Clinical Advances in Periodontics Vol. 2, No. 3, August 2012 : Cover1

Volume 2 Number 3 August 2012 Clinical Advances in Periodontics An Online Journal of the American Academy of Periodontology IN THIS ISSUE: Q Use of a Topical Patch to Reduce Gingival Inflammation and Bleeding Q Depigmentation Using Cryosurgery and Diode Laser Q Debridement and Reconstruction of a Peri-Implant Defect Q Ligneous Periodontitis and Conjunctivitis With Hyper-IgE Syndrome Q Platelet-Rich Fibrin in Treatment of Gingival Recession Q Human Intrabony Defect Treated With Periosteal Membrane and Bone Graft Q The Sandwich Bone Augmentation Technique Q Crestal Approach to Sinus Floor Elevation Q Enamel Matrix Derivative and Implant for Aggressive Periodontitis Q Adjunctive Acetylsalicylic Acid Treatment for Chronic Periodontitis Q Screw-Versus Cement-Retained Restorations

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