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OTHER Technology for CPAs -Don’t Get Left Behind K2 Enterprises Top Accounting Solutions -Cloud and On-Premise K2 Enterprises NEW How good are you with the technology you use daily? What new technology tools are available that could save you time and make you more effective? Technology continues to accelerate rapidly, and CPAs need to keep pace. This course is designed for those who are not information technology (IT) experts, but who need an update of their base-NQRZOHGJHOHYHOWRVHUYHWKHLUFRPSDQLHVDQGRUFOLHQWVPRUHHI¿FLHQWO\DQGHIIHFWLYHO\ In this fast-paced, update-style course, you will survey today’s IT environment, learning about computer hardware, software, operating systems (including Windows 7 and Windows 8 and what it means for you) and peripheral devices. You will also learn DERXWVLJQL¿FDQWWUHQGVLQLQIRUPDWLRQWHFKQRORJ\DQGKRZWRWDNHDGYDQWDJHRIWKH opportunities presented by these trends. Examples include the latest Excel features, ZRUNLQJZLWK3')¿OHVDQGVHFXULW\DQGSULYDF\LVVXHVUHODWHGWR,7DUHDOVRLQFOXGHG along with tips to improve the overall performance of your IT investment. Throughout WKHHQWLUHFRXUVH&#0f;VLJQL¿FDQWDPRXQWVRIWLPHDUHLQYHVWHGWRGHPRQVWUDWHSUDFWLFDO applications of the latest tools that provide CPAs in all disciplines with the information they need to harness the power of technology, both now and in the future. Register now for this “don’t miss” opportunity to get the skills you need to enhance the value of your IT investment. Instructional delivery method: Group-live demo and discussion using color computer projection -NOT a hands-on course. PREREQUISITE: None KEY CODE: &#1d;  COURSE LEVEL: Basic Date 8/27 Facility TSCPA Instructor Karl Egnatoff MEMBER EARLY BIRD FEE: $280 MEMBER REGULAR FEE: $320 CPE Credit 8 O Code 145ABK The cloud provides new and exciting options for how organizations of all sizes perform accounting and reporting functions. Yet for some businesses, traditional, on-premise accounting solutions remain the right choice. This seminar helps identify your options while comparing and contrasting cloud-based solutions to traditional, on-premise solutions that can be run in-house or in a hosted environment. Among the topics covered in this seminar are: identifying solutions that should be considered for core accounting functionality; exploring credit card and bank account integration, electronic payment acceptance and integration with industry standard tools, such as eBay or 3D\3DO&#1e;XWLOL]LQJGDVKERDUGVDQGRWKHUUHSRUWLQJPHFKDQLVPVWRFRPPXQLFDWH¿QDQFLDO and operational results; and examining niche solutions such as Freshbooks, Bill.com DQG&RQFXUIRUVSHFL¿FDFFRXQWLQJDFWLYLWLHV,QDGGLWLRQ&#0f;SDUWLFLSDQWVLQWKLVVHPLQDU ZLOOH[DPLQHWKHIDFWRUVGULYLQJEXVLQHVVHVWRFORXG
EDVHGVROXWLRQV&#0f;WKHEHQH¿WVDQG risks of using cloud-based solutions, and the opportunities for accountants in this market space. Instructional delivery method: Group-live demo and discussion using color computer projection -NOT a hands-on course. PREREQUISITE: Basic knowledge of accounting software KEY CODE: &#1d;  COURSE LEVEL: Intermediate Date 11/1 Facility TSCPA Instructor Karl Egnatoff MEMBER EARLY BIRD FEE: $280 MEMBER REGULAR FEE: $320 CPE Credit 8 O Code 240NBK Using Your iPad as a Business Tool CPA Crossings, LLC Technology Update K2 Enterprises NEW Are you ready to learn about the latest trends in technology? Do you sometimes feel lost in the technology jungle? Would you like clear guidance regarding Windows, 2I¿FH&#0f;WKHFORXG&#0f;VHFXULW\&#0f;DQGRWKHUWHFKQRORJ\
UHODWHGLVVXHV",I\RXDQVZHUHG³\HV´ to any of these questions, then make plans now to invest four hours in this fast-paced and highly informative seminar that is sure to ramp up your return on technology investment. The technology tools available to all have never been better, but many are not taking full advantage of these tools. This course helps professionals at all levels understand the major trends in hardware, software and services and how to utilize WKHVHWRROVWRPHHWRUJDQL]DWLRQDOREMHFWLYHVERWKHI¿FLHQWO\DQGHIIHFWLYHO\0RUH than just a seminar on the latest computers, you will learn about the full spectrum of practical technology available to you and your team and how to implement these tools for maximum impact. Instructional delivery method: Group-live demo and discussion using color computer projection -NOT a hands-on course. PREREQUISITE: Fundamental understanding of basic technology concepts KEY CODE: &#1d;  COURSE LEVEL: Intermediate Date 10/22 Facility 0XVLF5G+RWHODQG&& MEMBER EARLY BIRD FEE: $155 MEMBER REGULAR FEE: $175 Instructor Brian Tankersley CPE Credit 4 O Code 206OPK Everyone is trying to understand what the optimal role is for the Apple iPad and other VLPLODUWDEOHWGHYLFHVLQDFFRXQWLQJ¿UPVDQGRWKHUEXVLQHVVRUJDQL]DWLRQV7KLVFRXUVH ZLOO¿UVWSURYLGHDFRPSUHKHQVLYHUHYLHZRIDOORIWKHVHWWLQJVWKDWDUHDYDLODEOHWR FRQ¿JXUH\RXUL3DGIRUPD[LPXPYDOXH&#0f;KRZWRWDSLWVIXOOSRWHQWLDO&#0f;DQGOHDUQYLUWXDOO\ everything there is to know about the iPad’s capabilities. We will then discuss how WRPDQDJHWKHÀRZRIWKHGRFXPHQWVEHWZHHQZRUNLQJZLWKWKHPRQ\RXUSHUVRQDO computer and on your iPad and demonstrate how to master this process with the use of note taking apps, document viewer apps and cloud storage services. Getting this process fully implemented will give you a big leap forward in the pursuit of “going paperless.” PREREQUISITE: Basic familiarity with the iPad KEY CODE: &#1d; COURSE LEVEL: Intermediate Date 11/18 Facility TSCPA Instructor Bryan Smtih MEMBER EARLY BIRD FEE: $280 MEMBER REGULAR FEE: $320 CPE Credit 8 O Code 270NBC LET'S DO BRUNCH OR LUNCH The Tennessee Society of CPAs offers brunch or lunchtime learning through video presentations. The video material features practical analysis and guidance on today’s hottest news and developments including changing laws, pronouncements, the AICPA, GASB, SEC and more. A video presentation on taxation and one on accounting and auditing will be shown concurrently at the TSCPA Meeting Center from 9:15 to 11:15 a.m. and again from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. each month. Each session provides two hours of CPE credit. Session Dates 0D\‡-XQH
‡1RYHPEHU‡'HFHPEHU&#1c; The cost is $55 per session for TSCPA members and $70 per session for non-members. When registering, please indicate which session (accounting and auditing or tax) and what time (9:15 or 11:30 a.m.) you would like to attend. Please note that no lunch is provided. Visit www.tscpa.com/ldl to register! 30 Key Code: &#1d; = eMaterials C = CLE Y = Yellow Book = AICPA Discount  = On-Site Training R = Broadcast

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