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2013-04-26 06:12:30

ISPA forecasts modest gains in U.S. mattress sales The U.S. mattress industry is expected to see only modest gains in both the dollar value and number of units shipped in 2013, according to the latest forecast from the International Sleep Products Association. The forecast, released in March, projects the number of units (mattresses and foundations) shipped in 2013 will rise only 1.5% over 2012 levels and the wholesale dollar value of those shipments will increase 3%. The average unit selling price is expected to edge up 1.5% in 2013. The forecast points to possible effects of the federal sequester on both consumption and employment as key reasons for the drag on mattress sales. The U.S. mattress market is expected to improve in 2014. The ISPA forecast estimates unit shipments will rise 4% and the value of shipments will grow 6%. In 2014, the AUSP is expected to increase by 2%, roughly the rate of inflation. Final numbers for 2012 soon will be available from ISPA. Looking at initial statistics for the year, the U.S. mattress industry saw unit sales increase 7.6% when compared with 2011. Dollar values were up 11.7% and the AUSP increased 3.9%. ISPA's Statistics Committee typically prepares forecasts for the U.S. mattress market twice a year or more often if circumstances warrant it. Forecasts are based in part on an economic analysis prepared by the University of Michigan and input from the committee. The forecast also contains economic and market analyses by Jerry Epperson, managing partner of Richmond, Va.-based investment banking firm Mann, Armistead & Epperson Ltd., and Ashraf Abdul-Mohsen, vice president of economic research for Association Research Inc. in Gaithersburg, Md. Full statistical reports are available free to ISPA members and for a fee to the investor community. For more information, contact Jane Oseth, ISPA member services manager, at or 703-683-8371.

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