EdibMont — Spring 2013
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Stinging Nettle Beer

Adapted from http://foragedfoods.co.uk

Nettle beer tastes a little like ginger beer, and is a nice refreshing drink – especially when served cold.

1 gallon young nettles
2 pounds malt
1/4 ounce root ginger
1 gallon water
12 ounces sugar
1 ounce dried hops
1 lemon
1 tablespoon yeast, activated

Gather the nettles and put them in a saucepan (both leaves and stalks) along with the water, root ginger, malt and hops. Boil these ingredients together for about 15 minutes.

Next, strain the liquid into a bucket. Add the sugar and then the juice of the lemon. Stir all of these until the sugar has dissolved into the mixture. Wait until the liquid cools to about 70° F and then add the tablespoon of activated yeast.

Cover the mixture and leave it in a warm place for about three days to ferment. Remove any of the froth that rises to the surface of the mixture. This is best done by skimming with a clean instrument.

Gather some strong bottles, which will be used to contain the beer. Strain the mixture into the bottles and store in an upright position in a cool place – like a garden shed, garage or basement. Leave it to ferment for an extra week or so before drinking. Nettle beer tastes best after just over a week of fermenting and doesn't need additional time to improve the flavor.