Periospectives — January - March 2011
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American Board Of Periodontology

New Self-Study Recertification Program will debut in 2014

All American Board of Periodontology (ABP) active Diplomates are currently within a six-year cycle for compliance of recertification requirements. ABP Co-Chairman Henry Greenwell, along with the recertification committee, has developed a new Self-Study Recertification Program (SSRP) to begin January 2014, the first year in the new sixyear cycle. The committee also plans to insert new questions into the SSRP each year to keep the program up-to-date and challenging. Please remember that this is a self-assessment program, not an examination, and that the Board office does not see or record any results.

Beginning in 2014, Diplomates who need to meet recertification requirements will receive notification from the Board office in January of the year in which the compliance is due. Visit the Board's website at to review the new six-year cycle guidelines and contact the Board office with questions (telephone 410/437-3749 or e-mail

May 2011 Oral Examination

The following examiners are scheduled to administer the May 2011 Examination. Changes may be made at the sole discretion of the Board.


Steven Blanchard
Henry Greenwell
Georgia Johnson
Thomas Kepic
Michael McGuire
Brian Mealey
Bryan Pearson
Mark Reynolds
Lou Rose
Robert Sabatini

ABP Examiners

Mary Beth Aichelmann-Reidy
Daniel Assad
Toby Barco
Leslie Batnick
Grishondra Branch-Mays
Steven Brown
Joseph Califano
Lewis Claman
Steven Detsch
John Dmytryk
Robert Eber
Thu Getka
Howard Gross
James Katancik
David Kerns
David Lasho
Angelo Mariotti
Michael McQuade
Jose Mellado
Michael Mills
Robert O'Neal
David Paquette
Michael Reddy
Jeffrey Rossmann
Leslie M. Salkin
Surrendra Singh
Stephen Soehren
Ahmad Soolari
Mark Thomas
Herbert Towle
Bryon Wade
Robin Weltman

Late annual registration

Diplomates who do not submit completed 2011 annual registration forms and registration/late fees by March 31 will be placed on Inactive status. Diplomates on Inactive status can no longer claim Board certification. To return to Active status, all past-due registration/late fees and a $75 reactivation fee must be paid.

Key dates

2011 ABP Oral Examination May 9-13 (session closed)

2011 ABP Qualifying Examination Administered on Monday, August 29 and Tuesday, August 30 at regional testing centers. Application deadline: June 15, 2011.

2012 ABP Oral Examination May 7-11

Application deadline: October 31, 2011. Assignment of candidates will be based on availability and the final decision will be at the sole discretion of the Board.


In the Q4 2010 issue of Periospectives, a list of names appeared without any headline. The list represented the 167 individuals who successfully passed the ABP Qualifying Examination. We regret the error.