Edible Columbus — Fall 2013
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Pawpaw Ice Cream

Recipe courtesy of Chris Chmiel and Warren Taylor

This ice cream recipe was created by Warren, utilizing Chris's sweet, almost creamy pawpaw pulp. Warren and Chris collaborate regularly. Since Integration Acres is only a seasonal dairy, Chris utilizes fresh milk from Snowville Creamery for cheese when the goats' production slows. Warren's daughter, Celeste, helps Chris and his wife, Michelle Gorman, milk their 70 goats. As neighbors, longtime friends and collaborators, Chris and Warren are fellow warriors for the Athens food community. – CH

Approximately 1 gallon of custard mix makes 1½ gallons (3 quarts) of handcranked ice cream.

Use a heavy stainless-steel kettle, if available. If your cooking pan is thinwalled, be sure to stir well, scraping bottom and sides of pan. It is easy to burn the custard if too much heat is applied, and/or too little stirring.

3 quarts half and half (11% butterfat coffee cream)
1–2 cups sugar or alternative sweetener
1 dozen whole eggs
3–6 cups ripe or overripe pawpaw pulp (a worthy substitute would be mango or a mango/strawberry combination)

Making the custard:

Mix all ingredients together thoroughly in a large pan. If using a hand-held mixer, you may continue blending in the pan as the mixture is heated and stirred on the stove. This improves the heating, reduces burn-on and gives a rich, creamy mixture.

Cook the custard, which should be heated until it starts to thicken (at about 150°F.), and then cooled immediately in a sink of cold water. If it is overcooked, the custard can break.

Many flavoring ingredients, including other fruits, cocoa or chocolate, can be added to the custard mix before it is cooked.

Refrigerate the mix overnight before attempting to freeze it. (Aging an ice cream mix for a day or two is one of the secrets of old-time fine ice cream making.)

Hand crank or use an ice cream maker, following the manufacturer's instructions. Any sort of flavorings, nuts or good liquor, can be added to the ice cream mix before it is frozen.