in Brussels. The Brennans have since relocated to New York from London.

K.C. Brown and Pat Spann collaborated again on the annual Beat Navy Luncheon at Ft. Myer. In attendance were Anstrom, Coyle, Dillon, Foss, Bill Foster, Frykman, Greathouse, Haines, Healy, Heesch, Landrum, Love, McGovern, Wayne Murphy, Nardotti, Prosch, Quinn, Robella, Spann, Michael Steele, Bill Taylor (E-4), and Wallestad. Mark your calendars now for the Spring Luncheon, which will be held on 9 April at the Ft. Myer O Club. Similarly, mark your calendars for the Las Vegas mini-reunion being organized by Hank Osterhoudt for 14–17 October; email Hank at for more information.

Earlier, groups had gathered to watch Army–Air Force. In Arlington, VA, were Dan Cox, Coyle, Healy, Heesch, Kimmitt, Landrum, and Spann, while at the game in Colorado Springs were Ballenberger, Gloriod, Hendrickson, Barney King, McCarville, Mesite, Mitchell, Peters, and Mike Maasberg's daughter Maggie.

A group of former ruggers from the DC area traveled north together on 21 November to watch Army beat Navy 40–14 at the new Anderson Rugby Complex on Target Hill Field: Foss, Bill Foster, Greg Foster, Kimmitt and son Mac, Landrum, Lee, Love, Schiraldi, and Bill Smith, plus Spider Marks '75 and John Smith '78. Army has qualified for collegiate rugby's Sweet Sixteen, with opening round play on 16–17 April at Life University in Marietta near Atlanta.

Lastly, several classmates gathered on 31 Dec 09 when Jim Love's father was interred at Arlington Cemetery: Ballenberger, Burke, Bill Foster, Hofstetter, Ken Johnson, Kimmitt, Landrum, Robella, Rountree, and Wanless. COL Love commanded the only infantry company to win a Presidential Unit Citation at the Battle of the Bulge.

Christmas and holiday greetings located Julie & Doug Fitzgerald in Milton, MA; Lois & Jim Johnson in Washingtonville, NY; and Paula & Bob Brigham in Wyomissing, PA. In the Maryland suburbs of DC and Baltimore are George Albrecht and Brigitta Mullican in Rockville; Beth & John Blumer in Catonsville; and Wendy & John Greathouse in University Park. In the Virginia suburbs are Pam & George Coan in Manassas; Lynne & Harry Dolton in Burke; DeNell & Bob Haines in McLean; Terry & Chuck Anstrom and Chris & Dave Scibetta in Springfield; Linda & Ken Johnson in McLean; Kappy & Geoff Prosch in Arlington; Robin & Bob Seitz in Reston; and Louisa & Ken Wanless in Vienna.

Also received nice cards from Kathy & Michael Steele in Fredericksburg, VA; Mary & Rick Kolb in Richmond; Victoria & Tom Wheelock in Hedgesville, WV; Jane & Steve Rhyne in Charlotte; Corinne & Dave Hofstetter in Alpharetta, GA; Elaine & Bob Riddell in St. Augustine, FL; Laura & Arnie Haake in Bonita Springs, FL; Sharon & Scott Wallace in Panama City Beach, FL; Kathi & Dan Bird in Evanston, IL; Ginny & Mark Kannenberg in Milwaukee; Ellita & Joe Cornelison in Maryville, MO; Jane & Dick Jarman and Susan & Bill Johnsmeyer in Overland Park, KS; Jennifer & Charlie Whatton in Houston; Linda & Walt Ballenberger in Monument, CO; Leslie & Dave Hill in Jackson Hole, WY; Lesley & Hank Osterhoudt in Las Vegas; Molly & Joe Berenato in Rolling Hills, CA; Mimi & Jack Nesbitt in San Diego; and Dottie & John Rountree in Claremont, CA.

E-mails started with several from George Albrecht, who had been in Vilseck, Hohenfels, El Paso, and Schofield Barracks, HI, on business, as well as to Diane Pitz's birthday party in Colonia, NJ, together with Lynn & John Fetterolf, Brigitta Mullican, Bob Pitz, and Aline & Bernie Tatro. He also forwarded a photo of E-4 at the reunion. Mike Healy expanded his great efforts with wounded soldiers, taking Walter Reed families to the Navy–Air Force game and a Washington Capitals game, and Ft. Meade families to the Navy–Temple game. Mike has had terrific class response to his request for donations to this worthy cause, and if you pledge now, he will send you a copy of the USMA '65–'69 home movie DVD shown at the reunion.

Received nice Christmas e-mails from Diane & Rick Frykman in Burke, VA; Laura & Hugh Donohue in Cary, NC; Michy & KC Scull in Crestwood, KY; and Barbara & Bob Glacel in Brussels. Cindi Raglin sent word that daughter Susan took command of a combat medical company and was due to return stateside this month. Judy & John Bowers and Jim Reams wrote to report on John's fight with ALS, or Lou Gehrig's Disease. John said both V.A. and Social Security have made ALS an automatic service connected disease, and he would be pleased to share his experiences in getting V.A. support for this and other diseases. Ann & Paul Kessenich's daughter Katie was married to Brendan Beirne on 22 Aug 09 (congrats!), with Lynn & Jim Hillebrand in attendance. Carol & James Cox were in touch from Plano, TX, and said they had made the reunion, their first since the 5th, into a threeweek vacation. They plan to make it to minireunions as well as reunions going forward.

Susan & Mick Zais were in touch from Newberry, SC, with word that son Brad had become the fifth Zais to serve in combat with the 101st Airborne Division, while daughter Ashley is engaged to a young man who practices law in San Francisco. Congrats! Mick is wrapping up his tenth and final year at Newberry College and is running for the position of State Superintendent of Education in South Carolina. And Roy Moore is running for Governor of Alabama.

Last news items on my desk are the official confirmation of Jodie Glore's election as AOG Chairman and Jack Guernsey's election as a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers. Congrats! I also received the good word from K.C. Brown, Bob Harper, and Dick Jarman that B-2 is banding together to write the memorial article for Luigi Rose. A-4 is doing the same for Jack Fitz-Henry. These company efforts are the key to honoring our deceased friends.

That's it for this time. Holly joins me in wishing you a great start to the spring and summer. God bless to all in '69.



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Okay folks. I know that this is the April–June edition, but I'm writing it in January so I'll include all of the info from the massive Christmas mailing I received from the class–all four of them.

Phil Doleac sends me lots of stuff as his way of reminding me that I owe him beer. The big event for the Doleacs was the birth of their second grandchild, "Boston," to 1969–E-4 at the Reunion: Weavers, Raglins, Anstroms, Baileys, Tatros, Crafts, Leones, Adamses, Grant, Hayeses, and Taylor. Michael and Shannon on 21 Dec 09. Kenny is back in Iraq as company commander of his Blackhawk unit but is due back to Ft. Hood in April. Suzanne plans on entering the Army and has been accepted to military medical school at Bethesda and at the Medical College of New York. Jason, Meredith, Kendal, Carter, and Addison are having a grand time in Woodenville, WA, where Meredith has just opened a drop-off play and learning center.

Dick Beahm sent out his annual Christmas letter which, surprisingly, only included one surgery for him this year! It was a year filled with trips and bike rides. He made it to Texas for a ceremony for Jess and David and managed a work boondoggle for a second visit. He continues his yeomanlike work in support of Multiple Sclerosis. Check out for information on how you can contribute. He plans on making a bike tour of Viet Nam with Dave Wagner in early 2011.

Chuck & Maryann Schafer have had an interesting year. Youngest son Dave is a Special Forces medic who, while on orders for Afghanistan, was attending a special combatives course in Colorado Springs, slipped on some "black ice," and broke his leg just above the ankle. After some military medical mishaps of the "take two aspirin and go on sick call tomorrow" variety and surgery, metal plates, screws and wires, he is looking at 4–6 months before he can return to duty. Son Dave returned from eight months in the Philippines in January. He and Kristen managed a delayed honeymoon in Mexico. Scott and Coy (now almost 16 years old!) rode the train in June from Kentucky to Chicago to Philmont Scout Ranch, NM. There they met Chuck and headed out on a 90-mile backpacking adventure. Son Jeff still works for Northrop Grumman.

Don Frazer still works for Rolls-Royce and is moving much easier since hip replacement surgery in November. Liz maintains the household and is on course to eliminate the need for a lawn mower as she covers the yard with plants. Daughter Lisa, husband Charles and granddaughter Haley still live in the Indianapolis area, as do daughter Marianne and son Andy.

Bette Meuleners sent some photos taken by Jim Vernon at E-4's mini-reunion this year in Denver. Unfortunately, the resolution was not good enough to print in ASSEMBLY. While I attempt to rectify that for the next column, imagine a group of your classmates standing in the Continental Divide en route between Denver and Breckenridge and at dinner at Beaver Run Lodge in Breckenridge. Everyone had a great time. Attendees included: Greg & Mary Helen Edwards, Jon Goodman, Mike & Bette Meuleners, Rusty & Faye Morris, Joe & Gwynn Patterson, Skip & Sherry Pease, Tom & Sheila Rabaut, Vince & Bobbi Reilly, Jeff Schmidt, Jim &Bitsy Sullivan, Don Swanda, Jim & Patt Vernon, Greg & Jennie Vuksich, Gary Wimberly, Jeff & Marge Woythal, and Ralph Zychowicz. Rich & Sue Rutledge live in Frisco, CO, and were able to join the crew for dinner in Breckenridge.

Les Sumner checked in with several classmate sightings in NYC. Kerry & Kathleen Lawrence were in for the afternoon on their way to West Point and the NCEA. They had a great lunch at the Oyster Bar at Grand Central, followed by the special Patti & Les 50-cent tour of the Grand Central Terminal and the Library on Fifth. Les also saw John Connors, Mary Ann and daughter Tina with child Tess at the Tulane game. Next in were Gil & Christine Pritchard to see daughter Dana, who is studying Drama in nearby New Jersey, at Drew U.

I was able to get a picture of Dave Herring, Don Frazer,Tom Brandtner, Jim Duncan, Temp Cumiskey, and Skip Ryder enjoying some pre-game activities before the Army–Eastern Michigan football game on 5 Sep 09. They met Bob Pantier and Tom Kauza at the game and watched Army win one on the road. Everyone is looking forward to the 40th Reunion. Next time, they promised to include
pictures with the ladies.

I heard from Tim Lavelle, picture included. Tim is a world class triathlete who won our age group at the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon in San Francisco in June. Last year he finished sixth in the World Championships up in Vancouver Canada. Also, last year he ran into a former plebe from his company (G-1) at the SF Bay Area Founders Day. It was GEN John Abizaid '73. He was the guest speaker and told the audience that Tim taught him everything he knows!

Mary Thornton sent a picture of Pat and Paul Campbell at the Army–Iowa State football game on 26 Sep 09. Even though Army lost, they had a great time at the tailgate party. The Thorntons had not seen Paul since their wedding 39 years ago.

Joe & Kate Reeder hosted their 24th annual Beat Navy Party on 11 December (note: another event to which nobody appears to have brought a camera). Attendees included Richard Beahm; Brian & Karen Bryson; Bob & Maureen Conte; Jim & JoAnn Crawford; John & Rosemay Dobiac; Jim Etchechury; Bill & Sondra Knowlton; Chip & Barbara Leonard; Dale & Jodye Marvin; Charlie & Patricia McGee; Joe & Kate Reeder (also there: Kelsey Reeder, a high school senior); Bob & Debra Richardson; Dave Rosenblum and 24-year-old son Sam; Rich & Sue Rutledge; Mike & Lynn Ryan; Jack & Joan Sabia; Erick & Sherri Sweet; Bill & Terri Taylor; Charlie & Marilyn Velez; Bill & Kathi Vogt; Gary Wimberly; Hank & Janie Zimon; and Jack & Kathryn Zoeller. John Dobiac, Chip Leonard, and Bill Taylor led the class in song, and Bill Knowlton led the class in a robust rocket. Let's all hope that next year we really have something to cheer about.

Clovis, NM, is the site chosen for the Tres Amigas electricity-transmission project that will serve as a renewable energy market hub by connecting all three of America's power grids to enable the transfer of green power from region to region. Why do I mention this? Our own Phil Harris, who refuses to retire, is the CEO of Tres Amigas.

"She Who Must Be Obeyed" read this, pronounced it boring (because she's not mentioned) and then reminded me that we did have lunch with Bill & Sondra Knowlton while they were visiting in Tampa. She also made me drive around a 4C for not mentioning that our daughter Jennifer is due to present us with grandbaby #2 (boy) in June.

And finally, I would be remiss if I didn't single out several classmates out for special recognition. Kerry Lawrence has been diligently working on a new class constitution which, once approved, will guide our class through the next several decades. Frank Monaco has been superb in setting up a class Google group, through which all reunion information has been distributed, and in maintaining numerous lists to track attendees and events. Herding cats over all reunion activities has been Doc Jim McHone, who never took his eyes off the task, even doing so through another round of chemo. Pop 'em up and take big bites, guys. Frank, you can take big bytes!



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Check out the C-2 crowd. Mike McRee, Fred Estrella, Rick Rowe, and John Marsala were at Mike's house over Labor Day weekend 2009. Rick sent the photo sans explanation of the apparent celebration! Of course, who needs a reason?

Ridge & Janet MacLaren shared news of daughter Rebecca ‘s wedding in August. It was a great mini-reunion as well. Jim & Kate Melesky, Tom & Sandy Cafaro, Bert & Kathy David, and John & Nancy Fogarty all attended, and I'm assured a good time was had by all. Ridge & Janet also shared the photo of Ridge with granddaughter Annie. Annie was born on 1 Dec 08.

Russ & Jayne Vaughn enjoy retirement to the max! Russ loves to read, accumulate books, and build bookcases. He says his main responsibilities now are washing dishes and sharing chauffeuring duties. Jayne plays around in the garden. She grew a 32-pound watermelon last summer, along with a myriad of other vegetables. Daughter Kira is in her third year of college at Hood majoring in Psychology. She wants to become a counselor in the "helping field." Patrick graduated from high school in June 2009 and now attends community college part-time. According to Russ, he is majoring in tabletop gaming, judging by his application of effort.

Congratulations to Bob Weiss. At the annual WPAOG meeting last October, Bob was elected to the Board of Directors. PD, Bob! His term began 1 January and will run through 31 Dec 12.

We have a number of classmates running for political office around the country. Mike Bendas is running for congress in Chicago. Mike had no challenger for the February primary, so he definitely will be on the ballot in November as the Republican candidate against a well-entrenched incumbent. Mike is very hopeful, stating the overall political climate in Illinois is one of frustration with incumbents, which will be good for his effort, and he thinks his positions as fiscal conservative and social moderate should do well in the current Chicago political environment. Mike did admit one thing he has learned is that if citizens want to make a difference, there are two things that they can do: contribute dollars early in the campaign and give time to help a campaign, especially during the month before an election! So, get involved with your local candidates, no matter which party they represent! Mike's web site is at .

Mark Weiman was going to help Mike's campaign with fund-raising but then got the itch and filed to run for the seat in the downtown Chicago district. Although he is running against a strong incumbent, Mark also is unopposed in the primary and will be on the ballot in November.

Dave McIntyre and his campaign are picking up speed, as many of you may already know from regular updates from Dave. One interesting piece of news from his website, having nothing to do with his campaign, is that David Barksdale Mc- Intyre, 7 lbs 13 ounces, joined the family in November. The new baby joins Jonathan, Charlie, Mary, and Roger as grandchildren in the Mc- Intyre family: four boys and a princess. Okay, back to the campaign. As I mentioned last time, Dave is running for the Republican slot to oppose Congressman Chet Edwards in the U.S. House of Representatives in the general election in November 2010. You can see where Dave stands on the issues at .

Gordy & Debbie Schnabel again hosted a beautiful holiday party in their home last November. It is always so gracious of them and a great time to get together with classmates during the holiday season. In attendance were Joe & Karen Adelman, Joe Visinski, Bill & Clare Barkovic, Bill & Barbara Diehl, Mike & Shirley Ebbesen, Marc & Kris Erlandson, Roy Werthmuller, Steve Wilcox, Herb & Barb Gallagher, Dave & Brooke Gorski, Paul & Susan Jacobs, Mike & Lynne Maples, Bill & Nancy Mattfeld, Tom & Pam Metz, Mike & Joy Neyland, Mike & Rose Van Buskirk, and Russ & Jayne Vaughn.

From our illustrious comrade and friend, Dr. Jack (No Slack) Chiles, I received the following in response to an invite to watch the Army–Navy game at the Burrells': "From off the coast of Ilha Grande, Brazil, I send you one single thought, one sole idea, written in red on the beaches from Rio to Buenos Aires–Beat Navy! I shall forego the pleasure of visiting the pristine jungle wilderness of a national nature preserve to listen to "The Game." Not being entirely insensitive to the native culture, I shall fortify myself with the national drink, the caipirinha, from my exposed position of a deck chair. I shall raise my glass to The Rabble, hum "Benny Havens," Oh! as I sip my libation and perform a solitary Rocket after every Army touchdown. May the field of friendly strife be littered with the broken forms of squirming squids as we assume our rightful place in the Patriot Bowl. There is no substitute for victory!" Need I say more? I'm still looking for pictures, Jack!

For those of you keeping track of the class via our Google Groups site, you'll note that Ed Postell just posted information on the '71 Prostate Cancer Support Group he has set up. Consider joining the Support Group if you have had prostate cancer and are willing to share your experiences; give advise/counsel to others going through the stress and uncertainty related to PC diagnosis; or have just been diagnosed with PC so your classmates and friends can support you; have an enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH); or, you're just interested in getting or sharing information to reduce the chances of prostate cancer and control of BPH, both issues affect all of us and those who are dear to us. The USMA '71 Prostate Cancer Support Group has a Google Group site similar to the West Point Class of 1971 Google Group site. This ensures confidentiality in that only Support Group Members have access and provides familiarity of use. To join the PC Support Group, go to . Once there, you will have to sign in and apply for membership. While we give this strong plug for prostate cancer, let us not forget our classmates and family members living with other forms of cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

Well, after a couple of false starts, Tom Metz finally retired in November last year. Let me put it this way: Tom had his retirement ceremony in November of last year. He wasn't officially retired until 31 Dec 09. Tom & Pam had to adjust plans a couple of times due to the naming of a replacement. And, as it turns out, Tom's retirement ceremony was on 13 Nov 09, but he was back at work on the 16th. He then served as the Director of JIEDDO until 30 December, when LTG Mike Oates '79 officially took over. So Tom & Pam now are off traveling between their homes here in Arlington, the North Carolina house, and the lake house in Georgia. Must be tough. Tom served his country and his Army well. Of course, PD '71 turned out in full force for the ceremony and reception, as you can see in the accompanying photo.

SCUSA continues to attract the best and brightest minds from around the country to assemble each year at West Point to tackle the important and difficult policy questions facing the country and the world. The Class of '71 is proud to be a part of SCUSA and has supported it for many years. Special thanks to George Gilmore, Tom Teesdale, Mike & Jean Ritchie, Bob Weiss, Dick & Annette Graf, and Tom & Ann Mannle, 1971–Reps at Tom Metz' retirement. along with our esteemed Supe and Dean, for their contributions this year.

Your humble Scribe would like to thank everyone who took the time to send holiday cards and letters. One of these years the Burrells are going to reciprocate–one of these years. Seriously, thanks again. Bonnie & I enjoy hearing from everyone and, of course, yours truly liked the material for the class column. Here's some of the news. Gerry & Marty Cummins are still in Smithfield, VA. Gerry still is with Northrop Grumman and traveling like a madman! Marty also did a great deal of traveling this year and was able to catch up with family as well as friends. Carolyn McNally still works as an administrator in ACES, the regional educational service center in southern Connecticut. Hope I got that right, Carolyn! Her daughter Sara works in marketing for an architectural firm in Manhattan. Dave & Deborah Hardin sent greetings from the great state of Georgia. Dave & Deborah joined the wonderful world of grandparenthood with the birth of their granddaughter Camille (Cammie) Endsley Chandler. Welcome aboard, guys, and enjoy the right to spoil at will! Dave biked across Iowa again this year with his brother, and Deborah had a partial knee replacement. I guess that sets the pace!

Finally, a short plug for the annual Class Shoot Out. By now you have received all the e-mails with the details, so if you haven't planned to attend, please do, and we'll see you in California. That' it from here, folks. Hope everyone has had a great start to 2010. I haven't said anything about the Class Gift this time around, but there's plenty of information on the class website. The next column won't be out until July, so until then, please keep those cards and letters coming.



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Happy New Year! We won the first half of the Army–Navy game! Now we only have to play an entire game the next time. Well, I spent the game with the Donaghys and Merkls–but did run into the Adamczyks (I got him his tickets), Scotts, Flachs, Buttines; and Jeff McCausland with son (who had his camper there with gluhwein und bratwurst). Being on club level, it was hard to mingle with the hoi polloi, but perhaps next year we can try.

Many Christmas cards and Holiday wishes were received with much information regarding new jobs, moves, grandchildren, and family reunions. I also was able to scan some of the family photos for this column, so you can see who is getting older, balder, and heavier (I plead guilty to all three counts, Your Honor!) Why is that happening to us but not the wives? Did hear from the following, and all seem to be in good health and looking forward to 2010: Jack & Bonnie Buttine, Tony & Rhonda Dedmond, Stan & Patti Florer, John & Rosemary Bonin, Dave & Louise Hartman, Bill & Karen Henry, Charlie & Dale Anne Fletcher, Paul & Amy John- son, Steve & Marie Curry, Pete & Gina Topp, Dave & Honey Kirk, Hud & Rollie Berrey, and Grant & Janice Smith.

Saw Bruce Moore at a luncheon recently, and he now is living up here in DC and working as a Master Planner in the Army Reserves. Vickie Olson keeps sending me the URLs of articles that her husband, Eric "Jimmy" Olson, is writing for the NY Post, Daily Planet and LA Times. All deal with Afghanistan. If you want a copy, send me a request, and I'll get you the URL.

Bruce & Mary Scott, besides coming to football games to see their youngest at USMA, also made a trip to visit 1LT Scott '07, who is flying in Korea right now.

Bill James is still pushing his JPODS concept and new transportation system of the future. Here is his URL if you want to know more: .

Heard from Bill Mc-Daniel. He is on the eastern shore of Maryland and apparently enjoying life. "Hello from the Lower Eastern Shore, where life continues to be good and I even caught some fish this year while Paula entered her first art contest and her water color came in second place. Went to the Temple game with our daughter Siobhan but didn't see any classmates there enduring the weather and the officiating. Beat Navy!" Surprised that he doesn't invite the class to drop in and visit.

Sorry that I do not have any updates on Skip Loucks but will do this outside of the column and in real-time over the listserv and Facebook. Speaking of Facebook, get on it and find your company mates and "friend" them. This will make it easier to get out info for the next reunion. Must be at least half the class on it right now, and Rollie Dessert has started a '72 page.

Have heard from several of you regarding the Scribe's recent debut on CBS Sports during an Army game. A little background: While at the game, we got a call on my cell from 1LT Curran '07, who was watching the game at the Rec Center at Camp Morehead, Afghanistan. Realizing that they were televising live, Molly became a MOM (mother on a mission) and spoke to every CBS technician there was to get to say "Hi" to her son. Finally found the right camera and, while hamming it up with the F-4 Frogs, we went live to Afghanistan. One minute later a call came in from the FOB asking me what the heck was I thinking? Really embarrassed him!

Honey Kirk sends: "What a delight to be watching the exciting Army victory yesterday and see you & Molly on the big screen. Who was that green frog all over her? Seriously, you guys looked GREAT, and it made my day! I called David in from his lawn mowing and rewound it so he could also wave to you, too."

Honey sent a follow-on e-mail: "So what are you going to do to get on TV at the Navy game? Paint your bodies black, gold, and grey perhaps? Missy Rainier and I will be watching from NYC. The two of us are going to Princeton and then into the city for a (almost) weeklong celebration of her birthday. Then I'll come home to repack, and David & I will head to Charlottesville, VA, for two weeks with Shannon, husband Rick, almost 3-year-old Landon and the 9/11 new baby, Collin."

Heard from Bob Minutoli, and he sent a picture: "Attached photo is Dan Hennebry, Bob Minutoli, Kimberly Smalley Grace, Jerry Smalley and Ray Federici at Jerry's surprise 60th birthday party at Kim's home in Bel Air, MD. Hope all is well. Get back on the track and lose some weight (me, too!). Regards and keep up the nice work on the column."

The Lasala news can be found at . Mike Aldrich now has a new job, and the announcement can be found at . Good luck with the new endeavor.

Finally, a voice from the past and e-mail from Dr. Bruce van Dam: "While I always enjoy reading your class scribe reports (and the accompanying photos reassure me I am not the only graying classmate), I haven't had much to report personally until recently. At the end of September I closed my office and retired from the private practice of spine surgery. So far I like the feeling! Nina & I were particularly blessed by two events in 2009: the safe return of David in July from his second deployment (Somalia) and the wedding of Deborah to CPT Jeffrey Sommers, USMC, in October. David (on the left) now is commander of a Marine reconna is - sance compa- ny anticipating deployment to Afghanistan. Jeff (on the right), USNA '03, has deployed to Iraq three times, including the second Battle of Fallujah."

With that I will close and wish you all the best in 2010 and Go Army, Beat Navy in ALL sports!!!



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Holiday Greetings and Happy New Year to all! Another football season with a similar final comment: "wait 'till next year"! Coming from the Chicagoland area, we are very familiar with that phrase. That said, the team did make significant improvement all year long, so maybe this time it will be a "better year next year!"

All of us in the DC area are enjoying more snow than our backs and shovels can. Still, while it is a bit cold and snowy here, there are a few more challenging environments some of our classmates are enduring. Mike Pasquarella is one such classmate. He deployed to Afghanistan as a PROFIS (augmentee) physician with an Area Support Medical Company a number of months ago and he and his team were finally able to open their clinic after three months of effort. After getting it established, he finished his stint down in Kabul as the USFOR-A deputy surgeon and now is back in San Antonio at Ft. Sam Houston. Thanks Mike for your superb support to our war fighters!

Bruce Boevers sent a note and picture from a mini-reunion of some Class of '73 studs who celebrated the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Back in 1989, Jim Silva was with the Military Liaison Mission, Larry Bronstein was the Soviet liaison in the Provost Marshal's Office, Terry Meehan was the Deputy PAO, and Bruce was the SGS, en route to becoming Deputy Chief of Staff for Political-Military Affairs. Bruce went on to finish his Army career as the DATT in Vienna, Austria. Truly tough duty, but someone had to do it! Needless to say, the group gathered not only to celebrate the anniversary, but to tell two-decade old war stories how they single-handedly changed the course of history and established standards for the Class of '73!

Speaking of leaving a mark, about a month ago I received a note from the WPAOG regarding the mentoring of a Soldier by our classmate, Roger Mills. Turns out that Roger provided a great deal of mentoring and support to an Ohio Army National Guardsman who was attempting to enter OCS. Fighting the bureaucracy, Roger was able to assist him with dedicated support through his enlistment process, application for OCS, and with follow-up encouragement as only Roger can do. The grateful Guardsman summed up everything with the following: "My todate experience with the United States Army would be decidedly negative if not for the actions and support of CWO Herbert (Roger) Mills, who for reasons unknown to me has gone far beyond any reasonable expectations or call of duty on my behalf. I trust any individual who feels pride for their service and for the U.S. Army would recognize the honor and integrity that CWO Herbert Mills contributes to the institution." Roger, we certainly acknowledge your continued contribution to our Army and want to thank you for all that you do–Proud and Free!

Lee Ross sent in a note about a spontaneous F-4 mini-reunion at Al & Susan Sciarretta's home in Springfield, VA, back in October. Lee was in Fredericksburg at a conference and decided to stop by their house on the way home. Deciding not to let a moment like this pass, Al & Susan invited Mico & De Miller and JB Harwanko who were close enough in the area to join them for a spur of the moment F-4 gathering. Clearly good times were had by all!

As a follow-up to our 35th Reunion, Doug MacIntyre spearheaded an effort to work with class company representatives in order to improve our ability to connect and communicate. After several phone conference sessions, over 70 classmates representing almost every company had called in to exchange ideas on how to improve class communications. Those who participated suggested several recommendations, such as company newsletters, mini-reunions, and use of Web 2.0 collaboration tools. The discussions resulted with a recommendation to establish a Class Council made up of representatives from each company to garner input from company classmates to help shape future class events, such as the class reunions. As well, the company reps will assist be able to assist the WPAOG and the class with assistance in death notifications of classmates and support to their families. Stay tuned for more information from your company representatives.

As a result of that current effort, I also received some additional notes from those who participated. Dan Braun sent in a note complimenting Jay Willis who continues to distribute an annual newsletter for A-4 classmates, which has helped A-4 classmates keep in contact with each other. He also mentioned that Bill Griffin and his wife, Becca, made a trip from Iowa this summer for Bill's 40th high school reunion just across the river from Dan in New York. They spent several days with the Braun' on Lake Wallenpaupack, PA, and all had a good time catching up, retelling old stories and enjoying the great outdoors in the area. As well, they also made a "significant contribution to the economic recovery of the distillery industry." Unfortunately, Dan didn't provide any further details on that particular event, but one can only surmise they thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

The classmate contact effort also put me in touch with Clint Miner, my roommate for several years who currently lives in Switzerland with his wife Vernitha. They have raised four daughters and he now is serving in the position as the Global Education Manager for a foundation that provides continuing medical education for trauma surgeons around the world. They travel all over the world as they participate in courses and meetings with representatives from Israel, Saudi, Germany, Russia, Brazil, U.S., China, etc. who are all working together to improve patient care. My other roommate Bob Holcomb and his wife Kathy were blessed with their fourth grandchild in October. He continues with his "never-ending quest for a Ph.D." and truly believes that he has entered the alumni phase of qualifying as "disgruntled old grads" now. After our last Navy game, he has lots of company!

If you are looking for a good book to read, I would suggest all to take a moment to read Bill (Tup) Snow's book, More Pearls From The Storm. This is something he has been working on for the past several years and his daughter Bethany helped him get it all together. The book can be purchased from the Snow's or from . Amazon is selling it for $10.99 or you can get one from Eleanor () for $10. As many of you may recall, Bill suffered a very unfortunate accident a number of years ago when a stray bullet hit him in his spinal cord and paralyzed him while he was sitting in his office suite. He continues to work through the difficulties and this book is certainly a tribute to him and his entire family for all they endured. Congrats to Tup on the book–all are encouraged to pick up a copy!

Congrats also to Dan Wright who recently retired from the JAG Corps and now is seeking employment in his next career. Thank you Dan & Jan for 36 years of dedicated and loyal service to our Army and Soldiers! Proud and Free!

As a reminder, the Class of '73 Remembrance Service weekend is 5–7 June in Arlington, VA. We will honor our 41 deceased classmates on 6 Jun 10 at Arlington National Cemetery–this year we will have a special tribute to Gary Topping (G-1) and Ron Rowley (H-1) who both passed away this past year. Like last year, we will host a Friday evening ice breaker at the Sine Irish Pub & Restaurant in Arlington and a no-host dinner at Portofino's on Saturday night. We also will have a class brunch on Sunday at the Arlington Army-Navy CC following the service at Arlington National Cemetery. Look forward to seeing all who can attend.

That's all for now. All take care and keep in touch!



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It is sad to report that a classmate has passed away. David Bingham died on 2 Jul 08 in Encinitas, CA. The next of kin is his widow, Ms Linda Stockdale, at 1243 Saxony Road, Encinitas, CA 92024. I have no other details at this time.

As a follow-up to our 35th Reunion, a couple of things Bill Muir reported to us. We had about 275 classmates attending all or a portion of the reunion, and by all measures we all had a great time. Bill still wants to hear any after-action comments and for us to be candid. He also noted some continuing communications issues, to include keeping the WPAOG up-to-date with your e-mail, address, and your Cullum file. You can do this at . Also Bill is collecting errors on classmate photos in the '74 Howitzer. It sounds like Bill is already gearing up for the 40th!

After Army llife, Ken Cross worked for USPA & IRA for ten years, then he & Christine settled in Sacramento, CA, where she started her own business as a make-up artist and aesthetician, and has done well. Ken volunteered with the Red Cross and his church, then worked for his church and has now worked his way up to CEO of the Sacramento Habitat for Humanity, which just broke ground on their 200th home! They are proud of their daughter Abby, who is a teacher in Kuwait and loves traveling overseas. Thanks, Ken.

Bob & Susan Bell sent a photo their son's marriage to Jenna at the West Point Chapel last July. Bob says: "The ceremony was made all the more poignant by the fact that it took place on the 30th anniversary of their (Bob & Susan) wedding in the same place." Their other son David served as best man. The newlyweds have since moved to Ft. Riley, with Dan a battle captain in the 1st ID G-3 shop due to deploy this year to Iraq. Jenna is a national spokesperson for the American Heart Association. After a vacation to Ireland, Bob & Susan are back in San Antonio, where Bob still teaches English at the TMI-The Episcopal School of TX and Sue is a popular sub.

From Dan & Andie Zwack. He had lived and worked in Iowa for 30 years for John Deere, doing engineering and operations. Now he is a project manager for SBInet and doing some interesting work on the Mexican border. Son Drew served in the Army with a tour in Iraq and carried both of his grampa's WWII dog tags. Their daughter is finishing at U of Iowa and majoring in elementary ed.

Mark & Val Andreotta were at the reunion, and Mark still works hard and travels with ExxonMobil. Last year highlights were competing in the Disney World Half Marathon (they both got Donald Duck medals), and attending the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, this time with son Billy. Daughter Kim is working at Deloitte in McLean, VA, while taking classes at G.W. Univ. Son Mike is working at ExxonMobil and will graduate in May from Georgetown with an MBA. Billy is flying F-16's out of Italy; Greg is finishing his masters at DePaul in Chicago; Ashley is in a nursing program at Marymount Univ; and Joey works at Wegman's.

Champe & Virginia Miller came from Huntsville, TX, for the reunion. Champe has left Wells Fargo and started his own firm, Miller Financial Services, and things are going well. Now in the same building with Virginia's firm, the commute is easier. Virginia also is very active with the local Republican Women's group. They welcomed their first granddaughter last year, born to daughter Kelsey & husband Charlie at Camp Pendleton. Daughter Morgan is a senior at Texas A&M, majoring in International Business. Son Matthew is a senior analyst with Siguler Guff & Co.

John & Kim Fabry continue their quest to golf in all 50 states, adding four more this year for 21 so far. Last year they traveled to New Mexico for the Bataan Memorial Death March. Their daughter Rose is at Auburn. At the reunion, they extended the get-together by enjoying NYC along with the Chacheres, Steve Browns, Mike Johnsons, Schmidts, and Martinezes.

Rick & Mary Preece still are in Northern Virginia, Rick now working for Pragmatics while Mary is an office manager with Ameriprise. Daughter Kate works for Deloitte & Touche doing a lot of State Dept work. Son Matthew and Renee live in Charlotte, have blessed mom and dad with two grandkids, and maybe #3 soon.

Rick & Sue Oertel still live and work in the Virginia Colonial Heights area, with Rick very involved with the American Legion, both local and state-wide. Daughter Kimberly & husband Daniel gave them their first grandchild, Emma, last year. Kim works for the Faison School in Richmond while Daniel works for Richmond City Schools, both working with special needs children. Daughter Andrea is in Florida, and her pediatric clinic in Lutz, FL, appears to be doing well.

Achtung! Did you know we have a recording artist in our midst? From Roy Crawford: "My wife Vickie & I live in Albuquerque, NM. My last nine years of active duty were on Air Force Bases: J1 of Alaskan Command at Elmendorf AFB and Director of Resources for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency at Kirtland AFB. After my retirement in 2002, I was a Senior VP at Kirtland Federal Credit Union for five years and now am fully retired. One of my main interests is Toastmasters International, and I have achieved Distinguished Toastmaster designation (the top level in Toastmasters) and served as District 23 Governor (over all New Mexico and west Texas) three times. In 2009, I recorded a country music CD for Country Discovery Records. One of my songs hit #3 in Norway, #8 in Sweden, and # 22 in Denmark . You can follow links from my website, , to hear excerpts of my CD." I tuned in, and Roy has a great talent. Congrats!

Doug Shaw sent Harley news: "I went on my annual fall motorcycle trip from 19–29 Sep 09. This was the Civil War Battlefield Tour. Went from my house in North Carolina to Gettysburg, then hit all the battlefields possible on the way down through Virginia. Fittingly, we hit Appomattox last, then on home. I visited with Paul Lemley in Gettysburg and Mike Rogers in Manassas." Doug regrets that he missed reunion. See you at the 40th!

Christmas Notes. Denis & Louise Rochette live in Windham, ME, while daughter Renee & husband Jim live and work in Northern Virginia. Son Matt is finishing school in South Bend, probably will work in Maine, and is engaged to Becca; wedding this summer! Jay & Shirley Joyce welcomed their second grandchild last summer when Richard was born to daughter Christy & husband Dan. Big sister Christy now is two. Christy & Dan are both stationed at Ft. Carson, and Jay & Shirley can visit Linda Rowe when seeing their kids and grandkids. Jay now manages IT purchases with Procter & Gamble in Cincy.

Steve & Miriam Shambach are busy in Colorado Springs, Steve still doing character and leadership integration at the AFA and sponsoring some cadets while also coaching son William's soccer team and being active with him in Scouts. Daughter Melissa now is 12–both children came to the reunion to see Woops. Joe Bonnet still thrives in the Pentagon J-7, while Mary continues her holistic wellness business. They worked in some neat trips to England and Arizona last year. Joe Hunter changed up his work a bit by doing a 13-week assignment as a home health therapist in Columbia, MD, and Nancy came along. It worked out so well, they planned on doing another. Son Justin & wife Tracy remain in Albuquerque, where he works with disadvantaged children. Son Austin is a senior interaction designer with Eight, Inc, and relocated to Hawaii.

Another big class event in October was Steve Speakes' retirement on 30 Oct 09 in the Pentagon. Don Wilbourn attended: "The class was well represented by me, Bob Nealson, Dennis Patrick, Ross Thompson, Pham Tam, and others. Well wishes were also sent by Hy Rothstein in California, Eric Wildemann in Virginia, and John Blanco in Nevada. The ceremony was presided over by GEN Chiarelli (VCSA). Steve was in fine form and an elegant speaker, as always. His wife Gigi was by his side, as was son CPT Grant Speakes. Son CPT Brennan Speakes provided a videotaped message to his dad from the 2/5 CAV, 1CD area of 1974–Paul Lemley and Doug Shaw in Gettysburg. operations somewhere in Iraq. Both Grant's and Brennan's wives were there to support their father-in-law's big day." Thanks, Don.

Congrats to Frank Janoski on his election to the WPAOG Board of Directors. He already has been a valuable resource to West Point and the class in actions that many of us are not aware of. Ben Withers reports that, during our reunion, several classmates & wives volunteered to write Memorial Articles. The following, however, are still open: Steve Stevenson, Myron Lynch, Bob Kimsey, Jeff Smith, Dave Hohnstine, Mace Braxton, Dave Bingham, John Van Vleet, Jim Brettell, Dave Fowler, and Dan Heatherton. Anyone interested should email Ben at .

I'm still open for any great reunion photos, send them in. Also I know of many Army–Navy parties and many of hopes of soon turning those fortunes around. Right, Wally Bransford! Also on Army–Navy day, was the annual Wreaths Across America, and Don Johnson coordinated class efforts at Arlington. Thanks for doing that and send in info. God Bless and have a great spring.



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No submission this issue. Please send your letters and photos to the above address.


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Welcome to a new decade of the class column! Here's to hoping more guys check in, especially those who have never given an update of their time since graduation. We're just an e-mail away.

Okay, our class secretary, Jerry Warner, wrote in to remind us that 18 of our 28 deceased members do not have memorial articles. These include Cantrell, Clarizio, Dangerfield, Fields, Gardiner, R Harrington, Heinlein, R Johnston, and TP Kelly. (We'll feature the other nine next time.) Please give a thought to lifting a pen in their memory. Contact the WPAOG to get started. Speaking of which, Lon Horiuchi volunteered to write the memorial on Jim Williams. The problem was that the WPAOG was not aware of Jim's passing. Lon had been in touch with Jim's parents, so he knew that Jim died on 27 May 08 in Yelm, WA, and is survived by his wife Bonnie. More than that we do not know. Perhaps Lon will fill us in. RIP, Jim.

GO News. Guy Swan and Mike Barbero pinned on third stars. Guy's on his way to Ft. Sam Houston to run Fifth Army, while Mike is in Iraq. Keith Walker got his second star down there at Ft. Bliss, TX. Bill Caldwell and Dave Rodriguez both have very long command job titles to go along with their LTG rank out there in Afghanistan on Operation Enduring Freedom.

Bill Grisoli left the G Staff at the Pentagon for a job across the river as Deputy CG for Civil and Emergency Operations, Corps of Engineers. Good luck to all you "star men." Your former roommates stand amazed at your progress.

Kevin Ryan, ever the academic, returned in September to Harvard's Belfer Center as a Senior Fellow because he got an offer he couldn't refuse: to organize a U.S.-Russia Nuclear Initiative focused on preventing nuclear terrorism. Kevin will work on this subject with classmate Rolf Mowatt-Larssen, previously Director of Intelligence at the Dept of Energy and before that in CIA for many years. Rolf and Kevin went to Moscow in October 2009 to meet with Russian experts in an effort to increase cooperation between the two countries on preventing nuclear terrorism. As a former CIA Station Chief and Defense Attaché, their visit might have been misunderstood (ya think?), but they were surprisingly well received. (Does "well received" mean copious amounts of vodka were consumed?)

Ron Houle's daughter Katherine now is a plebe with the Class of 2013. Ron is VP, Government Relations, for DHS Systems, in Washington, DC.

Bob McClure has been out and about, stumping for the WPAOG. His report: Ken Liepold is very sick and could use our prayers. Rick Bifulco has been in touch with Ken and says he's dealing well with both chemo and radiation. Ken lives way the heck up there in Maine. Bob saw Gary McKenzie at the Army–Northern Texas game. He was about to head to Siberia looking for oil. Bob also saw Mark Hanna at the Army–Navy game. Mark lives near Rochester and said it was the first Army–Navy game he's been to since we were firsties. Archie Elam was there as well. Kurt Johnson commented on Bob's Facebook wall: ". . . .spent the weekend with Bruce Gamsby in Contoocook, NH, snowmobiling and watching him play hockey on my layover weekend from work in Boston." (Bruce, hockey for guys over 50 is fraught with peril. Just so you know.)

Rob Soeldner happily informed us of his appointment in December to be the Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He & Mary are looking forward to rejoining the Army family in this voluntary position with a view toward taking care of soldiers and their families.

Reamer Argo's son (Reamer IV) now is in Afghanistan with the 173rd Abn Bde. Turns out that there now is a Reamer Welker Argo V who was born in October 2009 in Vicenza, Italy. Who knew Reamer could count to five?

Clay Harrington provides the update from Central Texas. He attended (and thoroughly enjoyed) the North Texas game with Carl Menyhert and his wife. Clay also attended the promotion of Guy Swan to lieutenant general at Ft. Sam Houston. He included the photo you see here. Rumor has it that Guy will host a '76 Army–Navy game party next year! (His new quarters should have plenty of room for a great "man cave!") Clay sent us the flyer from the Port of Corpus Christi's official dedication ceremony of the "Al Speight Multipurpose Railyard" on 11 Jan 10. Quite a nice memorial to a great classmate.

Mike Tatu was working on his new job at ATK and just happened to run into Earl Mazerolle, so they had a hasty F-4 mini-reunion at Randy Rogel's house. Mike promises photos next time. Chuck Layman will be invited.

Bob & Birgit Surtees sent a pic of the tropical heat wave that swept over Sachsenheim, Germany, where they live. Bob's day at the beach looks a tad brisk. Seems he had to break out some sun screen factor 36 to escape those intense UVs.

We got some Christmas cards from the usual suspects, but we don't want to over-expose them here. (Except for Mark Grotte, whose newsletter's maudlin ramblings about his poodle are grounds for a urinalysis.) Instead, let's close with an exhortation to those who haven't written to the column in over ten years. It's time, boys.



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Happy 2010–that sounds a bit strange to me! As I send these notes it is in the twenties in Florida, the coldest stretch below freezing in January ever recorded. No comments on global warming; just wish there was a little snow to go with the cold! On to the news.

From Kevin Benson on 2 Nov 09: It's been a while but now I have something to report to you on the activities of various classmates. First of all I've seen Bill Butler at church in Lansing, KS. Bill is really active in our parish, and I will pin him down long enough to get a report. Steve & Libby Rotkoff are doing well out here. Steve now is the deputy director of the school where we both work out here at Ft. Leavenworth. He is involved in a really high-powered project with Ori Brafman, the fellow who wrote The Starfish and the Spider, a new approach to business organizations for the 21st century. Dave & Brenda Hruska are doing great things out here as well. Their daughter Elizabeth presented them with a grandson David. Their son Michael '07 is an infantry platoon leader in Afghanistan. I spent six plus weeks in DC (1Oct-6Nov09) and was able to link up with a number of our classmates. Jim Greer and I had dinner together at the Army-Navy CC. While I was waiting for Jim, I noticed that Wally Frankland is the secretary of the club. Now I wish I'd taken up the offer of lifetime membership when we were newly graduated. Jim is working a project for GEN (Ret.) Abrams at the Department of Homeland Security.

I spent a terrific Sunday afternoon (4Oct) watching football with Rory Miott. Rory works for Freddie Mac and is hard at work at that outfit. He & his wife Charlene were just wonderful to this itinerant traveler. Rory put me in touch with: Lloyd Carmack, Hoa Generazio, and Jack Benkert. Carm, Hoa, and Jack all retired in this area. Carm works for a company that does satellite mapping. Mary Lou, Carm's wife, works with gifted kids in the local schools. Hoa, who has a Ph.D. from MIT, works for a company that supports the Army Missile Defense Agency. Susan, Hoa's wife, is working on a master's degree in historical preservation. She spent a summer writing a historical proposal for a post-colonial era home to enter the National Registry. One of their sons graduated from the Academy this past May. Jack works for BAH supporting folks at Ft. Meade, and his wife Chris works HR for BAH. Carm & Mary Lou invited me to their home for dinner (21 Oct) and had a houseful of folks: one of their four sons; Hoa & Susan Generazio and one of their sons; and Jack & Chris Benkert. We had a wonderful evening of telling "there we were" stories, boring the wives and sons and laughing like crazy. Mary Lou told me she was taking charge of my social calendar for the remainder of my time in Northern Virginia.

My wife Kate came for a visit at the end of October, and we were invited to go dancing with Carm & Mary Lou and Jack & Chris. What a hoot! It seems Jack has a "plan" for the future that includes dancing! Jack has to tell that story someday! The couples have been attending Friday dance lessons for some time, and they were really good. They made sure that Kate & I had a great time. The fun continued as Hoa & Susan Generazio invited me to their home for a football Sunday (25 Oct). Hoa, it appears, has some special skills as a cook, as we had world class "spring rolls." It was a terrific party as again we were joined by the Carmacks and the Benkerts. I also saw Dan McConnell very briefly (28 October). Dan was at Ft. Belvoir getting shots in preparation for his sojourn to Afghanistan. His company is sending Dan over to Kabul to do some work for ISAF. I tried to get Dan linked up with Jim Greer as well, but it did not happen as Jim is really busy. Godspeed to Dan! The fun continued as on 1 November Carm & Mary Lou had me back to their home. Along with Hoa & Susan, Rich & Elena Douglas were there, so we had an impromptu B3 mini-reunion. Rich spent time in Japan and Cincinnati for GE. He now works in the Washington, DC, office. Elena lives in Cincinnati, and they alternate weekends; DC or Cincy. They now are empty-nesters as their kids are established in careers. Cheers, Kevin

From Marc Gunnels on 6 Jan 10: I hope you and your family enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and New Year's. My son Brandon, an Army ROTC student at Auburn University, graduated on 18 Dec (his 23rd birthday). Our whole family was present for the big day, which began with a commissioning ceremony at a small church in the town of Auburn, AL. I was honored to swear him in as a new second lieutenant (Armor)–the attached photo shows Brandon with me and my wife Kaki. I talked to Rich Douglas recently; he sits on the Board of Directors for the American-Turkish Council representing General Electric. The ATC is dedicated to effectively strengthening US-Turkish relations through the promotion of commercial, defense, technology and cultural relations. Rich had just completed a trip to Istanbul with former National Security Advisor and outgoing Chairman of the ATC, LTG (Ret.) Brent Scowcroft '47–the attached photo shows Rich seated next to the Turkish Minister of Defense and LTG Scowcroft. Rich also attended the Army–Navy game in Philadelphia with Pancho Kinney. Although my duties with the WPAOG limited my ability to get to the famous Class of '77 tailgate, I did have a chance to visit with Mike Dowe, Paul Melody, Tony Manganiello, and Vinnie Viola during halftime at the Army–Navy game. With Army in the lead 3–0, the mood was still upbeat! Esprit de Corps! –Marc

We received an e-mail on 14 December from Scott Leishman. He had just received the three-month results from his post prostatectomy PSA teat. Pure bolo at 0.0. That is a perfect score, meaning there is no cancer left (at this point) to create the antigen that is measured in the PSA test. He will be retested every six months, so it could always pop up. But for now, Leish will be smoking a stogie and having a few glasses of wine to celebrate. He sends his thanks for all of your prayers and good wishes throughout.

Until next time–Godspeed.



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Happy New Year to all! It has been a particularly cold one so far, with temps consistently down in the 30's here in Charleston. Al Gore is freezing over in Tennessee, wondering if he's still going to be able to take an ice-free cruise to the North Pole this summer!

I thought the Army team might pull off a miracle at Navy, but the second half did us in. I have to say that, although the wins weren't there, the team was highly competitive and seems to be headed in the right direction.

I had a nice e-mail exchange with Tom Bostick, who just finished an extended stay as the CG of Recruiting Command. He has been nominated to be the Army G-1 and should be confirmed by the Senate in February. We're all very proud of how great Tom is and applaud his efforts at helping keep the Army strong under such difficult and strenuous conditions!

Kevin Sheehan sent me a note and some pics. He & Julia were married back in April in DC at the Fairfax Hotel on Embassy Row, and more than 25 grads from '77 and '78 attended. Kevin moved his home-base venture capital business from NYC to DC recently. He has four other offices and occasional trips to London and Tokyo, so he is on the run a lot. Kevin said he misses Manhattan, especially when the Yankee's were on the prowl this year, but DC has a ton of classmates and obviously a lot going on with the federal government.

Congrats are in order to Vaughn Vasconcellos for winning Small Business PERSON of the Year in Hawaii. He finished second in the nationwide SBA competition with his company, Akimeka, that provides technical and medical information solutions to the government.

More congrats are in order to Herm Bulls for being elected Vice Chairman of the WPAOG Board of Directors and Advisory Council. He will serve a two-year term.

Steve Anderson retired from active duty on 20 Nov 09 after 31 years and a stellar career, rising to the rank of brigadier general. Steve had been at the Pentagon as the Dir of Log and Ops Readiness. Steve & Anne are staying in the DC area–son Drake is in high school and daughter Cassi lives in the same neighborhood. Cassi was recently married, see photo. Anne is working at the Ft. Meyer thrift shop, which she enjoys. Steve has numerous options in his civilian career and was undecided about what he was going to do at press time. Steve is a world-class runner (our age), ranking in the top ten in almost every road racing distance, which is really impressive given the level of responsibility he has held for so long. Steve ran the Army Ten Miler in 59:20, nuff said!

My old beast squad mate Len Palmer checked in. GO 4th WITH PRIDE! Len saw Joe Myers during a recent trip to USMA for the funeral of his uncle, Harle Damon '45. Joe retired from the Army as a Math P, and Len said he has a gorgeous house in Highland Falls. Joe is working for the Army Research Office in Raleigh, NC. Len also stopped at Monmouth and met with Tony Smith, who is doing well but just as "gray" as ever! Check out the pic, though, Len has a cadet tie, and it looks like a USMA cufflink for a tie tack. Who is calling who gray here? Len is a professor at East Carolina in Greenville, NC. Beverly is working as a nurse clinical manager. They have two children, Jake 15 and daughter Kelsey seven. I think Len was prior service and a poop schooler, so I'm wondering if he wins the award for being the oldest dad! He would have been 47–48 when Kelsey was born. Anybody beat that?

Got a note from Joe Pfanzelter. Joe went to the Vanderbilt game and ran into two former F-2 Zoo mates, Smitty and Ramon Grado, for a tailgate after a big Army win! Ramon's wife Margaret and Joe's wife Patty were there. Joe sponsors Smitty's son Andrew, Class of '12, and Ramon's son Christian, Class of '13. Check out the "Black Knight" in the photo made by Joe's kids for Father's Day. Joe takes it to all home games and Navy and said it's a HUGE hit with tailgaters.

Rob Grubbs also exchanged e-mails with me. He is working for the COE in DC. Rob runs into Al Aycock over at IMCOM. Jeff Dorko is Dir of Military Programs at COE.

I've seen pics of Rich McPhee's retirement castle down in Georgia on Facebook. He & Missy are building a beautiful lakeside home. Phee was at McPherson; not sure if he is retired yet.

Chris Maitin sent a Christmas card and annual update. He still is with International Paper in the Memphis area. Marcia is active in local neighborhood projects and volunteers at a local animal shelter. Son john works at Lockheed Martin in the DC area. He has a software background and has written some programs that NASA uses for the Shuttle. Daughter Hilary is on the road all the time with her jobs at Walgreens, based out of the home office in Chicago for now.

We're going to only four ASSEMBLY's a year folks, so if you miss a deadline, it's like the old days, might be six months before you see something in print, so be patient with me. My deadlines are roughly January, April, July and October 1st. Hope 2010 is safe and prosperous year for all!



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I have lots of news to report with this issue, so I will get right to it.

Class Committee Notes. Steven Mahoney provided an update on the Class Flag and miniatures. The '79 Class Flag is at the WPAOG and available for funerals and other events at class or classmate mailing expense. Work also continues on making the class miniature flag available for purchase. More information to follow as the class committee works out the details.

JW "Jody" Wilkerson is leading a small team to publish a Class Newsletter. The first edition was scheduled for release at the end of January, with monthly editions planned initially. Please pass news items to him at: . The type of information he is looking for is regional events, class-focused items, job opportunities, etc.

Flag Officers/SES. Mike Oates will pin on his third star with a new assignment as Director, Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization, Arlington, VA. He recently served as CG, 10th Mountain Division (Light) and Ft. Drum, NY. Mike, you have a very important mission for our Army–Godspeed.

MG Tony Cucolo assumed command of Multi-National Division–North in Iraq during a ceremony on 3 November at Contingency Operating Base Speicher in Tikrit.

Joe Martz and Todd Semonite came out on a recent two-star list. Joe is the Deputy Director/Chief of Staff, Army Capabilities Integration Center at TRADOC, Ft. Monroe. Todd is the CG, USA Engineer Division in Atlanta.

BG Doug Anson has been assigned as the Director of Legislative Affairs (Individual Mobilization Augmentee), Internal Military Affairs, United States Special Operations Command, at MacDill AFB.

Gary Patton, John Krueger, and Joe Legasse have joined the ranks of our classmates serving in Afghanistan. Send pictures, guys, and come home safe. Andy Scharein also has taken another tour in the box, this time in Afghanistan. John Mc- Donald was last reported on his way out of theater to take the role as Assistant Chief of Staff, C-3/J-3, United Nations Command/ Combined Forces Command/United States Forces Korea/Deputy CG, Eighth United States Army, Korea. This is a very long title, John. Please restructure the command to come up with a shorter version.

Several classmates recently pulled together a list, probably partial, of some of the class SES's. The list includes Blaine Aaron, Deputy Under-Secretary for Budget Appropriations Affairs; Steve Austin, NOAA; Bob Bleimeister, DUSA; Davis Welch, HQDA ASA-FM; and Mark Rocke, AASLT. Too many acronyms for me. You guys do a BING search to learn more. Are there any others? If so, please report them to your scribe.

Sad News. Gary Ross, who lives in the St. Louis area, recently lost his wife Bliss to a rare blood cancer. Gary & Bliss both attended the recent class reunion. They were aware of a health concern at that time, but the complete nature of the issue and any definitive treatment were not confirmed until afterwards. Gary & Bliss have a son Orion who is a Yearling at West Point. He is wrestling on the varsity team at 197 lbs. Gary, you and Orion have our sincerest condolences.

In The News. Lots of newsmakers for this edition. BG Tom Cole was featured in a Defense Systems article discussing current electronic warfare progress. Tom is the Army PEO for IEW&S and Ft. Monmouth. You can find the article here: .

Marian & Bill Nolan note their oldest son Richard called to report that, on Veterans Day, ESPN Sports Center spent all day at West Point and "The Top of the Line was everywhere! They did a great story on Dave Veney's daughter, a member of the climbing team. She did a wonderful interview and then, at the end of the story, they mentioned that her father's class, Class of '79, had donated the climbing wall." All I can say to that is HOOAH! ESPN also interviewed Coach K. When the parachute club jumped in the last hour, JJ Cook's son Joshua jumped last, carrying the US flag! Double HOOAH! You can view a great video of the coverage featuring Christina Veney at . Dave reports he is "a proud dad."

Sam Gemar has been doing some cooking. He recently was highlighted on the news, discussing NASA's culinary talents. You can view the report at . Despite the report, I think I will stick with earth-bound eating.

Another newsmaker was TW Williams' son Chris. The Lake Braddock junior wide receiver caught the game-winning touchdown in overtime to beat Battlefield and advance to the Virginia AAA Division 6 title game. Enjoy reading about him at .

Other News. Tiki Traylor has published a book, Unity Be In Jesus Name. You can view the book at .

Steve Hutek, along with Andy Duffy, launched an SEC registered fund focusing on public real estate opportunities. Andy is the President and Portfolio Manager, and Steve is the VP for Sales.

For those of you who attended the reunion, you will recall several of our classmates brought together a band to play for us. The music was pretty darn good, in my opinion, and for those of you who want to reminisce a bit more, you can watch the action over and over again at these You- Tube links: ; or . The band consisted of TW Williams on guitar, Jeff Jones on sax synthesizer, Jody Wilkerson on vocals, Mike Duffy on piano and vocals, Jeff Phillips on bass, Ron Harsch on drums, The Dan Gordon Band's Dan "Cly" Gordon on guitar, and West Point CDT John Eischer on guitar.

Tom Kee continues to wrestle with cancer and heart problems. Tom greatly enjoyed the reunion and seeing everyone there. Tom wanted to thank the class for the "extremely warm and inviting nature for my wife Cissie during our last reunion." Tom & Cissie have been married for five years, and this was her first trip to the Point. We wish Tom a speedy recovery so we can see him and Cissie at the 35th Reunion.

Jim Roberts was elected President of the Heart of Texas West Point Society recently. We also need to add Barry Jacobson (Ohio) to our growing list of distinguished West Point Society Presidents.

Bert Mizusawa is officially running for U.S. Congress, going after the 2d Virginia District seat in the House. Good luck, Bert!

Bruce Fink was recently in Lima, Peru, with his wife Laura, bringing his daughter Lizzie back to the U.S. from her semester abroad in Chile. They spent Christmas in Cusco and missed all the DC snow.

Speaking of DC snows, we are going to add Mike Tax to the list of honorary First Responders. Using the power of the internet, Mike helped coordinate the "rescue" of two stranded 2009 grads during the recent December storm. A nearby '87 grad answered the call for help via the web, went to retrieve these Butterbars, and gave them a warm place to stay for the night. Mike Tax also reported that his son Michael recently graduated from IOBC at Ft. Benning and made the Commandant's List. Michael then went on to attend Sniper Emplacement School and started Ranger School on 3 January.

Frank Hull retired from active duty and now works for Boeing in the Virginia area. He has also taken on Northern Virginia class regional officer duties, so please connect with him to grow the network at: or .

Army–Navy Classmate Sightings. It was good to see so many classmates at the game this year. We need more next year to put the team into the "win" column. Sighted at the game were Chuck Schott, Gary Sauer, Carl Cecil, Rick McPeak, Doug Doan, Mike Thalacker, Ray Grantham, C.T. Taylor, Ken MacGibbon, A.J. Yarmie, Steve Niblett, and Jim Hickey. I probably missed a few others. The question is: which one of you has a Club Suite so we can join you next year?

President Report. Finally, a note from Carl Cecil: "2009 was a great year for our class with the assumption of commands by Bob Cone (III Corps) and Mike Oates (JIEDDO). Many more of our classmates still in uniform are doing awesome work for our country. We certainly can be proud of them. 2010 will be a busy year for our class, with class luncheons, Army–Navy game parties, Service Academy Golf Scrambles and much more around the country. Next year we will conduct our first of two class mini-reunions in the Caribbean and in Alaska the following year. Please check our webpage at for information, like board minutes, class initiatives memo and more. Big thanks to AJ Yarmie for running a very successful 30th Reunion. The class gave him an embroidered '79 Class Crest pillow from the WPAOG gift shop for his outstanding efforts. AJ has also agreed to lead the Class Gift committee. Keep '79 Top of the Line!

Your Scribe, Tim


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Donna Alesch White wrote after attending the Army–Navy game, where she tailgated with Dave Brown, Scott Crawford, John Peabody, Phil May, John Cheatham, and Tom Sullivan. Donna also saw Ed Shanahan and Chris Herstrom during the game. The photo shows Donna with four firsties, former students at Albuquerque Academy, where Donna mentors the collegebound. She assisted the four as they navigated the nomination and application process. "I am so proud of them all and couldn't believe we actually made our little mini-reunion happen. … The two Army firsties have asked me to commission them next May. Do you think I was a little emotional about that request?"

Donna's and Mike Newell's son Jake also came east for the game, because he's thinking about attending one of the academies. "I think he came away pretty jazzed about the prospect of attending a service academy," Donna wrote. "Now the question is: which one?"

Deb Lewis sent a note and photo after a sopping tailgate at West Point for the VMI game. Deb was at West Point for the Department of Systems Engineering Board of Advisors meeting, where they also celebrated 20 years as a department. "I was one of the original faculty under BG (Ret.) Jim Kays. Colonel Tim Trainor is doing a fabulous job leading now. Systems is a very popular track for cadets. After the game, I felt like a wet noodle but a happy one after our win over VMI." Doug Adams' son Douglass, who works for the NYPD, attended the game with Deb. The other photo is from a visit Deb & Doug paid the artist Don Stivers in his studio. Deb met Don in 1992 while arranging for a CGSC painting. Unfortunately, Don passed away about a month after Doug & Deb's visit.

Vince Brooks was snooping around the halls of Congress recently and stopped in to see John Shimkus, "He was very kind to allow me to barge in and visit," Vince said. The photo was taken in front of a memorial to our fallen warriors.

George Prohoda sent in the photo that shows him with Dave Perkins at a tailgate after the Vanderbilt game. Joining them in the picture are cadets Tori Prohoda '11, Jessica Stephenson '10 (daughter of Mark Stephenson), and Chad Perkins '13, all the children of 1980 D-3 alumni. "Dave & Ginger have both their kids on track to stay in the family business, with their daughter Cassandra in flight school at Ft. Rucker," George wrote: "All three pictured cadets are doing well. Jessica attended USNA for a semester last year, and Tori will be participating in a study abroad program next semester in Russia, while Chad is doing well in his first year. It is a great privilege to be around these kids, they are very bright, personable and (I am sure as we were) very energetic. I am also proud to report that Jessica will be following in her father Mark's footsteps; she branched Aviation."

George says that he & Kathryn are doing well, making the trek up to West Point for home games. "We are able to the trip in 22 hours, departing our home in Virginia at 0400 and returning 0200 the following morning. I am getting too old for this!"

The final photo of Mike Linnington and son Michael '05 comes from Facebook (with Mike's permission). Mike wanted me to include a note saying how proud he and Brenda Zachary Linnington '81 are of their son and his unit, Task Force Pegasus, in Kandahar. Mike says, "Life in Afghanistan is good," as he helps plan both the surge and the operations to follow. Mike works for LTG David Rodriguez '76.

Marty Eaton wrote from "Dixie," which seems to be a social center-ofgravity for our class. "Recently I've had the pleasure of attending several small gatherings of classmates. For Army–Navy, several of us met at Steve & Gail O'Sullivan '81 Dwyer's home. Joining them were myself, Bill Crawford, Bob Vasse, Ken Konstanza, Jim Dwyer, a few of Gail's classmates, along with spouses and children. While the game was a bust, the fellowship was wonderful, and a good time was had by all. On a TDY trip to Ft. Monroe, I enjoyed a fine dinner and a few glasses of ale with Bob Toguchi, Brent Kadesch, Dale Fye, and Gary Cecchini. All of them live and work in the area and seem to be doing well. And today I enjoyed lunch at Bill Crawford's home, where we were joined by Ralph Chester and Rick Freidman, along with Bill's children and Rick's wife and daughter. Bob Vasse and I have established a regular schedule of running mountain trails where we can slosh through puddles, climb up and down steep switchbacks, sing Jodies, and act like we are much younger than we really are in 20-degree weather. What fun. We even have my wife Carol and Gail Dwyer '81 joining us." Marty also wrote that Bern Ruiz recently deployed to Afghanistan, joining several other deployed classmates. "I wish him well."

So I was thinking about our upcoming reunion and trying to get a handle on just how long three decades is. Here's an observation from the history geek in me: we graduated thirty years ago, and you only have to jump back 31 years from our own R-Day to get to...the end of World War Two.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone soon.

Cheers, Ed


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It is the beginning of the New Year 2010, and I wish all our classmates and those dear to them the very best for the upcoming year. Since I ascribe to the old adage, "a picture is worth a thousand words," I will briefly introduce the wonderful photos that were submitted for this issue:

Dave & Melody Alegre sent a lovely portrait of the two of them and Christmas greetings, from El Paso. They look wonderful.

Keith Kurber sent a great pic of himself and his son at Airborne School graduation, which he describes thusly: "I was called up for deployment three this year as the DCO of the CJSOTFAfghanistan, and the deployment went well. One highlight I can talk about was that, immediately upon returning stateside, I got the opportunity to jump with my youngest son Dan (F-1, Class of 2011) and then be his graduation speaker from Airborne School. On our joint jump I had the privilege of watching my son exit the plane just as I was finishing putting my chute into the kit bag. I got to see Skip Davis and Joe Meyers in the hallway at USFOR-A HQ, and we had a three-minute mini-reunion. Lord bless all still in harm's way."

John Vavrin served a year as the Deputy Director for Engineering for the NATO Training Mission, Afghanistan (NTM-A), and headed back to Champaign, IL, to work again for the Corps of Engineers. Dave Hogg, DCG NTMA, presented John's end of tour award on 30 Nov 09.

Rich Sellner helped Bob O'Brien retire at the end of 2009. In the photo, Rich is in the foreground, making personal and heartfelt remarks for the occasion, and Bob is in the background.

Jim & Lara York took a trip around the world via boat. They are in the accompanying photo in late December in the vicinity of the Panama Canal. If you, like I, are intrigued, go to to see more photos and read about their adventures.

Many blessings to all and Strength As One!



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Kevin & Kaeli Keating are celebrating the homecoming of their twins Kolby and Karson, born to a surrogate mother in Macon, GA, on 30 May 09, three months early. Both were under three pounds and there were some very difficult times in the summer of 2009. The twins were finally able to come home for good at the end of August. They arrived just as the Keatings were moving into their new home in Alexandria, VA. Kolby and Karson are doing much better as their immune systems continue to strengthen. Congrats, Kevin & Kaeli!

Ozzie & Janet Gorbitz are settling into their new assignment in Ft. Worth, TX. Ozzie, a USAFR colonel, is the Asst Director of Operations for Tenth Air Force at Carswell AFB. He completed command of the 917th Operations Group at Barksdale AFB in Shreveport, LA, in May 2008. Since graduation in 1982, Oz has spent time as an active duty Army officer, an activated USAFR officer, an activated Air Guard officer, and as a USAF Air-Tech civil servant. The Gorbitz family includes two boys, Mark (14) and Ozzie Hans (12). Ozzie enjoys working with Military Vehicle Preservation Association and has a fully restored World War II-era 1945-vintage Ford M-20 Armored Car in the driveway. Janet must be a very tolerant lady.

Rick Waddell, another Select Few Reserve colonel, recently spent his second Christmas in Iraq. Rick has deployed to Iraq on multiple 90-day activation tours as an engineer. Here is his belated Christmas letter to accompany the photo: Santa and Mrs. Claus visited the Multinational Force-Iraq oil team yesterday. This is my second Christmas in Iraq, and I am surrounded by friends. Well, more than friends, as anyone knows who has ever shared danger or a great undertaking with others. I will miss my family and our traditions, but I am secure knowing that my loved ones are safe and celebrating. My lot is no different, really, than any fireman, policeman, or medical staff that will miss this special holiday because of higher callings. For civilization to survive, well, somebody must stand watch on the edge of public order and safety, or in the case of those in Iraq and Afghanistan, on the jagged edges of freedom itself. We will celebrate here, too, as much as permitted. Presents from home will be opened and shared. The headquarters will be inundated with packages from community groups from all over the States. Pictures will be taken. The mess hall will be decked out, and the food will be spectacular. Band members from one of the units will play, as will those who brought their own bagpipes or other instruments. The Chaplains will be out in force, holding services. Santa Claus and some elves will roll through again at some point. Already brought close by the shared sacrifices, we will grow still closer in the memories of that almost mythical place–home. These activities dissipate the sadness of separation and maintain that special connection to home, and to what service in the name of home means. I feel blessed, indeed privileged, to be able to serve, especially in the company of the men and women around me here." Thanks for your continued service, Rick.

COL (Ret.) Harold "Tank" De Arment '44 sent an interesting article authored by Rob Croskery. In the 24 Apr 09 issue of the Macdill Thunderbolt newspaper, Rob looks back on a career as a soldier and advises readers to "tip the maid." Tipping the maid, usually an anonymous act, is doing the right thing when there is no obvious benefit. "It sets you apart as a person who does the right thing, even when there is no immediate, tangible benefit to you. Tipping the maid is also part of the military culture; knowing what is right, and doing what is right." Rob, who is retiring as a Civil Air Affairs Officer, is joined by quite a few Class of '82 Army Reservists at the rank of lieutenant colonel, who have a mandatory retirement date of 25 May 10, exactly 28 years after commissioning. This limitation applies to your scribe as well, as I will hang up my uniform for the last time on that date.

Ellen Houlihan, Prez III (the third president of the Select Few following Mike Hogan and Les Knotts), had Class of '82 attendees at the October 2009 AUSA convention fill out a few lines on where they are and what they're doing and sent them in for the "Class Notes." Here are the bits and pieces, in no particular order. Kerry Kachejian is a USAR colonel with the US Army Corps of Engineers TransAtlantic Division. His full time job is with Raytheon- Homeland Security. He is writing a book about the reconstruction of Iraq and has two nephews in Iraq, Classes of '06 and '08. Mike Barbero, who retired in June 2008, is Director, Govt Relations for Cobham Corporate North America. He has two kids, Mary (15) and Mikey (12). Mary plays #4 on the boys' high school golf team and posted a 79 in regional competition. Mikey plays football and is a guard. Juan Hernandez works for General Dynamics C4 Systems in Nokesville, VA. He is a part-time "gentleman farmer" who runs a horse boarding facility with his wife Karin. His son Sebastian (19) is playing Div III football at Ferrum College. Daughter Isabel (16) is a junior in high school and a lacrosse player, aspiring actress, and competitive equestrian. Steve Williams works for Lockheed Martin Europe/Eurasia. He has a daughter at VA Tech and another heading there. Al Mosher is Director of Business Development of DRS Tactical Systems. He retired from Ft. Knox in July 2008. He, wife Karen and sons Matthew (16) and Thomas (12) live in a new home they built in Louisville.

Brian Layer, one of our Select Few general officers, is Army Chief of Transportation and Commandant of the US Army Transportation School at Ft. Eustis. He has two kids (9 and 13). Anne (Cianciolo) Davis is an active duty colonel and currently assigned to Army Materiel Command (AMC) as Chief, Materiel Enterprise Task Force. Dan Shanahan, also an active duty O-6, is the Director of the Center for Army Leadership. He & wife Mindy live in a 100-year-old house at Ft. Leavenworth with their sons Patrick (13) and Kevin (12). Ed Olivares is the Govt Affairs Counselor for K&L Gates. His son Ed III is a freshman at the College of William & Mary in the Army ROTC program. Younger Ed opted for William & Mary, even though he had a USMA appointment. Ed Reynolds is an Emergency Management Analyst at Headquarters, AMC. His son Jamie is in the Class of '13. Bo Dyess is at TRADOC HQ, ARCIC at Ft. Monroe, VA.

Maryann (Bates) Cummings is Commander, Defense Media Activity-Army in Crystal City, VA, responsible for all Army communication products, including Soldiers Magazine, Soldiers Radio & TV, Army News Service, and American Forces Networks in Korea, Germany, and Italy. Maryann's son Chris is Class of '11, her daughter Sara is a junior in high school, and daughter Rebecca is in the sixth grade. Steve Townsend, who returned from Iraq in September 2009, is Chief of Staff of the Army Strategy Cell, HQDA. He has three kids in college. Ken Dahl is Deputy Director Operations, National Military Command Center, J-3 in the Pentagon. Ken relays that wife Celia FlorCruz has been selected for promotion to lieutenant colonel while deployed to Iraq with the 34th Inf Div, Minnesota National Guard, assigned to MND-South in Basrah. Lastly, John Moore sends a photo of himself and Bo Dyess at the top of the Lincoln Memorial with the sun rising over the Washington Monument during a run through DC in October 2009. John is the Asst Chief of Staff at TRADOC. He noted that he had the youngest child in the class, but it ap- pears Kevin Keating swiped that title in May. Sorry, John.

Lastly, the Scribe has to bow, scrape, grovel, and kow-tow to my friends in H-4. In the last issue of ASSEMBLY, I inexcusably referred to the "H-2 Hogs." They are, of course, the H-4 Hogs. Scott Torgerson, who had hosted a Hog gathering at his home and graciously sent photos and news for the column, advised me of my error via e-mail. We haven't figured out my penalty, but I suspect pushups are involved.

Until next issue, Beat Navy!



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Renee & Bill Selman, , organized a dinner at Palm on Friday night prior to the Army–Navy game. Chris Kerski, , and friend Jack, Jennifer & Mike Dolan, , (It was their first anniversary, and Mike walked downstairs from his law office to attend), Barbara & Ron Costella, , Tim McDonald, , Mike Bowman, , Bill Egan, , Kathy (Medaris), , and Bob Widmer, , Beth & Mark Mills, , Mark Sullivan, , Tim Dean, , (unfortunately, Jean's dad passed a few days earlier), and Cheryl & Chris Bauer, . After dinner, Bert Hensley, , Lyndsy & Tom Charron, , Rob Harris, , and Wayne Detwiler, , joined the group. The next day, Brad organized a tailgate. In addition to those in picture, Bryan Cooksey, , and son Josh joined the group. On the plane ride home, I was on the same flight with Peggy Laneri, , and Jenny Campbell, , who joined Cheryl Gilligan, , Bonnie (Brouse) Schweppe, , Kelley (Haines) Dolan, , and Kathy (Schonsheck) Hildreth, , for a fun Army–Navy weekend. Peggy, and Cheryl & her husband Phil Natsios, ran a ten-miler in DC in October and had dinner at Cheryl's parents ' home in Arlington. Rease Griffith, , spent Friday night and Saturday with Paul Hamill, , his bro thers, father, wives, Ralph Carbone, , and Larry McAnneny '81. Bill' "Best Of" included closing three different bars in two nights, emptying the keg two hours prior to kickoff and getting emergency keg re-supply, raising $1,700 for Wounded Warrior at the tailgate and making a citizen's arrest in the parking lot, to include illegal search and seizure.

Jim & Lara York, , began a two-year, round-the-world trip on 23 Oct 09 on a 55-foot power trawler. As of Christmas, they were traveling through the Panama Canal (picture) and heading east. Keep track of their adventure on their website (). Both of their daughter' boyfriends requested their hand in marriage, so they will be back for weddings in spring/summer 2010.

In Houston for business, I called Jeff Kralowetz, . He is opening up a Calgary office for Argus Media, a financial publisher, and will move his family there. He has two sons Sam (12) and Peter (10), and a daughter Rebecca (4). Jeff keeps in touch with Shawn Hunter, , a lawyer in town and Dallas Jones, , an investment advisor for Branson, Fowlkes & Co.

Rob Gates, , sent photos from Afghanistan. He flies the BE 200 KING AIR / C-12. In April 2009, Rob flew visitors to see Bde Cdr COL Phil Battaglia, . Kevin, , & Laurie (Bisland) Batule, , proudly sent photos of son Andrew's wedding and Ranger school graduation. Second lieutenants Andrew '08 and Caroline Champoux were married in December 2008 and live in Hawaii. She is an army nurse at Tripler, and he is a Wolfhound in the 25th ID. Laurie & Kevin visited them in January, during Kevin's two-week R&R. The Batule's were stationed with the Champoux's and the kids were best buddies; they have video of them at Andrew's fourth birthday party.

In another business trip to Texas, Beverly and Chris Kerski, , invited me to dinner and it was a great time. Their daughter Jackie is a sophomore at Texas Tech, and Krista is the captain of her high school cheerleading team. Son Ryan plays soccer and his Cochlear implants do not stop him from playing football. They are proud of him for overcoming the obstacles of being deaf. Chris runs the sales force of a division of Cardinal Health. Chris attended Jeanette (Regan) McMahon's, , retirement ceremony at Cullum Hall and saw Tim Trainor, , at the Catholic Chapel. After the ceremony, he drove to Rumson, NJ, and watched Mark Sullivan play in his club championship.

Pete "Fizzer" Martin, , distributed his class newsletter and sent pictures and other news. One photo was from the Army–Vanderbilt game and a second was of COL Tyge Rugenstein, , Com/Dean, at the groundbreaking for new USMAPS at West Point.

Colonels Brian Balfe, NYARNG, , and Reynold Hoover, ALARNG, , will be promoted to general, joining Billy Don Farris II, , Mark S. Martins, , John J. McGuiness, , John G. Rossi, , Ernest C. Audino, , ANG, Maria (Corsini) Britt, GAANG, , Scott Miller, , Jeff Snow, , Sonny Uberti, , and Ken Tovo, . Barbara & Mike Tomaszewski, , had a son graduate in 2005–Cameron Keogh-and West Point Radio hosts Mike Lyons, , on the first Wednesday of each month at 5:00 pm EST. Podcasts are available from the archives. Pete thanked Harry Shablom, , for his continued efforts as fundraising chair, and updated us on the fundraising for the West Point Leadership Center. As of November 2009, we are at $590K of a 1.5MM goal, 12% of the class participating. He requests that each of us consider giving and we can do so via online: . Finally, Pete forwarded an article from the 26 Oct 09 Birmingham News titled: "Alabama Army Guard unit from Birmingham to oversee troop, supply moves across Afghanistan." Reynold Hoover is featured as commander of the 135th Expeditionary Sustainment Command, moving parts, supplies, food, mail and troops throughout Afghanistan. The unit trained at Ft. Hood and arrived in Afghanistan in December.

BG John Rossi was promoted on 23 Dec 09 at Ft. Hood. He was the spokesperson on CNN in the aftermath of the tragic shooting incident. John ran into Pat Kelly, , at Hood from Iraq for an exercise. Back at home station, he works for Jeff Snow. Jim Bedingfield, , Eddie Collazzo, , Tommy Morgan, , Denis Harrington, , and Don Shaver traveled to attend while Diane (Hunter) and Phil Battaglia and Becky Jones, , are stationed at Ft. Hood.

As mentioned previously, Kathy & Scott McConnell's, , son Andrew was killed in Afghanistan. Those interested in making a contribution may do so by check payable to the Andrew H. McConnell Memorial Fund mailed to: Members 1st Federal Credit Union. P.O. Box 40, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055. Kurt Keville, , says my old beast roommate John Agostini, , is recovering from successful quintuple heart bypass surgery in September 2009. Prior to his surgery, he attended COL Brian Jones, , retirement ceremony in Colorado Springs. Kurt attended Dan Gilewitch's, , retirement ceremony in September 2009. Dan was hired as a professor at Ft. Leavenworth and moved the family to Kansas. Dan's son, 1LT Nick, is in 4-6 Inf, 4th Bde Combat Team, 1st Armored Div.

COL Doug Wheelock, , is training at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Star City, Russia, as a back-up ISS Expedition 22-crew member. Doug is scheduled to launch from a Russian Soyuz TMA rocket as part of ISS Expedition 25 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome on 14 Jun 10. He will rendezvous with the International Space Station on 16 June and begin a 200-plus day mission as its commander. He will return to the earth in central Kazakhstan sometime in early January 2011. His mission will be the final flight of the Space Shuttle and the end of an era in our nation' space program.

ASSEMBLY is a quarterly now, so I can't go into detail on Christmas letters . We received a Christmas mail from Kristiina, Cortney, Outi, and Dave Baker; Bob Traurig, (deployed in January to Afghanistan with CALIBRE, doing financial audits); Kala, Tavia, TJ, Patrice, and Tyrone Allen, (all children still setting track records and on honor roll); Megan, Caroline, Ellen, and Tim McDonald; Anita, Mike Jr., and Mike Crumlin; Nick (with wife Bridget and daughter Emma), Tom, Cathy and Dan Gilewitch; Nick, Chrissy, Rochelle and Joe Homa, ; Lorraine Lesieur, ; Paul and Kally Eastman, , Nancy and Mark Sullivan; Maddy, Ellie, Becca and Bob Finkenaur, ; Monica, Casey, Donna, and Bruce MacDonald (few surgeries for Bruce and family baptized together), ; Tom, Christine, Tim '11, Jean and Tim Dean; Emily, Colleen, Molly, Kate, Hannah, and Sharon (Reardon), sshif, and Bob Shiflet; Jay, Kirsten, Brad, and Tracy (Wilson) Curley, ; Sydney, Levi, Zachary, Ann, and Larry Laseter, ; Brad and Kathy (Schonsheck) Hildreth, ; Ben '11, Genna, Sue, and Dave Snider, ; and Joey, Hannah, Sarah, and Pete Martin.

–Cheryl & Mark


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Greetings, Class of '84! I mentioned at the start of the last column the untimely passing of Dave Mothershed. All of us, particularly those of us in B-3, were deeply saddened to lose our friend. Dave was buried in Atlanta, GA, back in November, and a contingent of classmates attended to give him a final salute. Phil "Wojo" Wojtalewicz passed along a photo that includes: Mike Miklos, Renee Burgess, John Reich, Randy Lee, and Tom Ariail. Wojo reports that the event was "very solemn but a great tribute to a great friend." More on Wojo later in the column–for now, thanks to Wojo and all for representing us at Dave's service. Dave, "Well Done, Be Thou at Peace!"

Each time we learn of a classmate passing, it is a reminder that life is short and we should live to the fullest every moment with which we are blessed. None of us is promised tomorrow. Thankfully, through the rest of the column I have news to report of classmates living life to the full!

The grads in Hawaii remain among the most faithful at sending in news–and they are certainly living life fully (how can you not in Hawaii?) as evidenced by three events! First, Crissy Gayagas ran a halfmarathon, but not alone–she ran with her dad Ed!

Crissy also is very active in West Point admissions and now is the Hawaii state coordinator. Finally, the Hawaii crew hosted a great Army–Navy event, where Millie Wright, John Hansen, and Crissy all had a great time at Murphy's in Honolulu.

Speaking of Army–Navy, I mentioned I'd pass along a little more on Wojo. He & Terri hosted an Army–Navy event at their home at Ft. Leavenworth, where Wojo works in the Battle Command Training Program (BCTP). In addition to a number of other grads, Eric Holmes and Ted Nagel joined Wojo as the '84 contingent. Even though the outcome was not what we all would have liked, the word is that a great time was had by all at the Wojtalewicz party!

Steve & Judie Elliott reported on their trip to the 25th Reunion. Margot (13) and Erik (10) accompanied them, and neither had ever seen West Point. So, Steve had a good time showing them "the full [West Point] experience–parade, lunch in the Mess Hall, and a football game." The highlight of the trip, though, was visiting the Statue of Liberty–and particularly the recently reopened crown captured in the pic. Steve is currently the VP for Schneider's brokerage division in Wisconsin.

I end this column, as I did last time, with big military news–another general officer in our class! Tom Ayres was promoted to brigadier general in the Judge Advocate General's Corps back in January. A good number of the "Best of the Corps" witnessed the event, as the pic shows. Attending were Kat Spaulding, Ed Sbrocco, John Szypko, yours truly, Tim Keppler, Chris Antoniou, George Nyfeler, and Dan Rice. More on what these folks are up to next time. Tom is in DC with his incredible wife Mary and his three children, Quinn, Matthew, and Finn. Tom is serving as the Assistant Judge Advocate General for Military Law and Operations. Congrats!

Well, that's it for now. Thanks for all the news and pix! Remember, there is no news unless you send it on–so please keep those electrons flowing in my direction! Until I hear from you, Be Safe, Be Happy, and BEAT NAVY!



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Please take note of my new mailing address and phone number listed above. Let me start by telling you our 25th homecoming has been set for 30 Oct 10. Currently, that appears to be the weekend when Army plays VMI! As mentioned in my last submission, West Point is really looking great, thanks in no small part to a lot of hard work from recent Superintendants, the Long Gray Line, and efforts from individuals like our own Todd Browne, who controls the private funds raised for the Academy by the WPAOG and is doing a remarkable job, I might add.

18 Dec 09. Rudy & Mary Rudnicki and family are doing super. They were able to attend the January presidential inauguration this past year, and the kids now are DRIVING! Unfortunately, their family lost father-in-law, Mr. Virgil Shroyer, after a tough battle with cancer, a tremendous loss of who Rudy describes as just an amazing man, father, grandfather, and friend. RIP!

23 Dec 09. Mike & Angie McGurk () send warm, holiday greetings from the "City of Lights," Paris, France. They are traveling, and enjoying their time in Europe, having recently visited Egypt as a highlight of many fascinating trips to others places, such as Prague, London, and remote areas of France. Mike was Department of Defense Commander during the Paris Air Show recently and also received credit for graduating from the French Industrial War College. They hope to relocate back to the Virginia area upon completing their tour. Mike just completed over 30 years of active service to the country and has been happily married for over 19 years to Angie. Our heartfelt congratulations to both of you in your marriage, and we thank you for your continued service to our country.

2 Jan 09. Tim & Theresa Everett () and little Timothy (who isn't as little anymore) are doing great up in Arlington Heights, IL. Peter continues with Accenture, and while the road keeps him away too much from family, he does have an opportunity to visit regularly with his family near San Francisco. Great to hear from you guys, Peter.

Well, that's it from here. You might check out Facebook. There must be half our class on there, and it's great to follow everyone from that network as well. Rather than update you on the information, I invite you to join and keep up with the class! We face our 25th next year! Wow! I plan to attend, and I hope everyone will try. I missed the 20th, so I hope to see many of you next year. Should you have any early thoughts or requests for activities at our 25th Reunion, please forward those to any of the class officers. Tim Petit has begun some early discussions.

Until next time, you have my best, '85! Beat Navy!



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With summer approaching, USMA is hitting its stride and gearing up for lots of tourists as well as official visitors. Rick Minicozzi has taken the lead in revitalizing and restoring the Thayer Hotel. He is bringing it back to its original glory years, with a repainted and beautifully appointed main dining room, new meeting and function areas boasting high-tech excellence, and extensive operating-procedure and customer-service adjustments. In short, he is creating a more welcoming and inspiring environment for Thayer guests. Your scribe is heavily involved in the redesign and improvements as a consultant, and I can tell you that Rick's energy and commitment to the Thayer and the Academy are contagious. If you have not stopped by the hotel to see the excitement, I recommend that you do so. A number of distinguished graduates from different classes, including some other '86ers, are involved in the hotel's turnaround. They all got involved to help remake the Thayer into a property that every graduate can be proud of. As the Thayer moves forward and continues to see more and more satisfied guests, I will share stories of other '86ers who have made very meaningful personal commitments to this special historic landmark structure and its future impact on the Academy and the Corps.

Now that ASSEMBLY is moving to a more high-tech, digital environment and only appearing in paper four-times per year, the lead time for scribes can make it seem like the news in the print version is a bit dated. But keep in mind that the idea is to catch up on what friends have been up to in the recent and even distant past, and not necessarily to learn what they reported eating for lunch last week. Now you have Twitter for that.

The Army–UNT football game was a fun event for '86ers. The DePintos held a spectacular party at their beautiful home. Attendees were too numerous to list here but included a wide variety of our classmates: John Magness, the Werntzes, the Guiterrezes, JT, the Marcones, the Gabaldons, the Minicozzis, Bobby Lockett, as well as assorted younger and older grads. Everyone enjoyed endless Texas BBQ and great beverages.

Army–Navy in Philly had a disappointing second half, but the '86 tailgate was world-class. The huge turnout was a strong statement of class solidarity, considering the mid-December cold. Deano Dorman led the class in an unconventional rocket cheer from the top of an SUV, and Dow Holley made a guest appearance with his usual elegance and flair. Steve Cannon, Greg Fenton, Pat Antonetti, and Terry Finley were toasting the Corps in the cold, and Carolyn Spaulding arrived with her hubby and two beautiful daughters. Maryellen Picciuto organized the big Army tailgate for all the classes, which I missed, but everyone said was fantastic.

Back at Woops, Mike & Cheryl Endres are helping secure the Academy's future with COL Mike playing a key role as Deputy Director of Admissions. Maryellen is Director of Alumni Organizations and Events.

Rocky Armonda, M.D., has been devoting his time and energy to helping soldiers with traumatic brain injury. He commanded the 207th Neurosurgery Team in Iraq. His work is greatly appreciated by soldiers and family members across the globe.

Mark Lee's son Stephen now is a Yearling and a second-year Men's Volleyball player. Mark retired from Ft. Monroe about four years ago and works for Lockheed Martin. Brian Drinkwine is commander of the 4th Brigade of the 82nd Airborne. The 41st Infantry Brigade Combat Team is commanded by Dan Hokanson. This unit recently has been serving in Iraq. The new garrison commander at Ft. Lewis is Thomas Brittain, the son of a retired Air Force colonel. Tom was born in Savannah, GA, and has three children: Thomas (13), Lauren (16), and Jessica (19) an Army private serving at Ft. Bragg, NC.

Ken Yi retired on 30 Jun 09 and now works for the National Guard Bureau in DC.

Frank Viola lives in Chat h am, NJ, with his wife Cindy and two great kids, Sarah (11) and Sam (7). He is a lawyer pursuing a master's degree (part-time) at Columbia. He hopes to teach history at a local college. After West Point, he was commissioned in the Marine Corps, served one tour, and met his wife, who was a Navy nurse.



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Does anyone know what a PUSMA is? That' right, a Professor, USMA and we have our first from the Class of '87. Congratulations to COL Bernie Banks! USMA has 30 PUSMA, and the role entitles one to voluntarily stay in the job until age 64. We have several faculty at USMA who are in permanent slots, including Jesse Germain, DPE; Lynn (Sprague) Byers, CME; Irv Smith and John Graham in BS&L; Byrndol Sones, Physics; and Jeff Peterson, Econ, but Bernie is the first to get PUSMA status. Bernie and family look forward to hosting many classmates who return to visit West Point. They will be located at 21B Wilson Road and promise a warm bed and bottle of wine for any '87 family and friends (no advance warning required).

In December 2009, Bernie and several other C-4 Cowboys enjoyed the hospitality of Hes Park at the Army–Navy game. He is COO of an IT firm located in Northern Virginia that operates in the defense industry space. Joe Diminick (attending the Army War College), Bryan Decoster (Human Resources Command), and Bernie all got to sample Hes' awesome Korean cuisine. A few other '87 grads and their families also were at the tailgate: Vicky Lenz (running her own consulting business in the DC area), Bettye Simonelli (Simbo is downrange in Iraq, but next summer he'll command of the Ft. Bliss garrison), and Jeff Peterson (running the Econ program in SOSH).

Kiko Morillo also hosted an Army–Navy tailgate and got visits from Ted McAleer, Dave McCormick, Dan Ciarlo, Preston Forchion, and Brandy (Langston) Maranian. As always, a good time was had at the tailgates, but all are hoping for a better outcome to the game in 2010.

Speaking of tailgates, John & Poly (Tsigounis) Coombs hosted a bash during the fall football season at West Point. In other news, the Coombs family managed a trip to Greece last summer and linked up with TJ Moffat, who is stationed at the U.S. Embassy in Athens. John teamed up with Ron Cieri for an expedition to hunt the elusive Wapiti in Utah. John continues as radiologist at Keller, while Poly continues as Household 6. The kids, Alex (14) and Penelope (11), keep them busy with sports and other activities.

On the party front, Chris (Voisinet) and Mike Bender hosted the Holiday Bender Bash in December 2009. Classmates attending included Stephen & Julia Myers and Mike & Hayley Mathes. In November, Stephen returned from a year in Iraq with the 25th Infantry Division and is off to the war college this summer. Julia is a professor at University of Hawaii-West Oahu. Mike works for Booz Allen, and Hayley continues her food marketing and consulting business.

While the parties happen in the USA, others have been staying busy serving with the war on terror. Several classmates traveled to Iraq and Afghanistan recently as part of various "official parties." Rob O'Conner, who works for Sen King on the Committee on Homeland Security, had a few minutes with GEN McChrystal after he met with members and staff of the committee. Congressman Brett (Huck) Guthrie visited Iraq during Christmas as part of a CODEL (Congressional Delegation) visit. Joe (Simbo) Simonelli had the opportunity to talk and catch up on some old times and reports that Congressman Guthrie is doing great and really excited about serving his constituents.

Dan Karbler is enjoying his Bde Cdr duties at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar and reports the FOX NFL Sunday crew visited his Bde last fall. Dan's travels in theatre have taken him to Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and UAE, as well as back to Ft. Sill and Ft. Lewis

Paul Murphy sent in his first update in 22 years on the impact his company is having with injured soldiers. For the past 15 years he has been in private equity and currently is with Sentinel Capital Partners in New York City. "In October, we invested in a business called North American Rescue, , which is a leading provider of emergency tactical medical products to the military. The military estimates that about 20% of combat deaths are preventable, and our company supplies products that focus on emergency care to stop bleeding, prevent airway blockages, maintain adequate body temperature, etc. We supply a lot of important products which literally have saved many lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our products include the Combat Application Tourniquet "CAT," the Warrior Aid and Litter Kit "WALK," and the Hypothermia Prevention Kit "HPMK." I personally am the Chairman of the Board of this great company, and we have recruited a West Point graduate from the Class of '68, Sam Wyman, to serve as our President. We also have recruited a very distinguished West Point graduate from the Class of '66, MG Harold Timboe, to serve on our Board. Harold is the former Commanding General of Walter Reed and one of the most respected people in the area of emergency military medicine. Both Sam and Harold are also Viet Nam veterans, so they have first-hand experience and understand well the needs of soldiers. The guy who founded NAR is a former Special Ops para-rescue jumper, and another key guy was a Ranger Medic for more than 20 years. It is an honor to be working with these guys to provide great products that save lives on the battlefield. North American Rescue also is an incredibly generous company and gives a lot back to the military community. We have a foundation called the North American Rescue Foundation that donates money every year to a wide variety of military charities across all service lines." Thanks for the update, Paul.

Congratulations to Ron & Lisa (Bembry) Steptoe as The Steptoe Group, LLC, was selected by the AUSA as the Sustaining Member Company of the Month for January 2010. AUSA has more than 550 Sustaining Member companies and only bestows this honor on twelve companies in a given year. On 6 Nov 09, the Steptoe Group launched its medically accredited Warrior- Centric Healthcare Training Curriculum for providers treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and other mental and behavioral health conditions. Additionally, the Steptoe Group was one of the initial corporate firms to register its unwavering support during the 4 Nov 09 launch of the Congressional Military Family Caucus. This new caucus will foster the interest of family members of the uniformed service members by educating Congressional members and staff on resources that the military provides as well as discussing the barriers that a military family faces. The Caucus' goal is to address issues such as education, childcare, healthcare, spouse employment, and the effects of multiple deployments.

That looks like all of the news for this month. Don't forget to mark your calendars for the Matt Zielinski memorial dedication on 23 April at Sill. More information will be forthcoming.

Until next time, Our Country We Strengthen!

–Ted & Donna


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Hello all. In case you were not aware, ASSEMBLY has transitioned back to a quarterly publication. We owe a great deal of thanks to Cathy DeCoster for here many years of diligent work in editing my submissions for our class article. Cathy will be moving on to other endeavors so a hearty welcome to Joyce Jones, ASSEMBLY Managing Editor, who has assumed the additional "Class Notes."

God Bless and keep writing.



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No submission this issue. Please send your letters and photos to the above address.


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Greetings, Class! The column is a little thin this month. The only news I have is that our class president has returned to CONUS. Mark Clouse continues to excel at Kraft and has returned to their offices in Chicago. Kathy and the boys are thrilled with their new house in Winnetka and happy to be home. Welcome home from Brazil! His new e-mail is .

The reunion details are coming together. The dates are 30 September through 3 October and we will be staying at the Westchester Marriott. You can make reservations under the Class of '90. Check out the Class Facebook page. Kathy Kilner is doing a great job keeping everyone updated through that portal.

One last item for the class. We are looking for someone to head up the next class giving initiative. Jerry McGinn did a great job with the last one and we need another strong leader to head up our efforts. That is all for now. See you at the 20th!



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Hello, '91, and welcome to 2010! It's early January as I write, and within two weeks I'll be in Taji, Iraq. To e-mail your scribe, please use my AKO at for the time being. Thanks. This has been the quietest period I've had in nine years of scribing. ASSEMBLY has changed its publishing schedule, going from bi-monthly to four issues a year. Perhaps the delay in the last issue caused many of you pause. Rest assured "Class Notes" are here.

I ran into Keith Purvis, formerly of E-4, while here at Ft. Polk training as a combat advisor (mobilized reservist). I last saw Keith in 2000, when he was in command at Riley. Since then he has done an ACRC tour in Idaho (he loved it) and has been at Ft. Polk for almost five years (he loved this even more). Keith is due to PCS this summer. At Polk he runs the schoolhouse side of instructing COIN and all the fun classes that come with it. All the language instruction, cultural awareness classes, etc. come under Keith and his merry band of officers and contractors as they train classes of Army, Air Force, and Navy personnel to become "combat advisors."

Keith has been in touch with a lot of E-4 classmates. He started rattling off the names and places while your scribe was unprepared. Here is what I remember: Jack Petracca still is on active duty and in Germany. Pete Gaudet is "some kind of investment banker" in NYC. I will have to track Keith down and get a better update for the next issue.

Your scribe got married on 17 Oct 09 to Tracy, and Troy Filburn and Mark McMillion flew in for the small outdoor ceremony in 40-degree temps. Troy is on the research side of a hedge fund in Albany. Mark still is with IG at Ft. McPherson, writing business plans for "McMillion 2.0" in his spare time. If you have any savvy financial advice for running a business and forecasting, give him a shout.

My wedding was a beautiful day, to finish that story, and after the honeymoon–the day after–I reported to Ft. Polk as a calledup reservist. Almost three months later and I'm still here, but only a few weeks to go. I got two weeks of leave at Christmas but am ready to get to Taji and complete my mission. I'll be senior advisor to the Iraqi Armor Center.

My best to you all for a healthy and prosperous 2010. Please drop me a line and share how you are doing. Duty Shall Be Done.



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I submitted this column on 1 Jan 10. My next suspense is 10 April for the Jul-Sep 10 issue.

It's with heavy heart that I pass on news of Ashlynn Davis' passing in October 2009. Scot & Danielle Davis and the doctors weren't sure Ashlynn would survive birth, but three years later she was still fighting and gave Scot & Danielle, their boys, and the rest of us a wonderful example of courage and determination at such a young age. Our collective sympathies and condolences go out to Scot & Danielle and their family, who live in Omaha where Scot works in the STRATCOM J3. Andy Farnsler, who works in STRATCOM too, flew to Cincinnati, where Ashlynn was at the time of her passing, to help the family and accompany them on the drive back to Omaha.

Congrats to Cindy M. (Grodack) Doane, who was elected as an WPAOG Advisor-at- Large as part of the Advisory Council last October. Her two-year term began 1 Jan 10.

I heard briefly from Everett & Julia Spain, who are enjoying their assignment to Germany, where Everett commands USAG-Schweinfurt.

This year' CPT Jennifer Schafer-Odom Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Deleshia Youngblood of Ft. Campbell, KY. Deleshia is attending the University of Louisville and is the daughter of SFC & Mrs. John Youngblood, assigned to Ft. Campbell. Chris Lepp and Rick Knight, both of whom helped establish the scholarship and the Army Scholarship Foundation, remain active in the program. Please consider a tax-deductible donation, which you can send to the Army Scholarship Foundation at 6412 Brandon Avenue, Suite 201, Springfield, VA 22150.

I spoke briefly with Omar & Tracey Jones, who are in Vilseck, Germany, where Omar commands 2-2 SCR. He just returned from a PDSS in Afghanistan, but not before a great family trip to Gibraltar and a brief stint across the straits to the African continent. Sam, Ben, and William are well and balancing school with myriad activities in Europe.

Andy & Kym Koloski wrote from Ft. Benning, where Andy is the deputy chief of plans for the Armor Center and School. He is intimately involved in planning the move of the Armor School from Ft. Knox to Ft. Benning. Kym worked most of the fall as a longterm substitute in the Ft. Benning school system, and in her spare time volunteered with the Red Cross in the physical therapy clinic at Martin Army Hospital. The Koloskis sent their thanks for the many thoughts and prayers sent their way during Kym' thyroid cancer treatment. She & Andy expect full remission when she gets her next scan sometime early in 2010. Graeson and Hunter continue in dad's footsteps as young soccer players and have enjoyed great success traveling all over the SE playing in various tournaments. Dad, too, manages to play for two adult teams, despite his aging knees. The knees must not be too bad, though, as Andy competed in the Ft. Benning Reverse Sprint Triathlon this year. He & Kym and the boys will PCS this summer to Durham, NC, where Andy will become the next PMS at Duke University. The assignment to Duke is truly meaningful for Andy, who for so long has aspired to become associated with a real learning institution after pursuing an MA in history at some west coast "academic" establishment with a tree for a mascot. Congrats on making it to the bigs, my friend!

Congrats, also, to Mark & Jennifer Read, on the birth of their fourth, Benjamin Robert. The Reads recently completed their return to stateside from Germany, but not before a final bit of traveling to Poland, Italy, and Spain. Sisters Sarah and Anna are excited to help care for Benjamin, and brother Daniel is anxious to teach Benjamin how to wrestle, identify dinosaurs, and accomplish other boy-specific tasks. The Reads' new assignment is back at Penn State, where Mark is pursuing a Ph.D. in climate change before heading back to USMA as a PAP.

Keep Sherrill & me in mind if you need Hawaii advice, a drive from the airport, or a room for the night. Please keep the news inbound with a brief e-mail. God Bless the Brave and the Few!



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As of 1 Jan 09, we have been all class updates on our class website, and only submitting items in the print version upon request. This will allow every classmate to see the updates, as well as providing a better service by eliminating the three–six month time lag that occurs by publishing in the print ASSEMBLY. Please check our class website for the latest.

I have mostly received support for this new policy, but a few classmates have requested I continue to publish in the print ASSEMBLY. Whatever your opinion on this, I want to stress that without submissions, it doesn't matter–you're going to see a blank page regardless of what medium I use if no one wants up share updates. I want to encourage everyone to drop me a note every now and then, so I can share your news with our classmates.

All the best, Jeremy


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No submission this issue. Please send your letters and photos to the above address.


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Aloha! Still living the dream working at the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) as the J3 Chief of Current Operations, serving as the Military Academy Liaison (MALO) and Hawaii's 1st Congressional District Coordinator. Big news for me is that I proposed to Pam on Christmas Ev, and she accepted! I'm wondering if I'm one of the last in our class to finally get hitched. Sorry if all the photos are of me and MJ, but it seems that nobody likes sending stuff in. I PROMISE if you send in a photo, I'll bump mine and MJ's for the next sixmonths. New Hawaii State Coordinator COL (Ret.) Crissy Gayagas '84 and the rest of the West Point Admissions Hawaii Field Force recently hosted a Cadet-Candidate BBQ at Barbers Point along with a BBQ for CDT Hana Lee '12, who did CPRC.

REUNION PLANNING: Steph (Arnold) Ahern is doing a super job as the Reunion Chairwoman (). The class leaders and reunion committee are busy planning this event. Our current main projects:

1. Elections (Shannon Coll Horne).

2. Constitution, Honorary Classmates (TBD).

3. Facilities (Joe Sowers).

4. Hotels/Server (WPAOG vs., etc.)–update (Frank Byrne).

5. Agenda Updates: Volunteers, Events, and their Leads (Steph Arnold Ahern).

6. Comms Plan/Advice (myself).

7. Way Forward (Steph). We're using Facebook () as a back-up and the WPAOG Distro list as the primary means of communication. If you haven't already done so, please e-mail WPAOG at to update them with your current e-mail address. Please pass/spread the word about updating the WPAOG or getting onto Facebook. Listed below are the confirmed companies/reps: A1: McCausland, Ryan; B1: John Michaud; I1: Ken Young; F2: Mark Quander; I2: Chris Dodd; A3: Fran Lawler; F3: Thomas Nguyen; A4: Steve Szymanski; B4: Carolyn (Davis) Chipman; F4: Matt Myllykangas. Still looking for volunteers for the following companies: C1, D1, E1, F1, G1, H1, A2, B2, C2, D2, E2, G2, H2, B3, C3, D3, E3, G3, H3, I3, C4, D4, E4, G4, H4, I4.

While working reunion issues, Shannon (Coll) Horne had a question regarding our Class Constitution, so I sent a Facebook message to Cindy Kanis (former JAG). Cindy is thinking about starting Chiropractic school in Atlanta this summer. She's torn between that and going to veterinary school. Being a chiropractor, she could be done with school much faster (although still four years), make more money, and make people feel great, but the other would let her help animals. The main con about being a vet is that she'd graduate and be able to move on with her life in 2016. Tanya (Tolles) Markow is stationed at Georgia Tech with her family: Pete and their daughter Morgan (who now is 9). Tanya is working on a Ph.D. in Human Centered Computing, then back to teach at USMA in 2012–Pete should be hired on as a cop soon, and Morgan is enjoying swimming and soccer. The Andy & Grace MacLean family safely arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica, for what is scheduled to be a three-year tour. They are super excited about this awesome opportunity and look forward to the future. Some of you may not have known about their move because it came up very suddenly. Andy received a call at the end of September asking if interested, and they are already there in the middle of November! I got a note from our Class President, Mike Jason (MJ), writing from Mosul, who recently conducted a final RIPTOA with John Hawkins and Steve Cho. John has done an amazing job with projects in Ninewah Province with 3d BCT 1st CAV. Steve is the S3 of the BCT. Mike spoke to Brandon Havron today; he is the FSO for the 25th ID Combat AVN BDE. Brandon knew Mike was there when he heard Mike screw up on his first morning CUB on CPOF. John Mostellar also there, working 3ID Fires on Division Staff. Also in Mosul is Brian Fogarty, a doctor at the CSH on my FOB (BTW, Brian was there when I broke my leg playing intramural football Yuck-Year). Overall, Mike reports all is well that can go well, and he already has started working Founders Day. Mike feels sorry for his lieutenants that don't even know this mission is coming. I received a Christmas card from Ethan & Suzy Vessels. Suzy is already planning ahead for their future West Point Cadets: Aaron will be class of 2026 and Eli 2030! Last, but not least, Congrats to Mike Jason for getting promoted to lieutenant colonel–DOUBLE BELOW THE ZONE! I wouldn't be surprised if MJ becomes the first GO from our class.



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Greetings once again from Seattle! We hope all is well at your end of the Long Gray Line as we march into 2010. Here's a pass and review of several of our classmates.

When we heard from Todd Bennett this winter, he and his kids were pretty excited that school was cancelled for a light dusting of snow. He and his wife have two girls (nine and seven) and twin boys who are three. They are happy to be settled in Tennessee, because they have moved around quite a bit, both in and out of the Army.

MeOsha Bell is doing well. She & her husband are living in Texas, and MeOsha works at Bell Helicopter. Her husband retired last year and started a handyman business with his engineer skills.

Chip Colbert is stationed at Ft. Monroe, VA, working in his Functional Area, 59, Army Strategist. So far he's enjoying it, but he reports to us civilians that it's different than the old operations track. He and his wife keep busy with their three children: Emily (5), Reese (3), and Luke (14 months).

Class President Carl Giorgi is living the dream in Las Vegas! When we heard from him, he had been there for about a year and a half. So far, they are loving it, even though the summers are hot. It sure beats those cold winters on the Hudson. Carl is working in the medical devices field.

Geoff McKeel stays busy during his deployment to Bagram. He has been flying a decent amount–pretty much has flown to every corner of the country in the course of two months. He flies almost everywhere in support of several different units–sort of like the UPS in some respect. When we heard from Geoff around the holidays, we had to laugh about that how "the creatures were stirring" bit–evidently there is a huge mouse problem due to all of the holiday treats from care packages. But the holidays weren't too bad–they even had a tree and he was able to watch the Army–Navy game. Well, on second thought, after watching the game ourselves, I guess it could have been better! And it's pretty darn cold where he is at–giving Geoff flashbacks to his rockbound highland home. Stay safe and stay warm!

When we heard from Staci (Slick) Gash, she and her five children were home in California for some much needed sunshine. Richard's assignment is a commandsponsored position in Korea. So far, so good. They are really enjoying and embracing their new home. Richard has a great boss and likes his job, while Staci reports the schools are great for the kids.

Wilton Hockaday was in the process of moving from Austin to Houston for a new job with an offshore drilling company called Transocean. Wilt is an onshore rig manager for an offshore oil drilling platform. He hopes he'll eventually be able to find his way to Brazil, Europe, or Singapore.

Ron & Stacy Myers welcomed their third son, Joshua Zambrio, into the family on 16 Nov 09. Everyone is doing well, including big brothers Andrew and Ethan. Ron & Stacy are working on their zone defense now–no more man-to-man coverage with three on the loose. They still are in upstate New York at Ft. Drum and probably will be there until mid-summer of 2010.

Matt found out that Heather Ousley is living in a small town in Ohio near where he grew up. Small world! She is living in Frederickton, OH, near her family. Heather is working at Kokosing Construction Com Company in the transportation department, ensuring equipment is located at their different jobsites. Jeff & Daniela Bergmann are enjoying their last six months in Italy. It has been especially nice having Daniela's dad living close by–he lives and works in Vicenza at the Army post. This has been great for their twins, Samuel and Abigail.

Darin Mills also is stationed in Italy. He is working for NATO at JFC Naples–he said that this is the best assignment of his career. He left the Armor branch a few years ago and entered FA59. Darin's enjoying it but still misses the tank. Darin and his wife just welcomed their fourth child–a little girl. This makes three girls and a boy.

I can't believe we still haven't had the chance to connect with Melissa (Mazur) Forouhar. She is at Ft. Lewis, just an hour away, and recently moved into a new place in Yelm. When we heard from her, she was six months pregnant with a due date of 13 February. Her husband Jason was on a deployment but plans to return home for the baby.

Glenn Robertson lives in Evans, GA, (near Ft. Gordon) and attends grad school at the University of SC in Columbia, SC, getting his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering. After that, he's headed back to West Point to be an instructor in January 2010. His wife Samantha gave birth to their first son, Matthew, on 28 Nov 09. Matthew weighed in at 11 lbs, 9 oz, and 24 inches long. They also have two girls, Katie (5) and Natalie (3).

Brian Novoselich and his family are at CGSC at Ft. Leavenworth. He is living down the block from Tim Hoch, whom he hadn't seen since 1996 at OBC! Brian, Janet, and the boys were awaiting the arrival of their first girl last November when he checked in.

RJ Garcia updated us from his deployment. He is the S-3 for 4-227 ARB currently at Camp Taji supporting MND-B. He should be home sometime in April or May, and who knows what or where after that. RJ saw a few classmates while he was deployed. He ran into Aaron "AK" Kohler at Camp Taji. Aaron just left Iraq and was on his way to Ft. Leavenworth. RJ also saw Tony New, the XO for 4/9 IN with 4-2 SBCT out of Ft. Lewis. Whitney Gardner is the XO for 2-25 GSAB out of Hawaii. He just arrived in MND-N. RJ also heard Jim VanAtta is in 4-2 SBCT, but hadn't seen him yet.

Mike Mansell spent his summer in Romania and Bulgaria as a dentist helping Romanian and Bulgarian citizens as part of a Department of Defense-funded humanitarian civil assistance project. Mike is an Army comprehensive dentist assigned to the 561st Medical Company in Grafenwoehr, Germany. He went on a two-month tour in Eastern Europe providing dental screenings and referrals to Romanian and Bulgarian locals in a number of villages.

A Few Quick Tidbits. Ryan Sumstad (aka the Facebook king–boasting over 900 "friends". . .now is that really possible?) and his wife got married in 1998, and they have two daughters and a son.

We got to see a baby picture of Young Chase–he will be forever young! And he still lives in NYC.

Robert Griffin lives in South Carolina, outside of Columbia. He left the military in 2002 and has been in the industrial gases business since.

Well, that's all the updates for now. If you haven't seen your name here in a while, then drop us a line!

–Matt & Karen


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Hello, Class of '98! I hope this note finds you all doing well. Afghanistan still is here and '98 is well represented! Peter Cho and Ian Murray are running around Afghanistan making America a safer place. Darcy Saint-Amant just arrived a month ago and is getting communications capabilities ready to hunt Osama Bin-Laden. Maria Vedder also is running around the flat lands of Helmand province, engaging the local females to better understand the culture and learn how we can defeat the Taliban. Raf Rodriguez is working with the Afghan National Army Commandos to become capable of defeating the Taliban. As for myself, I am sitting at Camp Eggers in Kabul crunching numbers making sure that our assessments are going well. Being an Operations Research Systems Analyst (ORSA) is a tough job! I will tell you all about it in my next book, ORSA in Afghanistan, it's a tough job! Well, the great thing is that there are so many people who are supportive and are able to send me updates of their lives–because we all really want to know what each of us are doing! I sure do!

Our first message comes from our friend at the Rock Bound Highland Home, Adam Hodges, who says that he stayed busy at West Point over the last semester. He kept busy teaching military movement, aka spaznastics, as well as unit fitness, basketball and, starting this fall–Judo. Adam knows absolutely nothing about Judo other than Austin Powers' Judo Chop. Once the next semester starts, he will be an assistant judo instructor for someone who actually does know Judo. Here is what Adam had to say, "I think my role is going to be 'live throwing dummy.' Also, as I think I told you, I'm now the head coach of the Men's Team Handball club. I know slightly more about handball than I do Judo, and the team is doing well in early competition this year. We shot down Air Force in an overtime shootout back in November. We captured it on film, and you can see it on our website at: . We have a guy on the team whose dad is a VP at ESPN, so he got us back stage passes to ESPN Gameday (see photo). I still see lots of our classmates around. Josh Bryan and Michael Hunt are developing plebes, along with me, in DPE. Steve Douglas and Donnie LaGrange live across the street. Neal Mayo's (now the Supe's Aide) wife and mine help each other frequently with chapel child care. Rob Dees and Sam Huddleston still are plugging away in the Systems department. Fernando Lujan was working in Sosh but recently was shipped out to Afghanistan as part of the AFPAK Hands program. There are other '98ers around that I'm forgetting. Hope you are doing well, signing off from frigid Castle Grey Skull. –Adam Hodges"

Pete Moon is in the process of moving to Carson. He has heard that the Air Force Academy has good chicken patties, so he plans to live close by.

Congratulations ti Mark Weaver, Kirk Brinker, and Matt Brown, who all recently graduated NPS just before Christmas. Matt Brown did an over-the-holidays move to Germany and started settling in right after New Years. Mark is awaiting TDY to Hawaii as a STT (Stability & Transition Team) Augmentee to 2/25 SBCT with another deployment to Iraq this summer.

Joe DeMike is engaged to Brianna Bubeck with an October 2010 wedding scheduled at West Point. Mark Weaver notes, according to the all knowing Facebook, that Travis McIntosh completed grad school in Hawaii and returned to Ft. Campbell, KY. Anthony Hughley, Bryan Shrank, Matt Koehler, Ed Williams, and Greg Pipes still are at NPS. Nate Sandvig dropped a quick note to tell us that his wife is pregnant and due 15 June, but they not going to find out the sex in advance; that's gotta be exciting! They live in Portland, OR, and still work for one of the largest wind energy companies. According to Nate, "Life is good."

Krist Thodoropoulos also dropped a quick update: "Amity, myself, and Henna are up in Boston as of a week ago. We're looking forward to getting to DC to visit you guys sometime this year. I still have nightmares about West Point, so I'll have to see how this grad school thing goes before we make any big plans." If any of you have any advice for Krist, please send it my way, and I will forward it to him. But I wouldn't worry about a thing, Krist; you are going to a regular grad school! Awesome! For those of you in DC, we have a new Head Coach of the Boys Lacrosse at TC Williams High School in Alexandria–the school from Remember the Titans–it's Mike Mulherin. He has invited everyone from '98 out to watch their games. Maybe those of you in DC can get together–and me when I return–and have a post game party! What do you all think? And, finally, a HUGE congrats goes to our very own Matt Farmer, who married his beautiful bride Melanie on 12 Dec09. Those from our class attendeding were Josh & Beth Bookout, Jim Hoyman, Pete Moon, and Phil Brown. They helped make the wedding awesome. Matt goes onto write, "After a bout of the flu (during which I coined the term, 'yellpuking') postponed our honeymoon for 24 hours, we made it down to Key West, where it rained for a about five days. The ladies, I am sure, were disappointed that my 'rockhard, tasty abs, glistening in the sun' were not on display, but now that I am married, you know, just as well. We are back in KC and getting ready for another year in the area."

Again thanks to all those who contributed! And thanks to every one of you who are making AMERICA great! I hope you and your families have a wonderful 2010!



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Hello, fellow classmates! I am writing this column as my final submission of "Class Notes" as your Class Scribe/Historian. After this issue, I am handing the Class Scribe reigns to Lisa (Peplinski) Jaster, who I know is going to do a great job for the class. The past year has been an exciting one for me with quite a bit of change. In September 2009, I resigned from the Army and moved to Fayetteville, NC, to live with my parents for a few months. As I sit and write this, I am preparing to drive north to Massachusetts, where, on 2 February, I will officially enter the Maronite Servants of Christ the Life. So, I am leaving a life of service in the Army to enter a life of service to the Catholic Church. I am very excited and filled with joy to head out on this new journey. If anyone would like to learn more about the Maronite Servants, you can find our website and blog at: .

Thank you to everyone for your support over the years, despite my lack of always getting a column submitted. It was a lot of fun keeping in touch with so many classmates over the years, and I hope to continue to hear from you and "see" how you are doing via Facebook. I wish everyone the best and pray that everyone stays safe, especially those deployed and in harm's way. Please be sure to send your information to Lisa through her contact information listed above. Take care!



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Greetings, Class of '02! We hope everyone is doing well during this busy time.

Congrats to Mike on his third redeployment from Iraq. He returned to Germany from southern Iraq, along with the 2-28 Infantry, just before the holidays and was able to catch up with family in Waco, TX, for Christmas. In September, he started work on a second master's degree in Modern War Studies though King's College in London. Heather (McAteer) Gunther still is deployed in Iraq outside of Tikrit. Mike & Heather spent R&R together in Europe last summer and linked up in Iraq on occasion. As this article goes to print, Heather is completing training with her Soldiers to run the Renegade Marathon at Camp Speicher.

Fran saw Brian Clymer at Dartmouth in late 2009. He was recruiting MBA's for Boston Consulting Group. Brian is a recent graduate of Harvard Business School and works out of Dallas now. John Turner visited Dartmouth Tuck about the same time in the fall and is considering several MBA programs en route to a return to West Point to work in the Admissions Department. John is currently serving at Ft. Wainwright in Alaska and recently returned from his third trip to Iraq. Randee Farrell also will soon work in Admissions and is finishing her MBA at Wharton.

Please stay safe for those deployed. Continue to send us your updates and photos. Pride in All We Do!

–Mike and Fran


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We have two weddings to announce this issue, the first of which I was fortunate to attend as a bridesmaid. Our classmate, Anna (Campbell) Landers, married Lars Landers on 1 Nov 09. These former Engineer officers met at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO, but they have their sights set on attending school in Montana before pitching their permanent tent near Seattle, from where Lars hails.

Elizabeth Guvvi McGovney '04 was also a bridesmaid, and our former classmate, Paula Beth Johnson, attended with her fiancé, Dave. I've attached a photo we snapped of Paula, Guvvi, and myself–the three of us and Anna were all plebes together in company G2, (Go, Gators!), and it was wonderful to catch up with these great ladies. Guvvi is an MP captain stationed at Ft. Polk, LA, and Paula teaches math in Indiana.

Nicholas Matthew Auletta '03 and CPT Caroline Leigh Schofield Kosco '06 were united in marriage on 17 Oct 09, at the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY. The Reverend Canon Mark A. Scheneman, rector of St. John's Episcopal Church in Carlisle, officiated at the formal military wedding. The bride's sisters, Hollis Kosco and Jordan Heckman, served as maid of honor and matron of honor, respectively. Bridesmaids were Miss Kimberly Auletta, Miss Averi Stevens, Miss Jennifer Marut, Dr. Amy Midgley, and Mrs. Maryann Ehly Cuellar. The duties of best man were performed by the groom's brothers, 2LT Robert Auletta and Mr. Michael Auletta. Groomsmen were Mr. Christopher Auletta, Mr. Michael Brady, and Mr. Matthew Walters. Music for the ceremony was provided by Mr. Craig Williams, the Cadet Chapel organist, and bagpipers Matthew Brady and Father Mark Scheneman. The saber bearers were captains Bryan Madden, Daniel Morse '05, Michael Clatworthy, Christopher Woods, 2LT Robert Auletta, and CDT Richard Auletta. The guest book and program attendants were Captains Sarah Plummer and Sarah Domme Reynolds '06. The reception followed at the West Point Association of Graduates Herbert Hall, and the couple honeymooned in Curacao and Belize.

Caroline is the daughter of COL (Ret.) & Mrs. William G. Kosco '62 of Carlisle, and serves with the 8th Engineer Battalion at Ft. Hood, TX. Nick, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Auletta of Massapequa, NY, is an international security consultant in Austin, TX. Nick & Caroline both returned from Iraq in August 2009.

I hope to hear from you soon!

–Kristin (Jenkins) Gatti


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2010 is sure to be an interesting year for the Class of '04. Some of us are trying our hands at new things in the "real" world, wishing we had taken the time at West Point to learn a legitimate skill. . . . And others are trying to figure out if the awkward senior captain job slate consists of anything more interesting than JRTC OIC and recruiting company commands.

Speaking of recruiting company commands, JR Osborne is having a thrilling time with his in Oklahoma City. He and his wife recently had their first child, Isabella, in October 2009.

Rick Oliver is out of the Army and attending graduate school at Columbia. He also is engaged to be married.

Congratulations to Shaun Wheelwright & his wife Keri on the birth of their second child, Aidric, on New Year's Eve. He'll forever think his birthday is a huge world-wide party. Which is awesome!

Laura Freeland recently returned from a year as a company commander with the 101st in Afghanistan. She's looking to get out of the Army this summer and pursue another career doing something that does not involve anything with sand.

Melanie (Crevier) & Brian Finley are both out of the Army. Melanie is working at Indiana University, and Brian is pursuing his MBA from Kelley School of Business. They are planning a trip to Costa Rica this year for "Spring Break," because, apparently, it is possible to be a grown up and still get Spring Break.

Eric Luedtke recently completed the MI Captain's Career Course and the SIGINT Officer's Course and now is working at Ft. Meade. He's looking forward to spending some time with his wife and son. He has yet to make too many friends at Ft. Meade, however, since he refuses to go to a Star Trek convention.

Lauren (Colonna) & Danny Koban finally ventured away from Ft, Campbell after five years and are both in their respective Career Courses. They will be PCSing to Ft. Lee this fall.

Lastly, I recently spoke with Mike Stopp, who is working at Ft. Sill, teaching marksmanship and small unit tactics. Nothing more rewarding than teaching kids to shoot guns. . . . Amazingly, he's choosing to settle down in the beautiful Lawton area of his own volition. Guess all those rugby concussions really did mess up his brain!

As always, if anybody is up to anything interesting, please send me an e-mail. For Country and Corps!



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So, Jim Freeze apparently thought fighting for his country was more important than typing up "Class Notes." That leaves me putting this together at the last minute. Thanks, Jim; way to have your priorities in line. At this point in the game, half of the Class of '05 is committed to getting out of the military and drinking the headhunter kool-aid staring down a 401k and a 9–5 work week. The other half is dedicated to the mission of the US Army (or they took the bonus and don't have the choice). As for me, I'm sitting in the 16th CAV S3 shop on Ft. Knox recovering from knee surgery and waiting to start the Career Course. My S3 thinks I'm typing an OPORD right now, but I'm actually writing this. Hopefully he doesn't subscribe to ASSEMBLY.

On to the more important stuff. Someone needs to tell Todd Angstman to pace himself. He's making the rest of us look bad. Last week, Todd graduated the Special Forces Q Course, got married and PCS'd to Ft. Carson (10th Group). Rumor has it he also is working on finding a cure for cancer in his spare time. He married his longtime sweetheart, Mollie Jonas, which was actually his blind date for Yearling Winter Weekend. He claims he was introduced through classmate Greg VanBemden, but I heard they met through a Craigslist add. Just repeating what I heard.

Megan Belk Drew & Jerry Drew '06 had their first child on 21 Dec 09. Jerry also delivered Megan ‘s laundry when he was a Plebe. Their son is named is Jerry Victor Drew III, and he's already opened a file online with West Point as a future member of the Class of 2022. Congratulations, Megan! You've came a long way from dropping your belt buckle in the toilet Plebe year.

Matt "DZ" Dzwilefsky believes that "there is no such thing as strong whiskey, only a weak man." Aside from bartending, doing martial arts and climbing mountains, Matt recently got engaged. We're not sure who this mystery lady is, but with DZ's dashing good looks, quick wit and amazing charm, she's sure to be a quality woman.

Jason Hillman isn't wasting any time. He & his wife Jessica just had their third child; two boys and one girl. Jason plans to have a full basketball team in the near future. They named their new son Jason Thomas Hillman. His middle name, Thomas, was given to him in honor of our beloved classmate, Thomas Martin, who was killed in action on 14 Oct 07. The proud new parents call their son "Tom." The family of five is living in Hawaii, and Jason currently is in command.

Also in Hawaii are Andrew Chaffee, Edward Harrison, and Andy Goehring. Drew will take command in March. Eddy married Bailey Stripling. Andy also is married, and they're expecting their first child this summer. Both Eddy and Andy are with 25th ID, while Drew is with Jason in the 311th Signal Command.

Brian Harris currently commands HHB, 35th ADA Bde, at Osan Air Base, Korea. Seneca Stevens Vaughn and Ainsley Curley also are commanding in Korea. Brian and his wife Ashley are expecting their first child in May. They are scheduled to PCS to Northern Virginia this summer to start graduate school at George Mason University.

Vivian Chiu Cochran married long-time boyfriend Jonathan Cochran '07. Vivian is a Company Commander in the 82nd and preparing for an upcoming deployment to Afghanistan. Other classmates in her unit are Audrey Iriberri, Shavonne Holden, and Jose Yrigollen. Good luck in the AFG!

In other news, Ben Tolle is living on my couch while he snowbirds and waits for the Q Course. Eric Perkins saved a ton of money on car insurance by switching to Geico. Also, if anyone has seen Ryan Pencil's mop and broom, he just sent out a class distro looking for it. Last it was seen was in Pershing Barracks. Also, if anyone knows who ordered five pizzas to Jim Taft during study barracks, report to the Charlie Company TAC.

I know there are many more of you out there with stuff to report, so if you have any information, pictures, or updates (marriages, engagements, children, deployment stories, PCS moves, high scores on video games, or you want to throw someone under the bus or put them on "Front Street"), please contact me at , and don't ignore me when I instant message you on Facebook, because I know you see it. You also can join the "USMA '05" Facebook group and post notes there and follow me on Twitter.

Stay Classy and Keep Freedom Alive!

–Cecil Wolberton


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Chris "Doc" Young & his wife Andrea recently took a trip to Cairo, Egypt, with a friend, Daisy. They visited the Pyramids, the Sphinx, and the Egyptian museum (to see King Tut's tomb), took a camel ride in the desert, ate Egyptian food, practiced Arabic, and even smoked a Hooka pipe (double apple flavor, the best). Doc played in his last Germany Rugby match this afternoon and luckily went out on a high note, winning 56–12. He also scored his first try of the season, so he had to do the zulu warrior dance, where the players who scored strip down, have beer poured on them, and run a lap around the field naked. Doc claims, "Trust me, you had to be there. Andrea was, and she shielded her eyes but luckily caught one pic (not included)." Doc's time in Germany is finished, and he & Andrea now are stationed at Ft. Benning, GA, while Chris attends the Maneuver Captain's Career Course (MCCC) before taking Command. Andrea is pregnant, and they found out they are having a boy! The due date is early June 2010.

Tania Moreno competed in the Half-Marathon in Hawaii. Attached is a photo of Tania Moreno, COL ( Ret.) Crissy Gayagas '84, and her dad COL (Ret.) Ed Gayagas.

Leigh Kosco and Nick Auletta '03 recently married at West Point. The photo here is of Leigh & Nick in the Hotel Thayer garden. Both Leigh & Nick returned from Iraq in August.

As far as deployments go, I recently ran into Noah McQueen, Ryan McDonald, Oliver Moore, Ben Summers, Gabe Lucero, Aaron Schmutz, and Dave Dunham. Many of them were on their way out of Afghanistan as Will Hewitt, Brian Karhoff, Beau Carroll, Seth Green, Ryan Bruner, Nerea Cal, Brandon Archuleta, Tiffany Allen (which by the way, Brandon and Tiffany recently tied the knot, finally!) and I were on our way in. I surely forgot someone and apologize for any hurt feelings (not really; you should have sent me an update).

After five years of dating, Brandon Archuleta proposed to Tiffany Allen at West Point on Trophy Point last July. After weighing the pros and cons, they decided to go forward with a wedding in Asheville, NC, Tiffany's hometown, on 10 October, prior to their deployment to Afghanistan. They had classmates attend from all over the world and are thrilled to finally be married! They will be staying at HAAF, GA, while Brandon is in Command, through the summer of 2011.

Please send any updates or pictures my way. Enquiring minds want to know. Thanks.



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Hello again, classmates o' mine. The New Year is upon us and so too are new tales of high adventure from the Class of '07.

Leading the pack is 1LT Collin Smith, recently selected for the Army Funded Legal Education Program (FLEP). He will start law school in the fall and re-branch into JAG upon graduation. Congrats, Collin! I don't know what kind of law you're going to specialize in, but rest assured that the next time I get "whiplash" after an accident with a commercial or government vehicle, you'll be the first one I call.

Next up, 1LT Brian Bishop and 1LT Abigail Bishop (formerly Broadbent) recently celebrated their second anniversary of marriage–by getting married. Let me give you a second to digest that. You see, in November 2007, Abigail & Brian, unshakably in love, decided to spend their lives together, however, there was this unfortunate business of a little war going on–maybe you've read about it–and Brian had to go take care of some business in the big sandbox. Not being ones to have their flames of passion doused by a little scrap in the desert, they quickly tied the knot in the most expedient way possible, and Brian was off to bring Peace, Justice and the American Way to the rest of the planet. Then, upon his return, their mothers' disappointment about the lack of good photographs to hang in their hallways resulted in a full scale wedding being planned and executed mere days before Abigail's own deployment. Congrats, you crazy kids! You have your wedding whenever you want! After all, there are no rules in love and war.

Lastly, Class President 1LT John Enderle, who is taking his mid-tour leave in Monte Carlo, was recently frustrated with USAA for "making it difficult for me to take money I risked my life for and throw it away on chance at the Baccarat tables." One might be inclined to sympathize with USAA in trying to instill some sense of fiduciary responsibility in John, but that is only until you recognize the futility of such an endeavor. USAA, he cannot be tamed–his wallet is like the mighty Hidalgo, a mustang that cannot be broken. Learn this now, and save yourself the heartache.

Well, that's about it, folks. Apologizes abound for the slim pickings, but remember that all of my material comes from you! Send in your submissions, and I will make not-very-funny jokes about all the great things that happen in your life for all our classmates to read. Until next time!



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Is Your Cullum File up to Date?

Each graduate is encouraged to provide information relating to his or her military career and other aspects of life for inclusion in their own Cullum file. Personal documents also may be submitted to help make the file a complete repository of information. Only the graduate may access the file during his or her lifetime. After death, information can and will be provided at the request of family members, classmates, and historical researchers.

WHAT IS A CULLUM FILE? In 1850, Brevet MG George W. Cullum, Class of 1833, began the monumental work of chronicling the biographies of every West Point graduate. He assigned each an identification number based on order of graduation. The practice of assigning "Cullum numbers" has continued to this day. The successors to these biographies are the Cullum files, each containing information relating to an individual graduate. The files normally include an information form submitted during Beast Barracks, documents relating to graduation, and first orders. Subsequent information comes from any available source, including newspaper or magazine articles; the internet; and photographs provided by the graduate, family, friends, or fellow graduates.

Send materials for inclusion in the Cullum file to: WPAOG, USMA; ATTN: Marilee Meyer; 698 Mills Rd; West Point, NY 10996-1607, e-mail , or contact her by phone at 845 446-1545.

Each graduate also is encouraged to submit an up-to-date Vital Statistics Information Sheet available online at . Click on "Grad Login," and, after filling in your Cullum number and password, click on "Vital Statistics Information Sheet."

Your Register entry and contact information may be updated at the "Grads Only" section as well.