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Volume 89, 1 Fall 2014 A Periodical of Professional Trends and Developments Refi guring the American Jewish Family See Page 7 What We Know About Intermarried Families See Page 38 Racial Diversity and the American Jewish Community: Best Practices to Build Cultural Competence in Jewish Communal Organizations See Page 68 All in the Family: Diversity in the Jewish Community The pull of Jewish family values is apparent in many dimensions of today’s American Jewish families: partnership marriages, which appear to be unusually stable and to produce happy, productive children and adults; women’s entrepreneurial spirits and determination in working to achieve parenthood even when confronted by the physical challenges of infertility, the confl icting demands of high power careers and parenthood, or the absence of men; and the striking traditionalism and familism of many married or partnered gay and lesbian Jewish couples. Thus, even within change, Jewish populations exhibit a powerful attachment to what one might call “Jewish family values.” The challenge to Jewish communities Published by the JPRO Network today is to fi nd answers to a critically important question: how can Jewish communal institutions of all sorts support old and new forms of Jewish family life, for the greater good of both individuals and society?

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